Chapter 3: Before The Beginning

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 3: Before the Beginning

Still be wildered from my dream, I was still feeling kina light headed when we left. We had a local bar we went to, we knew the bartender there (she was in my English 104 class) and we knew she would serve us. We had to walk down a large hill from our dorms to get to the bar, on the way was a small wooded area with a playground. I can’t remember how many time we got drunk till 2 in the morning and played on the jungle gym on the way back up to the dorms. We thought tonight would be no different, but fate had something else in store for us.

So, we sauntered down the hill, Rocky bragging about how good he did on hid test the whole way. Just a couple of yards from the bar door we see our friend Kenny come out. Kenny was a nice kid, but way to young to be in the line of work he was in, he sold blow. I did it ever once in a while, so did Rocky, but for some reason I wasn’t in to mood. As Kenny came up to us, we gave our usual hellos and Kenny asked us if we wanted to party with him, for free. Normally I would have jumped at the chance, but all of the sudden I became very aware of a sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach, it felt like I was going to vomit right there. I held it in to save face with my friends, but then the sickness turned to pain. I don’t know what inside me hurt so much, but it didn’t feel like a body part, it felt like something… spiritual. Now Rocky just wanted to get drunk, thank God, so we told Kenny we’d pass, told him goodbye, and walked into the dark bar.

I don’t know how long we were there, but the whole time I just couldn’t shake that feeling, and why I got it. But I went with Rocky’s philosophy “Don’t think, Drink.”, so drink we did. Kamikazes we on special, and Heather behind the bar, made them stiff, I was feeling it by the second shot.

So there we sat drinking for a few hours when Rocky decided he wanted to leave. I was flirting with Heather, and she was giving me free shots, so I wanted to stay. Rocky gave everyone his farewells and stumbledout the door. I remember yelling something like, “I’ll catch up!” to him as he left to make the long walk back up the hill to our dorms. I probably stayed another half our before I left, I paid my tab, gave a sloppy kiss on the cheek to Heather, and I began my trek. It’s funny, it really wasn’t that long of a walk, but as drunk as I was, this mole hill easily became a mountain.

I began my walk, each step harder than the one before it, but I persevered. I made it half-way and my drunk ass was nearly crawling by the time I got to the playground. I remember thinking I heard some muffled moans from behind the jungle gym, which was not uncommon. Lots of times to drunken lovers would stop there to have sex before they had to go to their separate dorms, so I paid no mind. So I kept on walking, how I wish I didn’t.

I made it to the dorm steps in about 15 minutes, but it took me almost 20 to get my drunk-ass up 4 flights of stairs. I got to my trusty room 413 and let myself in, but something was wrong, Rocky wasn’t there. He always came straight home after the bar, but he wasn’t there. He should have been asleep by now. I turned on the TV trying not to worry, but I got that same sick feeling from earlier, I couldn’t tell if it was because I was alarmed Rock wasn’t home, or because M*A*S*H was the only thing on. So I sat there, and waited, and worried for another 20 minutes when I heard the click-clack of the lock and Rocky stumbled in. His face was roughly beaten and bruised. His right eye was bleeding, and there was a small cut on his throat. He walked in two steps and fells on my bed, crying, hold his posterior. “What happened?” I asked, “Who did this to you?”

“He fucking raped me!” he cried, “Jamal fucking raped me!.” Apparently he wasn’tas “manly” as he made himself out to be. I sat back and tried to comfort Rocky as he told me the whole sordid story. He told it with such feeling I could see the events unfold in my head, even though I didn’t want to…

“I was on the way home, out of the bar.” his voice still slurring, apparently he was still drunk. “I was walking up the hill when Jamal jumped me for my wallet, he grabbed me around my neck and pulled me behind the woods behind the jungle gym.” My heart stopped, had the sound I heard on the way home been Rocky getting raped, and I did nothing. “He held a knife to my throat man…” he cried, “I told him I had not money, I spent it at the bar. He told me to shut my ‘white-ass’ up, and he assured me he was going to take something. Then he said he was going to make me his little bitch-“ and like a snap, I was there…

-“Shut your white-ass up pretty boy!”, whispered Jamal in a dark and deadly tone, “I’m gonna make you my little honky bitch tonight.” He began to unzip the fly of his pants with his free hand.

“No, stop!!!” Rocky yelled, hoping someone would hear his cries. Angered, Jamal took the knife from Rocky’s throat and hit him in the face four times, Rocky’s body started to go limp. Then Jamal placed the knife back on Rocky’s throat.

“Just pull down your pants and this will be real quick.” Trembling and crying, Rocky did as he as told. “Good, cry, I like it when my bitches cry.” He said as he forced his member into Rocky, Rocky groaned in pain, but he kept his mouth shut. He pumped away at Rocky’s ass until blood dripped down his legs. “Say, you’re my little bitch,” he paused, “Say it!!!” he yelled hold the knife closer to his throat.

Rocky’s face now painted with pain, eyes squinted from the tears, let out a low, “I’m your bitch.”-

“Stop!” I said, “I can’t hear anymore.

“He fucking raped me man.” He said to himself, whimpering. “He said if I went to the cops he’d kill me before they ever showed up, like the two people last night.” He paused, holding his backside which I now noticed had blood beginning to stain trough the butt of his jeans, “While he was doing it,” he said as he started to breathe heavily, “I said you walking home.” My insides twisted up. “I was gonna yell for your help, but he said he’d cut me throat if I did.” I got the most revolting feeling in depths of my stomach.

Without hesitation I told him ,”You gotta go to the police man.”

“No!” he screamed back in what I can only describe as dread ,”You know what he said.

“But you-“

“NO!” he screamed again, then he turned and cried himself to sleep on the edge of my bed. Another end, to another day…

Submitted: October 02, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Truthdefiesreason. All rights reserved.


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