Tomorrow Is The Day

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Revenge

Submitted: July 29, 2008

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Submitted: July 29, 2008



A couple days went by since our family was reunited. My mom was already trying to get our family back to normal.

Both Rachel and I were at home just staring at the television. We had gone back to school the day before and like I suspected I had a lot of homework. It was slightly lessened because of the accident but it was still a lot. Rachel got most of her homework forgotten about. That was one of the bad things about being in high school.

The only thing different about my mom was her constant reading. She never read much before but now she was reading a lot more. I didn’t take notice to what she was reading. They looked like boring books.

The next day I knew everything was back to normal. I seen the housekeeper here cleaning or house and my mom was in the kitchen making something good. It was amazing she even had the strength. I walked into the kitchen where my mom literally scared the living crap out of me.


"What?" I said after I finally found myself again,"

"Do you want home made waffles with whip cream or my home made pancakes,"

"Pancakes," I said suddenly craving them, "With strawberries," I quickly added

"Do you honestly think I would forget strawberries. I know you well,"

A few days went by, when I came home from school. I noticed a van in my driveway as I was walking from the bus stop. It looked familiar to me. It soon dawned to me that was Robert and Carmen’s van. A fear overcame me, if Carmen was there then a bunch of suffering was sure to follow. I approached the house, and I heard some shouting. It was defiantly Robert. I didn’t hear my mom or Carmen. I stood outside the front door. My hand was shaking but I managed to get it open. The first person I saw was Jade. She looked right at me with piercing eyes.

"This is all your fault," she said to me.

"Okay," I said a little confused. I wanted to know what the hell she was talking about and why she was in my house in the first place. I looked at her funny.

"Hush Jade," Robert said. Jade looked at him a stumped her foot.

"Hey sweetheart," my mom said to me,

"Hey mom," I said back walking up the stairs past Jade and Robert and down the hall to my bedroom. I soon returned back to where all the action was. They still stared at each other.

"You can continue with whatever you were talking about. I heard yelling," I said

"He just got here," my mom said, "I couldn’t make out a word he said because of all the yelling,"

"What are you going to do?"
"The polite thing to do is ask what exactly it is he wants?"

"You know what your daughter did," Robert snapped out,

"Stop yelling or I’ll need to ask you to leave,"

"Your daughter is a little bitch,"

"Excuse me," my mom said offensively. "You come into my house and began to scream at me and insult my daughter. You either get off my property now or I’ll call the police, and have you’ve removed,"

"That girl will have what is coming to her," Robert added in

"What did I do?" I finally asked,

"Don’t play dumb with me," he said, "You followed your threat,"

"I didn’t report you for anything,"

"That is because I did," my mother said, "Now Tuscany, go on to your room and let me handle this,"

"Okay," I said and walked down the hall, instead of going into my bedroom I went into the bathroom just across from where they were. I sat on the sink to listen to the two of them talk.

"You are an inexpiable human being," he shouted

"You treated my daughter like a cage animal," my mother shouted back, "It just made me wonder what you do to your own children,"

"He does nothing to me," Jade shouted offensively.

"I didn’t treat your kid like a cage animal,"

"You fed her spinach, and told her she wasn’t allowed to leave the bedroom," she said, "How was she suppose to get to the bathroom,"

"She was being punished. It is no wonder she is the way she is,"

"She is very well mannered. She will treat people the same they treat her,"

"We were really nice to her," Robert tried to explain

"I don’t want to hear this anymore. I’m just looking out for the best interest for everyone," she said, "You can leave now,"

"You are only tormenting us because you don’t like my wife,"

"I’m not tormenting you. I’m protecting your kids from you. As for Carmen, don’t get me started on her," she said, "Now get out of my house,"

"This isn’t over," Robert said leaving. Jade followed behind him. I exited the bathroom into the living room where my mom was.

"Mom," I said, "Why did you open old wounds again?"
My mom looked at me for a second. She didn’t grin but she showed a serious look. She wasn’t tormenting them. She called social services on them because she believes they are bad parents. There was something else worst between the two of them deeper then just the abortion. Having an abortion doesn’t make you a bad parent. It didn’t seem realistic to me.

