Too Good For You

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: October 18, 2009

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Submitted: October 18, 2009



Kelsey picked me up around eight. She took one look at me coming out of the apartmet and made me go back in.It was humiliating, having her do my hair, my make up, what i wore.Thank god no one else was there. i wouldve died.

That all about took twenty minutes. "Amazing! Your turning me on."I made an oh my god you didnt just say that face but really it was a complement. Everybody wanted to hear that from her.

We were leaving when the phone rang. Who could it be? Most people knew not to call past eight. I picked up the phone. "Hello," I said into the telephone.

"Mia? Is that you?" Okay freaky. She could sense i had no idea who she was. Kelsey was looking at me like i was crazy and that we should go. "This is a freind of your mom's. Is she around?'

I hated phone calls like this. You had to explain that they were no longer around. "Im sorry my mom passed away." I sunk just saying it.

"Im sorry. My ex husband moved back over there with our son and i know Charles. He would let my son do anything he wants. I just wanted to see if she could check up on them every once in a while."

i bit my lip. kelsey was waving her hands in the air and pointing to the door. "I could check up on him. If you want?" I always did the right thing. "After school tomorow." i copied down the adress and put it in my school bag.

Kelsey and I left. i kept my eyes closed the whole time, prior to Kelseys instructions. I couldnt even peek.

When we arived at James's house. "They have a word for you. Stalker." we both laughed.

we got out of the car to see the thirty other cars lined up in the driveway.

The first thing i did is try to find a drink without achol and room without two teenagers going at it in.

The first room was occupied. The second room was also occupied by threecheerleaders and iwasnt actually looking for his face. The third room. Please be the charm.

I walked in. "This is my room," said a voice.I jumped at once. i didnt know any body was in here. i quickly turned around and headed for the door. "Stay," he said sharply.

Iturned around and he was sitting on the bed. "Hi."


this was akward. "so why do you want me to stay?" i wanted to know.

"Your not bad looking and im new here. i wanted to see what you could do."

"What" Excuse me! i am not a slut, but i didnt say that.

He smiled and shook his head. I could tell he was trying to hold back laughing.

"I'm going to go out there and get drunk. Want to join?" He got off the bed and held out his hand toward me. "You don't have to but you'll have a brake from beingmiss good girl. One night. Come on."

I have no idea whyI took his hand and walked outof the bedroom with me. Thats when i saw Kelsey, who smiled wen she saw me hold his hand.

That night was wild. Kelsey actually stayed the night at James's house. Unfourtunetly it wasnt with James but she wanted to make him jelous so she made-out with some guy that was in collage.

What did i do? I got a ride from Jesse (that was his name). He was nice. He did leave right before i puked. Thank god, that wouldve been embaresing.

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