Tomorrow Is The Day

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Jaina

Submitted: July 29, 2008

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Submitted: July 29, 2008



The next morning was pretty much the same as the first except, we didn’t have any school related stuff either. Jade and Rachel went up stairs to play guitar, and the three of us were downstairs sitting around doing nothing. Literally nothing, Julianna occasionally tapped her foot to break the silence. Carmen and Robert decided to go into town for the day and left everyone in my charge. Apparently she trusted me with her kids. Those made me feel better in that sense but I felt like they had no freedom. I always complained about me not having any freedom but they have none. I don’t know of any thirteen year old that isn’t allowed to stay home by themselves.

At around one o’clock, after we had lunch and cleaned the house up I had enough of doing nothing. Jack and Julianna were playing with building blocks. I was outraged; I didn’t know of anyone their age that played blocks. I looked outside and that is when I got an idea.

"Do you two want to go outside?" I asked

"We need permission to go outside," Jack said

"You need permission for everything. They aren’t home so they won’t know unless you tell them,"

"I don’t know," he said

"Do you enjoy playing with building blocks?"

"Not really," Jack admitted, "There isn’t much more we can do,"

"Come outside," I said, "You two need to loosen up,"

"Jaina and Joseph are coming over,"

"What time?" I wanted to know

"Three-thirty," Jack said

"We will go out for just an hour and then we will come in. They will never know and I’m sure Rachel and Jade won’t even know were gone,"

"Let’s go Jack," Julianna cried, "Tuscany will make sure we stay out of trouble won’t you?"

"If anything happens I’ll take the blame, but nothing will happen so get up and lets go,"

Julianna grabbed her coat since it was in the middle of winter even those there wasn’t much snow. Christmas was in like eighteen days and I would probably be spending it here with them and not my family. Rachel’s birthday was in like fourteen days and I knew what her wish was. Her wish was to have mom and dad home for Christmas. She didn’t say her disapproval. Doing so would just upset her. She always upset when things don’t go her way.

I grabbed my sweater and we went outside into the yard. Jack followed me and then stopped.

"Now what?" he said. I looked around at the grey area. I saw three baseballs.

"Want to see who can throw the ball the farthest?" I asked

"Who will go and get them?" Julianna asked

"Whoever throws them the closet to us has to get them all," I explained

"That is fair," Jack said

We each took a baseball and threw it. The first time I threw it the farthest and Julianna the closet. She ran and got it; we had similar results the next five times we did it.

"I’m bored," said Julianna, "I’m tired of running after it,"

"I see you have a trampoline," I said noticing it.

"We are defiantly not allowed on that," Jack said

"Mommy isn’t home," Julianna said

"Oh alright," he gave in, "Just five minutes each, then we go inside,"

"Fair enough!" I said as we headed for the trampoline. We let Julianna go on it first. She jumped for the whole five minutes without taking a break. She had a big smile on her face. It was Jacks, and then it was suppose to be mine but I let Julianna go again. After that I checked my clock and it was 2:25pm. We had only been out side for almost half an hour and we had the rest of the day to worry about.

We went inside to once again hear Rachel and Jade playing the guitar.

"Want to go upstairs and see how they’re doing?" Julianna asked

"Sure," Jack whispered, "We have to be very quiet those,"

The three of us went upstairs. I hadn’t been up yet and I noticed they’re three bedrooms. They were the same size as the one’s Rachel and I had. Inside there was a bed, and really nothing else. We went into Jade’s room. They stopped playing.

"Keep on playing" I said, "We just came up to hear you play,"

"Okay," Rachel said. I noticed the guitar that Rachel was playing was very old. It was nothing like her electric guitar that had the nice finish. It was the newest type of the year so far. My dad bought it for her a few months ago as a reward for getting ten one hundred percents in a row for spelling. That was big accomplishment for her since she wasn’t the best speller.