"To answer your question," she said, "It is for the best for them. Carmen is a ticking time bomb ready to explode as for that Robert guy. He is just as bad as she is,"

"Are you sure you don’t have a hidden agenda?"

"Tuscany, don’t worry about it," she said, "This whole mess will be cleared up soon,"

I left it alone and left for my bedroom. I couldn’t understand my mom sometimes but there was something about her answer that really got to me. ‘Carmen is a ticking time bomb ready to explode’. There was some meaning to that I couldn’t figure out. I didn’t know if it had anything to do with anything. It could have just meant that Carmen is hiding something from us and will show her true colors.

A few days went by, and nothing was told of about what my mom did. I don’t think my dad even knows. It was Friday after school and I was excited for the weekend. I came down the street and saw my dad home along with another vehicle. I went around to the back and went through the front door. I wasn’t about to let this pass me by. Not by a long shot. I sneaked into the kitchen and was happy that no one was there. I saw my dad and my grandmother in the living room. I stood by to listen.

"Kevin," she said, "Megan has taken this too far,"

"She is upset over how Carmen treated our children and is in fear of hers,"

"None of this is true, and you know it,"

"I believe what my daughter told me. You don’t treat a human being as an animal,"

"Listen to me and listen to me closely," she began, "Megan had gone too far with the hatred for Carmen. I’m going to take her down and anyone in her crossfire. She can’t get away with what she is doing,"

"This isn’t a war. You keep doing what you are doing mom and you will dig Carmen’s hole for her,"

"Accusing your own sister of child abuse,"

"What the two of them need to do is sit down and figure this out," Kevin said, "Until then they will be at each others throats. As for Carmen, I don’t feel a wee bit sorry for her. All she did is her own doings,"

"You are sickening," Angela said

"Then leave," he said

"I will," she said getting on her shoes about to leave when they heard me from the corner of the room.

"Tuscany is that you?" he asked

"Yes," I said

"How much did you hear?" Angela screamed, "You are…"

"You can leave now," Kevin shouted

"You better convince your wife to stop with this agenda or we will wipe her out,"

"You hurt my wife in any way and I’ll have no choice but intervene. Now leave,"

"I warned you," she said and left. He turned to look at me.

"Sweetheart," he said

"What dad?" I asked

"How much did you hear?"

"I heard enough to know that they are out for mom’s blood,"

"Don’t worry about anything," he said, "I’ll have this situation under control,"

"Okay! I’m going to go out for awhile," I said

"Just be home before dark," he said

"Okay," I said and walked out of the room. I walked outside. The fresh air felt good on my skin. I couldn’t help but wonder this whole mess. Knowing my mom, she wouldn’t let this go. I just wanted to know what else beside the abortion was keeping my aunt Carmen and her from having a decent relationship or at least being civil to one another.

I was walking down the street where I saw my grandmother’s vehicle again. I continued to walk until I could see further into the front. I saw her with someone else. I recognized the person but was trying to remember who it was. I moved a little closer looking into the van and noticed it was Carmen. She looked obviously nice today.

They were too busy talking about something to even know I was spying. I just continued to walk not really paying much attention to anything. I didn’t want to have to deal with any more family dynamics for a while. I seen Rachel walking home as I was.

"Where are you going?" Rachel asked

"Just out for a bit," I said,

I saw her look over at their van down the street.

"Is that . . ."

"Yes that is our grandmother and Aunt Carmen," I said, "I got to go. SO you go straight home,"

"Would it hurt if I said hi?" Rachel asked. I thought about it and maybe if Rachel were to scatter them she would figure something out. It was worth a shot.

"I don’t see why not. You are already ten minutes late coming home so dad may start to worry,"

"I had to stay. I’ll tell him and he is sure to understand," Rachel said starting to walk again. I walked on to the end of the street when I didn’t feel like walking anymore. I turned around and decided to return home.

