Late October

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Tuesday

Submitted: May 06, 2011

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Submitted: May 06, 2011



I woke up to knocking on my window. Looking at my alarm clock, I sit up in bed. It's 12:00 at night. Rubbing my eyes, I walk over to my window, and open it. Tuesday stands outside, her face bloody and holding her guitar.

"Hey...Look, I know this is sudden, we just met, but....You're the only person I could think of to go to." A tear slips from her eyes to mix with the others. I step back and motion for her to climb in. She hands me her guitar, than climbs in. While I put her guitar in my closet, she closes the window. And leans against the wall.

"What happened?" She looks like hell, and even worse when I turn on the light.

"I don't wanna talk about it....Sorry." She loos down. "I should've come and put this pressure on you. I'm gonna go." She starts to stand, and I grab her arm.

"Sit down. You can stay. As long as you need....I'm gonna go get the first-aid kit and some wet towels. Stay. Here." She sits, and I walk out (leaving the door open) and walk into the bathrrom to gather supplies. I'll admit I was surprised when she was still there. I gently wiped the blood from her face, and bandaged it the best I could. It wasn't as bad as it looked, only half as bad. She'd need stitches on  her forehead, but they could wait. I walked back out to go to the kitchen, she looked starving. She ate the sandwhich I came back with like she hadn't eaten for days. I pulled the extra matress from the hall closet ( why my parents didn't wake up is a mystery to me) and tugged it into my room. She collapsed on it.

"I was gonna put sheets on it..." I look back at her, and she's already asleep. One more trip to the hallway closet to grab her a pillow and blanket, then I lock my door, and crawl back into bed. Sleep didn't come easy.


I woke up later to her poking my face. I sat up and looked at her. She was sitting on the corner of my bed in one of my shirts......and a clean pairof my boxers.

"Good  morning. Uh.....My clothes were all bloody, so I figured I could borrow some of yours to wear, while mine are being washed....." She blushes and looks away.

"Yeah, it's cool. No problem. Morning to you too." I rub my eyes and she smiles the cutest smile I've ever seen. Her bed-head is cute, not like most girls though, it's like a lions mane....but in a good way. She jumps up and runs from my room only to return seconds later with coffee and a plate of food. This girl....

"I made breakfast." She smiles, than hands me the food. I dig in, cause I'm hella hungry and DAMN is it good! I down the coffee (even though I don't normally drink coffee) and smile back at her. She's practically beaming. "Did you like it?"

"Yeah, it was hella good. Where'd you learn to cook like that?" Her smile falters for a secnd, than is replaced.

"Self-taught. Amazing right? Here, lemme get that for you." She takes my plate and walks out. I take the chance to put on some shorts. Not to self: Don't sleep in your boxers anymore, pretty girls may knock on your window at midnight wwanting to stay the night. I walk out of my room and follow the smell of her perfume to the kitchen. She's setting my dishes on the counter and getting out the dish soap....

"Hey." She spins around and squirts dish soap at me by accident.

"Oh! I'm sorry! You just scared me and...." She stops talking as I reach around her and pic up the spray nozzle from the sink. And squirt her. "It's on!" She squirt me with soap while I douse her with water and soon we both end up soapy and wet. "I give! I give!" She screams while laughing. I stop squirting her with water and we fall to the floor laughing. I lean against the counter, and she lays spread-eagle on the floor. She starts making snow-angel movements and laughs. "Soap angels." She explains. We continue laughing, than start to clean up our mess.

"Well, I figured it was about time I took a shower." She looks ant me and starts laughing again, only to laugh harder when she slips on the tile.

"Oh, I haven't had this much fun since forever!" I look at her this time and, like everytime, I realize how beautiful she really is. "Josh?"

"Yeah?" I look down and start cleaning again.

"Thanks. A lot. I was thinking....Maybe I could sleep here on the nights....and play during the day. I'd give you half the money I earned and....I dunno." She looks at me with hope in her eyes.

"Yeah....that'd work. But instead of paying me, just smile. Yeah, just like that." She smiles and it blinds me.

"Okay.....Man, your sweet!" She laughs. "Bet all the girls love you."

"Actually....they kinda don't." It's my turn to laugh. "I'm a....cliche, as they put it."

"Ah. so they won't date you because your sweet and play the piano and have dashing, good looks?" I pile the wet towels in the laundry hamper.

"Yeah, crazy, right? No girl wants a good guy. Wait, how'd you know I play piano?"

"The books in your room.....and the piano in the spare room." She chuckles and wipes down the counter. And just like that, I, Joshua Timothy McKlane fell in love with a girl whose name I didn't even know.

"What's your name?" She looks at me the same way she did when I first asked.

"I don't really have one....But you can call me Tuesday." Doesn't have a name?

"Tuesday? Why Tuesday?"

"Because it was a Tuesday when you first started watching me play." She smiles and leans against the counter. "Yes, I noticed you. You were so cute...." She chuckles and looks down, than back at me.

"And I thought I was so secretive." I smile back at her. "Hey, what do you wanna do today?"

"Got any video games?"

"I'm a boy....what do you think?" We spend the rest of the day playing video games and getting to know each other. When my mom comes home I push the twin mattress Tuesday slept on under my king bed (blankets and all, it all fit) and Tuesday hides in my closet. After dinner I bring her a plate and then we go to bed. Sleep came easier tonight. Maybe because I was drugged.


I woke up in the morning and looked around. Tuesday was gone. Good job, Josh. You fall in love with a girl and loose one in one day. Talent, I'm tellin' ya. Iroll over and go back to bed, hoping it's just a bad dream.

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