Every stopped and watched as Rachel played "Run Joey Run," It was an ancient song by David Geddes. My mom use to listen to it, and I think she still does. Anyway Rachel played it really good, better then any of us. After she played the whole three minute song we just sat there in silence.

"I’m hungry," Julianna said

"You have to wait until mom gets home unless Tuscany here takes the rap if we get in trouble," Jade said

"I’m sure she won’t mind," Jack said, "Jaina will cover for us when she gets here,"

"Okay," Jade finally gave in.

"Why do you have to be such a bitch?" I finally asked. I couldn’t stand how she was acting towards me. I did nothing but continue to try and be nice to her.

"Listen Tusc," she said, "I don’t like you. You come in here and judge how we live,"

"I had no choice but come here," I said, "I’m not criticizing your living. I’m saying it is not how I’m use to living,"

"Well, I prefer that you weren’t here,"

"That would make two of us,"

"I wouldn’t mind if Rachel stayed. She is at least nice,"

"You know Jade. If I leave, you know Rachel will too. She won’t come back,"

"How do you know?" Rachel interrupted us

"You know if mom and dad ever wake up they will forbid us from returning,"

"Why?" Jade asked

"My mom doesn’t like your mom,"

"And why must that be. If she is a hoe like you I can see why," Jade snickered. I went over and punch Jade hard making her fall backwards. "Ow! You bitch," she howled getting up to hit me back but I grabbed her arm tightly. She struggled to for me to let go but I wouldn’t budge. Her face was bright red with rage. After letting her get angry I let her go. She stood up.

"How dare you treat me like this in my own house?"

"Right now, I’m babysitting you in your house," I said, that made Jade real mad, "You’re parents obviously trust me more then she does you," This was getting Jade really riled. She was steaming mad.

"It is all about your age," Jade concluded, "You are just as mature if not less mature then me,"

"Yup, whatever you say," I said, "I’m bored of talking to an infant. Let’s do something else,"

"I’m hungry," Julianna said

"Go to the fridge and eat then," Jade cried. Julianna looked at me, and I just shrugged. She must have taken that as a yes because she was heading into the kitchen. I watched as she pulled out a bag of carrots. She took a handful putting the bag back.

I couldn’t believe that she would go for carrots for a snack. Surely they had candy or something else besides carrots in their fridge. I knew they weren’t vegetarians because I had meat a few times. They were big on nutrition but even some people have snacks foods.

Rachel and Jade went back upstairs to play the guitar. I sat once again with Jack and Julianna in the living room. Julianna had gotten us some paper and pencils so we could draw. This was defiantly not what I would be normally doing. When I’m at my other cousins house; they’re family isn’t as weird as this either.

Before I even starting to draw something both Jack and Julianna were starting to draw something; Jack was drawing a big elephant it seemed and Julianna was drawing a cat. Julianna looked at me for a second.

"Aren’t you going to draw anything?" she asked me

"I’m trying to think of something to draw,"

"How about a dog," she said

"Okay," I said. I began to slowly draw the head.

After ten minutes of drawing my picture was done. It was kind of weird looking. The head was as big or not bigger then the body. The tail was the same length as the body and they had stubby feet.

"I can see you don’t do much drawing," Jack said

"No!" I replied, "My dad is the artist,"

"My mom said he use to draw a lot," Jack said again

"Sometimes I go into my parent’s closet to look at some of his art. There is this one portrait of my mom he drew. It must have taken him forever,"

"Why don’t they hang them up?" she asked

"We do have a few. We also have a few of my grandfathers. That is my mom’s dad’s paintings,"

"So you have a lot of artists in your family,"

"Yes, I’m just not one of them," I laughed.

A few minutes later the front door opened and in came some girl. I looked at her. She was a split image of Aunt Carmen. She had long brown hair, a little darker then Carmen’s. Her eye color, and even her mouth and nose were identical to hers. I presume this was Jaina.

