Red Heels and Eyeliner - True Story

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Boys' Dorm

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012




“So how old are you?” He asks breaking the silence.


“Me too.” He smiles.

I give him a sideways glance and a thin smile. What’s so good about being 17? I’d rather be 7 again.

“Why’d you move here?”

I was being bullied at my previous schools. “Just felt like it.”

He looks at me and raises his brow. “Really?”

I nod my head hoping to end the topic.

“Where’s all your stuff?” He asks searching me with his eyes.

I jiggle my side back. “You have a terms worth of clothes in there?” he asks amused.

“N-No.” I stutter. “I didn’t know I was coming to a boarding school.”

He eyes me bemused.

Damn, I really should have read the booklet. I must remember to call my mom to bring me some clothes.

“So what grade are you in?”

“Last year.” I smile thinly.

 “Me too.”


“Stop with the questions,” I demand softly. “Please.”

His pauses for a millisecond then chuckles. “Sorry, it’s just there hasn’t been anyone new here for a while.”

I don’t reply but keep my head down. I watch my feet as they each take turns hitting the ground, I realise I am almost tip-toeing as I walk across the school. A habit, I think, in my attempt to go as unnoticed as possible.

“We’re here.” Blue eyes announces once we stop at a grand circular reception desk. There is a young blonde woman sitting behind the huge oval shaped desk tapping away on her keyboard. She doesn’t look up as we approach her.

“Why’s the reception so far?” I ask quietly.

“I think you got lost and wandered too far into the school.”

My eyes unconsciously scan pass him and I notice the big glass doors I had entered. I frown, I must have been distracted.

“I’m glad you got lost.” He murmurs. I quickly look up with open eyes to find him grinning down at me. A full on – all teeth- grin. It’s beautiful, so beautiful it causes the smiling muscles in my cheeks to contract. I smile back.

“Maria.” Blue eyes calls over to the blonde woman behind the desk. “We have a new student.”

“It’s Mrs Robinson,” she says finally looking up. Then her eyes dart to me. “How are you?”

I smile thinly and nod at her.

“She’s a bit shy,” Blue eyes informs her. Oh, I’m more than shy honey. I’m scared.

“I can tell.” She replies smiling kindly at me. “Let me print out your timetable and the other necessary mumbo jumbo that needs to be handed to you.”

I don’t reply, I just look down at my tattered green converses.

“How are you finding the school so far?” Blue eyes asks leaning into me.

Unconsciously, I budge away from him. “It’s nice.” It’s amazing!

“Yeah,” he shrugs looking around the foyer dully. “I didn’t actually like it her when I first came, wanted to walk out the minute I stepped in.”

“Why?” I ask intrigued. Who doesn’t like this place? It’s perfect.

“It looked so dull and old.” He answers me. “I go for new and exciting.”  He looks straight at me and smirks.

My face heats up and I nod. Cool.

“But once I meet the students I found this place pretty entertaining.” He chuckles.

“Here’s your timetable.” The blonde woman says handing me a piece of paper. “And this is all the other information you need to read and sign then hand back to me.” Sign?

I nod.

“Here’s your room key.” She says handing me two sets of identical keys hanging of a key chain with the door number 75. “Don’t go in it yet until after school times. It’s probably still being cleaned.”

I put it safely in my pocket.

“Do you need a map?” She asks staring at me with wide eyes. I know she’s laughing inside. She probably saw me walk past her earlier.

I nod feeling embarrassed.

“No, she doesn’t need one.” Blue eyes interjects. “I’ll just show her around and take her where she needs to be.”

Maria smirks at him. “Oh, really?”

He shrugs, “Yeah.”

He grabs my hand and pulls me back into the main school. I pull away after a couple of seconds. Stop that.

“Sorry, it’s a habit.” He apologizes smiling sheepishly.

I ignore him and look down at my timetable. I notice I have English first. “Where’s D28?” I ask looking down the hallway for some sort of sign.

“There’s no point of going to class now.” He says tugging my arm. “Lessons don’t start until 10.”

I frown. “So what am I supposed to do till then?”

“You could hang out in my room?”

I grimace. “Maybe I could just sit on a bench outside or something.”

“No, you can’t do that.” He says taking my hand-again- and pulling me down the hallway.

“Don’t you have football practice or something?” I ask snatching my hand away. I have personal space issues, hasn’t he figured that out?

“It can wait.”

I look up at him with a raised brow. What is wrong with this guy? Why does he want to hang out with me?

“Come on,” He says holding my shoulders and pushing me around a corner to a secluded area. There are rows and rows of doors all painted in one colour. Each part of the area looks identical; it was like a maze. The only thing that probably made each room look original was the gold plated numbers hammered in the middle of each doors. 101, 99, 97, 95, 93… I lost track of what we had passed and what we had come though once we had turned the second corner.

A thought hit me. “Am I even allowed in your room? I’m a girl.” I ask looking up at the sign that said ‘boys’ dorm’

“No, but who’s going to know you came in?” Blue eyes laughs. We stop in front of a door and he outstretches his hand. “This is my room.”

I nod my head.

“Let’s go in.” He pulls out a key from his pocket and opens the door with it. The door opens swiftly and he steps in. “Come in.”

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