I couldn’t help but wondered what was going on with Angela and Carmen. Obviously Carmen was with her the whole time. I wanted to know what was going to happen next between my mom and her. They haven’t seen them talk lately; I even wondered if she was doing this to Carmen out of revenge. I noticed Rachel standing there. The look on Aunt Carmen’s face was priceless. Once again they didn’t see me or they were pretending they couldn’t.

I walked across the street because my suspicions were getting the best of me. I crash right into Rachel lightly but hopefully got the point.

"I thought you were going out?" Rachel asked

"I forgot my cell phone,"

"Oh," she said

"Hi, Tuscany," Carmen said trying to give off a light smile.

"Hi Carmen," I said back, "I didn’t know you came in today,"

"Oh it is nothing much dear," she said giving me a wicked smile.

"I’m going home now, be," Rachel said

"Bye dear," Aunt Carmen said. Rachel was almost four houses away from the car before I started to take off. "Stop, Tuscany,"

"What?" I said as I approached the car

"I know what you did," Carmen sneered

"My mom thought what you did to me was bad so she did what any mother would do and call social services. If you have nothing to hide then don’t worry about it,"

"Your mom had connections and she is out to destroy me,"

"Why?" I asked

"You know why," she whispered back

"You had an abortion great. What else did you do that would trigger her to want this sudden revenge against you,"

"There ain’t nothing," she said, "You should have seen your mother that day,"

"Why don’t you explain it to me,"

"Get in and I’ll explain it all to you,"

"Fine," I said feeling a little hesitant. I did have my cell phone on me so I could call the police. I only lied so no one would be suspicious. I got in the back seat closing the door. "Now tell me,"

"Basically after I broke up with Jaina’s father I meant this other guy even before Robert. He wanted sex when I wasn’t ready. I refused and . . . and," she said

"So he raped you," I said

"Yes," Carmen said. Tears were running down her eyes. "Did you mention this?"

"She was the one who told me that it wasn’t my fault,"’

"It wasn’t," I said, "So after that what happened," I said engaged in the story I knew it was true because she was really emotional.

"I found out I was pregnant," she said, "My other two kids were really young. I had lost my job from trauma and I had a guilty feeling that I would hate my baby. I use to go to your mother for all my problems and I didn’t think this was any different. I had no idea she was anti abortionist. If I knew just maybe I would have made a smart move. I thought it was the best thing for everyone,"

"Did you ever consider Adoption?" I asked

"Yes," Carmen said, "But how can I get rid of one person and keep my others?"
"I don’t think anyone could," I said feeling sympathy for her.

"After that it only got worse. I got the procedure and I was even upset that it was over. I felt empty but also relieved. I went over to see your mother," she said. I noticed her voice was starting to shift a little. I didn’t know if she was changing the story a bit or was really nervous but I continued to listen interested. She had paused also.

"That is where everything changed," I said

"Yes," she said, I could see Angela nervously waiting for this to end "I told her the truth. I told her that I had it. I didn’t know what she was thinking but her face turned pale. I felt a little uneasy. I thought she was trying to absorb everything. She then back away from me. She was screaming, ‘Murderer, you baby killer,’ She was screaming and yelling on the top of her lungs. I never saw someone so angry so bitter before. She went from being like my best friend to my greatest enemy. I was not even human. Everyone tried to reason with her and that was also the same day my relationship with your dad ended. He supported his wife. I haven’t seen Megan since then, but obviously I will eventually since she pulled a stunt like this," Carmen said finally catching a breath.

"So, did you get emotionally sick?" I said,


"Then how exactly did she ruin your life?" I said, "I mean she obviously hurt you badly,"

"I guess I felt some emotionally pain after. Have you ever wanted why your cousins are as restraint as they are?"

"Yes, I have," I said finally getting an answer to my many questions.

