Chapter 6: Hell's gate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 6
Hell’s gate

I didn’t wake as suddenly as I had before Instead; I was brought to a place. It was a familiar place, like somewhere I was once in a dream. The images where shattered and blurry, but I could make some things out. First I saw a large stone building, then I was taken inside. There were no people that I could see, just rooms. It was if I was floating through each corridor till I came to a large oak door with a “V” engraved in it. It opened for me as I came inside. Everything was so distorted, it looked like I was in some kind of library. I could see books everywhere on the walls. All of them looked old and dusty, as if no one had looked at them for years. Everywhere I looked, there were books, it was almost like they were trapping me. Then all of the sudden I was sucked back outside the stone building and I saw storm cloud approach as the night sky was engulfed by thunder and rain. Lightning struck and lit up the scene for a shard of a second, and I saw, something was engraved on the stone of the house, right above the door. Lightning struck again, and through the blurred and shattered image I was able to make out what it said. It read… “Vitaly”.

Entry number 6
Dec 26, 2033

I just woke up, and I’m feeling refreshed… brand new even. I saw Lou again, he came to me. He showed me poor Doc Meyers and Jess… So they were just trying to help me, just like Bobby and Nancy. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to them. I lied to Lou again… I think he knows… but if he does, why doesn’t he act? I dunno, all I do know is I want no part of this Anti-Christ shit! I had my first precognitive dream. I don’t know where I was, but my name was there… I had never seen my name anywhere. And it was a large stone building… it looked old. Most stuff these days is brand new, electronic, I mean shit, my home alarm can read my voice signature… where could a place like that be? It almost looked like a castle. I’m gonna get dressed and head out to the club, I know it’s morning, but I’m sure Bobby will be there… maybe she will be there too…

I got to the club doors, I don’t think I had ever seen the place so early in the day before. For all the life the place held at night, it looked like a ghost town during the day. No one was at the door, but it was unlocked, so I let myself in. As the door creaked open I could hear that familiar guitar playing. The notes almost began to hang in the air as they left the strings. I looked up to the stage, and there Bobby sat, still playing his guitar. After listening for a minute, he finished the riff he was playing and I began to clap. “Don’t you ever sleep?” I yelled out to him from near the entrance.

Instantly his eyes turned black as he smiled, “Demons don’t need much sleep.” And he gave a small laugh as he got down from the stage. He walked over to me as I walked over to him, we met in the center of the club, “So what brings those bones down here this early?”

I looked around to make sure no one was around before I spoke, I leaned in to whisper, as if some unseen ears would hear me, “I had a dream.”

“Really?” he said, “Good for you, but why am I supposed to care?”

“It showed me a place.” I whispered again, “I place I think I need to go.”

He put his arm around me as if to comfort me, as he led me to our table, “Okay, tell me about it.” We sat there for about thirty minutes as I explained everything that happened in my sleep: about Lou, the Doc and Jess, how he asked about him, and the vision afterwards. Bobby just sat there, and in truth, he didn’t look worried at all. “I know what your dream means…”

I was flabbergasted, “Bobby, didn’t you hear me? I think he may know you are trying to help me!”

“Calm down, my boy.” He patted me on the shoulder, “No use worrying about something that has happened yet.” And he sat back as he took a deep breath. “You dream,” he started, “is telling you where to find the gate.”

“Gate?” I asked, “What gate?”

“Well, it’s not so much a gate,” he said as he leaned in, “as it is a book.” And his eyes opened wide.

“What do you mean?”

“The book is the key to the seals.”

“What book? What seals?”

At this he got pretty upset, “Are you telling me the Anti-Christ has no idea what “the seals” are?” he said getting louder.

“What?” I asked trying to calm him down, “You mean from the bible?”

“No I mean the ones that live in the artic!” he said with a deep tone of sarcasm, “Of course the ones from the bible! The key is in that house!”

“How?” I asked, a bit confused, “Why?”

He calmed down as he readjusted his seat, “Well that my boy, has a lot to do,” and he pulled out a cigarette and lit it, “with your family.”

“I never knew my family.” I said in a solemn tone.

“I know, and I have a feeling it was for your own protection.” And he took a long drag off the cigarette.


He cut me off, “Here, let me explain.” He took another drag, “The book has had many different names. All of which you probably haven’t heard of. It is an ancient Sumerian text, made by dark monks. They bound it in the flesh of the tortured and the damned, and inked it in their own blood. Inside you can find unholy burial rites, spells, and the incantation key. That incantation will unlock the seals.”

“Where are the seals?”

“Anywhere,” he took another deep drag, “and everywhere.”

“Wait.” I paused, because one part made no sense to me, “Where does my family come in?”

“Well, the book disappeared sometime in the 1300’s. It was found again by the largest collector of occult objects in world, Adolph Hitler.”

“Like from World War II?” I asked.

He rolled his eyes again, “No, the guy from the all-access cable show.” I looked at him confused, I didn’t get he was joking, “Of course from World War II!!” he sat back and finished his smoke, “Let’s save the rest of the questions for the end, shall we?”

I reluctantly nodded, “Good” he said, “Now back to the story.” He lit up another cigarette, “Adolph Hitler found it in 1944, but died before he could put it to any use. His special forces took the book to his ally in Italy, only to find it was not safe there either. The lieutenant gave the book to Mussolini’s trusted advisor, Dante Vitaly. He hid the book in his house before he was murdered by an angry mob. His wife lived on to bear his son, your grandfather… on your mother’s side of course. The giant building you saw was your family’s old home, and the place it is found, is Rome, Italy.”

