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A/N: This chapter is a little short because I wanted to have him find the dragon balls in the next chapter.

"What are they talking about?" A young Diclonius asked an older one. "I'm not too sure Yura." The older one said. "Nana....can I kill the boy?" Yura asked. Nana gasped. "No! You can't kill him Yura!" Nana shouted. Mariko looked at Nana and Yura. "Don't you dare touch this boy!" Mariko shouted.

"But I didn't-" Nana started to say. "Shut up or I will kill you!" Mariko told Nana. "Mariko-chan...Please don't" Trunks said. "I'll kill you!!" Yura shouted as her vectors went for Trunks. Trunks dodged all Yura's vectors. "You're violent." Trunks said. "YOU'RE JUST ANOTHER HUMAN!!" Yura screamed.

"I'm only half human. I killed Lucy and Leo so don't think that I won't kill you." Trunks told Yura. "You think you're so smug!! But that won't get you anywhere!" Yura shouted. "Die!" Mariko shouted as Yura's head went flying. "Bloody hell! Do you like blood or something?!" Trunks asked. "I hold all your lives in my hands. If you try to hurt this boy then I will kill you." Mariko told the other Diclonius with a giggle. "Oh...! I'm starved now!!" Trunks shouted. "Um...I'll go make supper then." Nana told Trunks.

Trunks smiled. "Sounds great! Thanks!" Trunks told Nana. "Nana, hurry it up!" Mariko shouted. "Okay then." Nana said as she left. Trunks grabbed Mariko's hand. "I wish I could help you walk!" Trunks shouted. "A green coloured man visited us a few days ago." Mariko told Trunks.

"That's gotta be Dende! We can use the Dragon Balls!" Trunks shouted. "Dragon Balls? Yuck! What are Dragon Balls?" Mariko asked. "Seven mystical balls with star in them from one to seven, when you get all seven you can summon Shenron and get two wishes." Trunks told Mariko. Mariko's eyes grew wide. "Sounds pretty!" Mariko shouted.

Trunks laughed softly. "I'll go find the Dragon Balls then! I'll be right back Mariko-chan!" Trunks shouted as he took off to get the Dragon Rader.

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