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A/N: This Chapter is short 'cause it ended up that I wanted it to end with a twist which quickly happened while I was writing it.

Trunks closed his eyes. 30 minutes left... Trunks thought. Lucy looked at Trunks. I gotta kill her! Trunks thought. "Go ahead and try." Lucy said. "FLAME KAMEHAMEHAA!" Trunks shouted as he unleashed his attack. "Is that your best?" Lucy asked.

Trunks threw some rocks at Lucy. One of the rocks knocked one of Lucy's horns off. Lucy fell to the ground. "Next horn!" Trunks said as he broke off Lucy's other horn. "She killed my daddy...I can't let her live..." Trunks whispered as he quickly blasted off Lucy's head. "Oh what did you do?" Mariko asked. "I killed the ring leader of your race, but I still have to get you!" Trunks shouted.

Mariko giggled. "Eh? What's so funny?" Trunks asked annoyed. "There are more of us! There is no way to get rid of us all!" Mariko shouted. Trunks was shocked. "I-I don't understand!" Trunks shouted. "When I was in a dark place. I knew there was others in there to." Mariko said. "Which side are you on?" Trunks asked.

"I'm not on anybody's side. I'm on my own side." Mariko told Trunks. "I'm on my own side to!" Trunks said with a smile. "I will be finding more of the Diclonius race now." Mariko said as she turned to leave. Trunks watched Mariko leave. "Hmm...I feel kind of sad that she left..." Trunks mumbled.

What is going on? I actually am missing her! Trunks thought as he sat down. Trunks started screaming. "WHY AM I MISSING THE ENEMY?" Trunks shouted. I like Mariko? Trunks asked himself. "Am I in love with the enemy?" Trunks shouted.

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