“Italy?!” I asked completely surprised, “I need to go to Italy?”

“Not necessarily…” Bobby said looking over to me and smiling, “You have people to do that for you.”

“But I don’t want to open the seals!”

“Neither do we!” he said reminding me, “But there may be something in that book that can stop Lou.”


“Lou can’t touch the book.” He said out of no where.

“Wait.” I stopped, just realizing what he just said, “What?”

He cough before he repeated himself, “Lou can’t touch the book. I’m guessing it means something is in there he is afraid of.”

“So if I get the book…”

And Bobby smiled as he watch the gears turn in my head, “That’s right my boy, we may be able to stop this whole thing.”

I nodded, “So how do I get it?”

“The demons.”

“What about them?” I asked.

“You can control them, they bend to your will.” Bobby stated.

“Really?” I asked him in astonishment, “Even you?”

“I suppose…” he said thinking, “I never really thought about it, but yeah.” Although I knew I would never do that to Bobby. “You can even see through their eyes.”

“So I don’t even have to go?”

“Nope,” he said hitting the cigarette, “And I can guarantee there is probably a demon around there.”

“In Rome?” I asked, “That close to the Vatican?”

“It’s the last place, anyone would ever look.”

“Well, how do I do it then?”

“Well, start by focusing.” He said as made his way back to the stage, he took a seat back in his wooden chair, holding his guitar at the ready. “Think about where you want to go…” and began playing an eerie, ghostly tune on guitar, “Think about what you what to do…” the notes almost entrancing me. I closed my eyes and through the darkness of my mind I could see tiny lights, like pinholes in a night sky. I tuned everything out except the music. It charmed me like a cobra, and as I looked on at the small dots of light, I noticed that I could move them closer to me. They must have felt hundreds of miles away, but if I wanted to see on up close, it would just “zoom” right up to my eyes. The first light looked upon let me see a structure. It was so tall, it reached the clouds. It was so familiar, where had I seen it? Then I realized, it was the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I looked around, it was as if I was there. I looked down at my hands, they were not my own. They looked like they belonged to an older woman, I began to walk to see my reflection in the glass of a nearby shop. As I came up to it, I saw myself. I wasn’t me, I was an old woman dressed in fine, fancy clothes. I could move as if it were me, but I knew I was just controlling someone else. I moved closer to the reflection to further examine myself. I was inside someone’s skin. Is this was possessing someone feels like. I must admit, it is addicting. Being the puppet master for a mortal marionette, it is fun. Then I just had to try something, I took a real close look into the eyes of the old woman, the just as I willed it, her eyes turned black. I wasn’t possessing her, I was controlling what was possessing her, the demon beneath the skin. And just as effortlessly I got into the woman’s form, I left it, back to the darkness and lights.

I think I understood it now, all the while the eerie tune from Bobby’s guitar was playing. If I looked at this as if I was looking at the whole world… then instantly all the pinhole dots staying fixed in their position, but all began to turn, as if on a globe. So I focused, and thought about what I had saw, and where I needed to go. The dots spun faster till they all stopped at once, then I saw it. I knew it was the right one, before I even looked. I brought the light closer as peered into the vision before me. It was like I was just opening my eyes after a night of deep sleep. I looked around, my vision still a little distorted and blurry, but I still looked around. I saw a large stone structure before me, but it was not the one from the dream. As my eyes began to focus I saw what I was staring at, it was The Coliseum in Rome. I was there, now I just needed to find the building.

As I walked the streets of Rome, I caught glimpses of myself. I found out why everything looked so big, I was a small boy. I ran through the wide and narrow streets, looking for something that might jog my memory, but nothing. I sat down in those Roman streets, Bobby’s music still in my head. I needed to try something, ask someone. I got up and ran to the first adult I saw, but when I spoke, nothing came out of his mouth, I was talking back home, “Can you help me?”

Instantly I heard Bobby’s voice in my head, “You cannot speak for them, you can only use them as a vessel.” He continued to play the entrancing notes.

“How do I find where I need to go then?”

“Use your mind. With the demon as a conduit for your powers, you can find whatever you need, where ever the demon is.”

The music helped the mood. The boy held out his hands, and if a murder of crows came from his fingertips, it was as if eyes shot off in all directions, taking every possible route in the large city, till they had found it. I didn’t even have to really try. As soon as I found it, the boy took off running toward the target. It wasn’t long before he got there. He stopped at the steps of the large stone building before him. And as just in the dream, above the door “Vitaly” was engraved on the rock. Right then I knew, I was home.

Submitted: October 28, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Truthdefiesreason. All rights reserved.


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Demons and possesions and old family secrets...Oh my!
Great work, can't wait for more!

Tue, October 28th, 2008 2:47pm



Tue, October 28th, 2008 9:03am


very nice chapter, ah yes the Necromonicon, coolness.

Tue, October 28th, 2008 5:40pm


Good catch, thanks

Tue, October 28th, 2008 11:08am


its great!
u shud try to actually self publish this
i am sure it will sell loads :d

Thu, November 6th, 2008 5:50am



Thu, November 6th, 2008 7:41am


Keep up the good story, liked it very much

Sun, November 9th, 2008 4:44am



Sun, November 9th, 2008 2:46pm


ha. I recognized the Necronomicon too. (thank you dad for the H.P Lovecraft stories... on to find out what happens...

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Tue, November 11th, 2008 7:14am

S1l3nt L1ght

excellent read!

Sat, November 15th, 2008 12:23am



Fri, November 14th, 2008 5:12pm

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