Chapter 2: The Vision

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Vision

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Chapter 2: The Vision

Wake up.”, sounded an ominous voice in my head, “Wake!” I opened my eyes to see nothing but a vast nothing of white light, from what I could see, there were no walls, it just went on forever it seemed. I looked what I was laying on, and it seemed invisible, as not even there. Where was I? I said up from my “imaginary bed”, just to notice that as soon as I was fully sitting, the invisible bed had changed to an invisible chair.

“Where am I?” I shouted, my voice echoed like I was in some deep cavern.

The where is not important, the why is what you should be asking.” Answered the voice. The voice was strange, it wasn’t male or female, it seemed to be a cluster of many different voices all speaking at once. It came from everywhere, I didn’t know where to look, where to go. There was nothing to look at, and nowhere to go.

“Why am I here?” I asked, as a shiver went down my spine.

You are here, because you are chosen.” The ominous voice answered back again.

“Chosen for what? Who are you?” I stood up, demanding.

Need you even ask my name? Look deep into yourself, you will find your answer.”

Right then, I knew exactly who I was talking to, but it couldn’t be. This had to be a dream, this couldn’t be real. It’s not possible. It can’t be possible.

Ah, I think you understand.” Said the voice in an almost smug tone.

“But, this can’t be. Can it?” I asked as I dropped to my knees.

Why can’t it? Do you think prayers only go one way? I only speak to those who can I believe can handle it.”

“And you think I can handle it?” I said, confused and in a daze.

It is time for you to know the truth of this world, for my people are loosing their way.” the voice boomed.

“What can I, as one person do?” I pleaded back, hands clasped as if in prayer.

Fear not, you are not alone, there are other like you, eyes truly open to all that is around you.

“This has to be a dream…” I said to myself, “This can’t be real.”

Understand this son of Adam, this is very real.”

My jaw dropped, I didn’t know what to think. I had so many questions running through my head I got dizzy. All sorts of things, things I didn’t even want to know.

“So,” I said, clearing my throat, “why am I here?”

You are here because you understand that you must accept the things you cannot change, but still, change the things you cannot accept.” boomed the voice. “I know all, and see all, I am everywhere around you, but your society has corrupted the once perfect idea of heaven, into something it was never meant to be.”

Staring up as if I was staring at the sky I exclaimed, “What do you mean? My choices up until now haven’t really been the best. I am a sinner, like everyone one else. What am I to do? Just change?”

Now for this eerie minute the voice paused, the silence was so thick it filled my ears and lungs like tar. I began to take panic sized breaths, hoping this was a dream. Then suddenly the voice spoke again, “Do you want to know My story?”

“You mean the bible?” I asked, “I’ve already read the bible.”

Even though I am all powerful, I gave man the power of free choice, so when I come to being, he or she can choose to write what I have told them, or change it.”

“You mean someone put some kind of ‘spin’ on the bible?” I asked in disbelief.

Not just one person, there were and still are many who changed my words for financial gain, and my true message have never come across to the entire world as I had hoped, that is why I need you.”

“Why me?”
Are you not Christian?”

“I thought I was, but I sure am now.” I laughed.

You will help tend my herd, and ward off the wolves.” returned the voice.


Now my son, that is the question you should have been asking. But to answer that, you need to understand life’s meaning.”

I raised my arms to the vast white nothing above me and asked, “Then please tell me , oh Lord.”

I will do better, I will show you…”

Then from nowhere a wind shot up with the gust of a tornado, then the plane on which I was standing began to glow the brightest whit I have new seen, I had to shield my eyes, it was like I was gazing into the sun. When I reopened my eyes, I was no longer surrounded by the endless white plane, but now in some sort of forest. As I looked around I saw all sorts of animals and vegetation I had never seen before, it was like I was on an alien planet. “What is this place?” I asked.

This is what I wanted for My people from the very beginning.”

Just then I began to understand where I was at, unbelievable as it was, I was there. “Turn your attention to the tree in the center of my garden.” I turned and looked, and there before me was a magnificent tree covered in a strange fruit, red like an apple, but shaped like a pear. And wrapping itself around the trunk of the tree was some kind of serpent, but with legs, and standing under the shade of the magnificent tree were two perfect beings, naked but not ashamed, this must be Adam and Eve. “Watch.” The voice said. I did as the serpent took down a fruit from the tree and placed it in the hands of Adam. Adam looked at it curiously, smiling all the time. Then he handed the fruit to Eve, who examined it for a minute and took a small bite. She exclaimed something to Adam and he took the fruit into his own hands and took a bite.

“Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?” I asked God.

Yes, this is the fall of man.”

“What does this have to do with me?”

Everything my son, everything.” said the voice in the calmest tone I had heard to far. “Let me explain. I intended this world, the way it was before the fall of man, for all my sheep. This would have been everyone’s heaven. But now it is a prison.”

“Prison??” I inquired loudly.

Yes, from this moment until the death of my Son, it was only by works you could reach the true heaven, it is so much easier now if people would just believe.

The bible as you know it is nothing more than a history book that has been rewritten time and time again. What you NEED to believe that I love each and every one of my sheep so much, I let my own Son die for the sins they have committed and will continue to commit. Everything else doesn’t matter compared to the big picture, which sadly, most people don’t see.

Puzzled, I asked, “Just believe?”

It is not as easy of a task as you might believe, I have let man take it into their own hands until now, but the dark one has placed soldiers on the earth to corrupt, I must sent my own to stop them. For Judgment day is soon to be at hand.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Judgment day?” I screamed.

Yes, after 2000 years Satan will be loosed from his prison, and the antichrist will rise.”

“But it’s been 2000 year already, where is he?”

He is already here on Earth, a baby.”
“What? Why can you stop it?”

That is the choice of every living person on the planet, that is free will.”

“So, when is the world going to end Lord?”

How old was my son before you killed him?” the booming voice asked.
“I don’t know.” I replied.

36 years. It to my Son, the Christ, 36 year to fulfill the prophecy, and it will take 36 years for the antichrist to do the same.”

“So,” I paused, “the end of the world will happen 2036?”

Yes, at the precise time of day my Son died.”
“So what do I do?”

There was silence for a moment, and all of the sudden the garden disappeared and I was back where I started. “I need you to be my witness and warrior.”

“What? Lord, I think you might have chosen the wrong guy, I mean-“

Do you think I am capable of making the wrong choice?” the voice answered back almost in an angry tone.

“No, Lord.” I solemnly replied back. “But I sin so much Lord, how can I witness for you? I sin without even thinking.”

As I am the Lord, your God, I will not take away your free will, but I will give you a sign, and blessing.”

“Like what?”

Your sinful past eats away at you inside, and you yurn for relief, and I will give it to you, on one condition.”

“Things I may ask of you, you may think are sins, but they are not.”

I paused, “Now I’m really confused, you are going to ask me to sin?”

No my son, when ever you sin or are about to sin, you will feel pain, deep within you. This will be my sign to you that you are losing the path. You man choose to sin if you dare, but you will have to struggle with the pain of it. And I will bless your eyes with sight.

“But Lord, I can already see.”

No my son, a sight beyond all others, you will be able to tell from my sheep, the lost sheep, and the wolves.”

“Why do I need to tell the difference?”

Because my son, I charge you with the holy task of destroying the wolves.”

“What!!!” I answered back quickly, “You want me to kill?”

No I want you to protect my herd, Myself and the dark one cannot come to earth on a physical plane, it would defeat the purpose of free will.”

“So do I go looking for these wolves?”

Yes, or they will come to you.”

“Are you sure this isn’t a dream?” I asked myself.

Will you take up the sword of Justice and the armor of Will, and protect my people?”

Thinking for a second, not sure what to think really, but then I felt something deep inside me glow, and I shouted, “I will!”

Well, then my son, it is time to-“

“WAKE-UP!!!” shouted Rocky’s voice. I opened my eyes and I was back in my dorm, the exact second me and Rocky started to smoke. It felt like hours but it was only mere seconds, “Wakie-wakie. I thought you fainted after that hit.”

“How long was I out?”

“You weren’t out, you hit the pipe and fell back on your bed with your eyes closed, and then I woke you up. You okay.”

“I guess so.”

“I said this weed would knock you on your ass.”

Laughing to myself, “Man, you weren’t kidding.”

Submitted: October 02, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Truthdefiesreason. All rights reserved.


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