"Hello," she said looking at me

"Hey Jaina," Julianna cried

"Hey Julianna," she said, "So you must be Tuscany," she said


"So your sister is around here somewhere,"

"She is upstairs with Jade," Jack said, "She is a real good guitar player,"

"Why don’t you tell her and Jade to come down here Jack," Jaina said, "I would love to meet her,"

"Okay," Jack said running up the stairs.

Jaina sat on the floor beside me and Julianna. "So is mom around Jay," she said


"She left you here alone?" Jaina asked

"Yes, she said since Tuscany here is almost sixteen that it would be okay if she or daddy wasn’t here,"

"She didn’t leave me alone by myself until I was fourteen," Jaina said, "She has always been a worry bug,"

"She is real nice those," I said

"So, how do you like it here so far?"

"It is different from how I’m use to living,"

"No family is the same. There were things I didn’t like but now that I look back I rather enjoyed living here,"

Jade and Rachel made it down stairs into the living room. Jack came shortly after.

"Hey Jaina," Jade cried.

"So this is Rachel," she said. Rachel didn’t say anything when she got to the bottom of the stairs. She just stared at us. Rachel’s face was sort of pale/

"So you must be shy," Jaina said

"She is," I answered

"Well, I’m Jaina," she said, "I just met your sister,"

"She is a piece of work isn’t she," Jade said

"Huh?" Jaina was confused,

"Jade for whatever reason is jealous of Tuscany," Jack said

"Am not?" Jade said

"Jade is this hostility because Tuscany is in charge and your not,"

"I don’t like her," Jade said, "She is always judging everything we do,"

"She is trying to adjust to this type of living you know Jade. Cut her a break,"

"You are taking her side," Jade stated

"I’m not taking anyone’s side," she said, "I’m telling you as it is,"

"She is a bitch,"

"To be honest with you," Jaina stated, "The only one I see being a bitch is you,"

"Whatever," Jade said getting up running up the stairs.

"Jaina," Julianna said


"Can you do something for me,"

"Depends on what it is,"

"I was hungry and I went into the fridge and got something to eat. Can you tell mommy you let me?"

"Well Julianna. Do you remember that talk Jade and mom had last year. She said whoever is in charge is the one you ask. Did Tuscany in this case say you can have something to eat?"


"Then you have nothing to worry about kiddo,"


"So," Jaina said, "Who wants to go for a drive,"

"Me, Me, Me," Julianna screamed.

"I’ll go write a note for mom in case she comes home," she said, "And someone go get Jade. She can’t stay here by herself unless Tuscany agrees to stay here,"

"I’ll go get her," Jack said running upstairs.

A few minutes later we were on inside Jaina’s car. This was probably the most enjoyable thing we have done all week. We drove to a nearby gas station where Jaina bought us all ice cream. Jade didn’t say much since she was still angry at all of us. Jaina said she would get over it eventually.

When we got back home Carmen and Robert were there too. We all walked in the house, Jaina closely followed us. She was greeted by her mom with open arms.

"Hey sweetheart," Carmen said happily

"Hi mom, Hi Robert," she smiled

"Hey Jaina," he said, "How is school going?"

"It’s going pretty good," she said, "Everything is pretty good,"

"Where is Jade," Robert said, "She was here a minute ago,"

"She went upstairs with Rachel," Jack said

"To play guitar I suppose," he said. We all nodded. Rachel was at least enjoying her. I really didn’t like her much. She was just bitch to me. On the other hand I liked Jaina. She was really nice and is mean when deserved. She wasn’t what I expected but she wasn’t nearly as weird as the rest of them. Julianna was starting to learn a thing or two from me, which was a good thing. Carmen looked at me.

"So Jade didn’t give you any trouble?"

"No," I said wanting to limit the amount of troubles and issues I have with her.

Carmen walked into the kitchen and brought out a fresh bowl of strawberries and apples and we ate and talked.

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