"What she said to me also changed my views," she began, "I feel the need to keep my children on short leads. I don’t want them to instill them with the negativity that I had to go through. I felt like I was a bad person. My whole belief system went down. That was not enough for her. She wanted me to suffer more so she is out to have my kids taken away from me. It was like that one night. The last thing she said was ‘You are a ticking time bomb, ready to explode. That is the saying and you are a prime example of what this world had come too. God bless your very soul,’ that stood with me for ever,"

"That is what she said to me when I asked her about her intentions," I said

"She said that," Carmen shouted

"She basically said that she doesn’t think you are capable of being a mother and she is afraid of how they will turn out. She says that you showed a fine example when you shoved me a room alone,"

"I didn’t mean for that to be mean," Carmen said

"I don’t know," I said, "What she did was mean but I want you to know that I had no part of her calling social services. When I threatened that I was mad,"
"I believe you Tuscany. You should get going. I don’t want her to use anything else against me,"

"I think everything will work out," I said getting out. I walked down the street feeling a little bitter myself. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen. I couldn’t believe that my mom did that to her. I knew that my mom had strong views on abortion but I never thought she would act this far on them even if it happened before I was born. I wasn’t sure when it happened but I had a feeling it was just before they had me.

I got home when I saw my mom just getting out of her car. My dad’s car was gone. I noticed that new car she bought after her other one was totaled has been polished and painted. She saw me looking at her.

"Hey sweetheart," she said, "What is wrong?" she asked looking straight at me.

"Nothing," I said walking inside. I was too mad to her to even say a word. I felt bad for Aunt Carmen. I didn’t like abortion but the circumstances were understandable. My mom followed me.

"Don’t tell me nothing," she said, "I know something is bothering you. Who talked to you,"

"Just tell her anything she told you," my sister yelled

"Just tell me," my mother felt upset,

"So you can turn on me too," I said getting heated up, "Like you did to Carmen,"

"You were talking to Carmen weren’t you," she said, "That woman feels threatened of me and is trying to get revenge against me,"

"It is all in your head," I said, "You treated her badly,"

"She murdered her baby," she said, "I suppose she told you what happened,"

"Yes," I said, "The circumstances were understandable,"

"That is a cop out. It wasn’t her babies fault that happened. She was selfish and that makes her have no excuse for what she did,"

"Why don’t you just leave them alone mom," I said angerly, "Didn’t you once have a good relationship with her?"

"We did, but she wasn’t the same person then as she is now,"

"How is she different minus the abortion?"

"When she murdered her baby she opened up a side of her that put everything else into perspective. She was too selfish to think of anyone else but herself. I felt bad about what that guy did to her but she chose to hide her pain by killing some one else. She lost her self worth and became an unforgiving whelp. She is not even human. I admit we had some good times. I miss those days but I can’t forget and defiantly can’t accept having a relationship with her. As for reporting her; I feel threatened by her. I’m worried that she is a danger to her children and it is nothing personal,"

"How do you know that she is a bad parent?" I asked

"She shows the symptoms," she explained, "She keeps her kids cooped up because she doesn’t want her secret getting out,"

"She told me it was because she was afraid of how they will turn out,"

"I’ve worked in the social worker field for over twenty years. I know she is playing you," she explained, "If this goes any further make sure you tell them the truth about you getting locked in that room, with that to eat,"

"I would never lie,"

"Good, now what do you want for supper?"

"Spinach sandwiches," I joked, after a minute of awkward silence, "Just kidding. I want perogies," I said

"Me too," she said

"How about when dad gets home we all go out," I said

"That sounds good," she said, "Maybe later you, Rachel and I can go get our nails done,"

"Tomorrow," I said, "I have a big assignment I have to do tonight for school,"

"Fine," she said,

We got changed and then went out that night. My mom was talking about her first day back at work. She was saying it felt good to be back. I had a hidden suspicion that she was making a couple phone calls involving Carmen. She often gets what she wants in the end. At supper everything was going good until we saw Robert, Carmen, and her kids walk in. My dad saw them and was standing up getting ready to leave.

"Kevin, I’m not going to let them ruin my evening," she said, "We will just ignore them and continue to eat,"

"What is the chances they would come in here,"

"I don’t know but they are here,"

A couple minutes later my mom eyes and Carmen’s met.

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