The truth, the lies and the love

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Sleepover

Submitted: June 13, 2013

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Submitted: June 13, 2013



As I finish packing my things I go tell my mom I'm going to Ally's.

"Ok, don't stay up too late!"

She says.


I whine.

"Sorry the protective mother got ahold of me. I hope you and Ally have a great time"

She says sweetly.

"Thanks mom! Love you!"

I reply.

"Love you too sweetie!!"

I begin to walk to Ally's house. It's not that far, only two blocks away. Finally I arrive at her house.

"Hey Al,sorry I'm la—"

I say but  she cuts me off.

"It's about time girl!"

She shouts playfully.

I giggle.

I follow her up to her room and set my bags on the floor.

"Ok! So wanna do nails first?!"

She says.

But before I can respond she picks up my hand and says,

 "Damn girl! Forget that you need a manicure!!"

She says giggling.

I blush.

"Are they really THAT bad?"

She doesn't reply.

I guess they are bad. She goes into her bathroom and in two seconds she comes out carrying this HUGE pink bag. She starts working on my 'manicure'. She starts conversation but I have no idea what she's saying because I'm too busy thinking about Blake... and Andrew...

"Mads? Hellllooo?"

She knocks against my head.

"Anyone in there?"

She says giggling.

"Oh, sorry... I ... Uh"

I stutter.

"Were you even listening to me?!"

She fake yells at me.

I don't reply.

"Oh my gosh!"

She gasps.

I look at her confused.

"I can't believe it! Who is he?!"

She squeals.

"Who's, who?"

I say, knowing she's referring to Blake.

"Oh, Mads don't act stupid with me! I know you're thinking about someone!"

She says pointing to my head.

"Well...uh there is this guy..."

I blurt out.

Shit, why'd I say that.

" I KNEW IT! Who is he?! Tell me!!"

She says excitedly.

"His names'... Blake..."

I say blushing at the mention of his name.

"Oooh la laaa! Blake, that's cute!"

She says, studying his name.

"OMG I still can't believe my best friend actually has a crush on somebody!!"

I blush.

I guess this is the first time I had a crush on someone... Well besides Andrew but I'd NEVER tell her that.

"It's not a big deal it's just I small crush I don't even know If I like him..."

I say.

Duh of course I like him he's in my head 24/7!

"Describe him, what does he look like?"

She says sounding completly interested.

"Well he has soft brown eyes, a great sense of humor, he's very kind... And his smile, he has a perfect smile"

I blush.

"And he's extremely hot"

I mumble, hoping she didn't hear me.

"He sounds totes adorable! You have to introduce him to me! You better watch out or ill steal him from you if you don't make a move!"

She joked.

We continue to talk about Blake when suddenly my phone buzzes.

"Oooh who's that?"

Ally says.

"It's Blake"

I say smiling like a retard.

"OMG what'd he saaaayyy!?!?!"

She says giving me a playful shove.

"He said 'are you free tmrrw? I was wondering if you'd like to catch a movie?' "

I say shocked.


Me and Ally scream like little girls.

" I think he likes you back! He just asked you out!!"

She says.

"I know! What do I say?!"

I ask happily.

"Say yes stupid!!"

I begin to text back.

"That sounds great :)"

I type.

"K. Pick you up @6?"

He replys almost instantly.

"Ok ill be ready :)"

I text back.

"OMG we better get some sleep I gotta do your hair, makeup, outfit...."

She continues on her long list of things to get me ready for my 'makeover' when suddenly I drift to sleep.

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