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Chapter 13 (v.1) - You have no fucking idea

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Submitted: May 19, 2011



Paio looked at Abena for a moment. “I’ll go and find your mobile.”

“NO!” Abena yelled. “I’ll go you’re already in a bad condition.”

Paio was about to protest when Abena hurried out of the room and ran downstairs. Shattered glass littered the floor. Abena cringed as she entered the kitchen. Bricks lay on the floor and the windows had been smashed. What would she tell her mother when she came home? 

“Where are you phone?” she whispered as she made her way through the mess.

She grunted in frustration when she didn’t find her phone.

“Abena!” It was Paio.

“What is it?” she yelled.

Paio came running down the stairs and someone chuckled.  Abena spun around to find one of her neighbors behind her with a butcher’s knife in his hand.

“Mr. Isa what are you doing?” Abena was trembling now. The only time she had seen a man with a butcher’s knife was in television. She had never expected to see one in her home. She looked at the knife, dark red with someone’s blood.

Mr. Isa snickered. “I’m here for him.” He pointed to Paio.

“Sir, I need you to leave.”

Mr. Isa moved closer. “What is he doing here in your home?”

Before Abena could answer, he struck her face and she fell to the floor full of broken glass. The only thing she felt was the sharp pain of glass digging into her skin before she blanked out.

When Abena opened her eyes, she saw Paio on the floor lying on a pool of blood. “Paio?” she stood up, wincing at the pain that struck her body and went to his side. He had stab wounds on his neck and torso area.

“Paio?” Abena shook him. “Paio?” She kept shaking him and then slapped him, but his eyes wouldn’t open. “Oh God… Paio wake up!!” She was screaming now.

His fringe was covering part of his head. She slowly removed it from his face.

“Why do you care about him?” Abena’s blood ran cold when she saw Mr. Isa standing near the staircase.

“What have you done?” she asked, anger now flooding into her heart.

“You got what you wanted, You got what you wanted… payback.” He sneered.

“What are you talking about?” Abena was still kneeling next to Paio.

“I found your journal.”

“How dare you?”

He came closer and pulled her up by her shirt. “He deserved it. Happy now?”

Abena struggled to loosen herself from his grip. This only angered him and he knocked her to the ground. Abena screamed as he hit her. “I’ve gave you what you wanted.” He said through gritted teeth as he hit her again and again on the face and chest.

He gave her one final blow and this time it was on her jaw. As his fist came in contact with her jaw, she heard a slight crack and tasted blood.

“Not happy with what I’ve done.” He looked at Abena’s eyes filled with fear. “Then die with him you selfish bitch.” He grabbed the knife.

Abena screamed as the knife plunged into her left breast. Mr. Isa laughed. “You crazy bitch.” And with that he plunged his knife into her chest. Abena gasped as she felt blood flow out of her chest like a river. A heavy weight seemed to lift off her chest but at the same time, she felt someone rock hard pushing her to the floor.

As her eyes closed the only thing she could hear was Mr. Isa’s laughter.


Abena felt as if she was spinning in darkness. It was as if she was in a box without a way out. She wanted to scream out, but no words could come out of her mouth.

Abena thought of her mother. Although she disliked her because she always blamed her, for her problems and yelled at her, Abena felt sorry for her. Her husband had left her alone with a child to look after, and she had to start her life all over again.

Abena thought of Hua and felt like crying. Hua was the first and only person who had stood up for her and actually looked out for her. Abena wished she spent more time with Hua….

HUA!! Abena’s eyes burst open. She inhaled loudly. She was alive but what had happened to her? She didn’t want to look down at her body fearing what she’d see. The place was quiet now. The riot had stopped but she could see bodies on the street from where she was. She dragged herself into the lounge room and found the phone beside the table which had been turned upside down.

With every movement made, she wanted to howl out in agony. The pain was taking over getting worse and worse. The floor was covered in blood. Instead of worrying about herself, she worried about how she’d clean up the mess before her mother got home.

She grabbed the phone and punched Hua’s phone number and called her.

“Hello.” Hua thankfully answered her mobile.

“Hua… I need you to call the hospital.”

“Why I’m on my way to your place?”

“Please hurry. I…. I’m…. I’m hur… hurt.” Abena’s voice became a whisper.

“Abena? Abena?” Hua voice raised an octave higher.

“Hospital.” Abena breathed before dropping the phone and slumping onto the floor.

“ABENA?! ABENA?!” Hua’s voice could be heard from the phone’s loud speakers. She was screaming hysterically.

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