Red Heels and Eyeliner - True Story

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - English Poetry

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012




I’m not surprised we were walking down the –now crowded- hallways in silence. I mean, I was positioned in between Chris and his girlfriend. But I am glad they are both being distracted by the contestant ‘Hello’s and ‘Hey dude’s they were being thrown.

Chris nods his head at them in a manly kind of way. I giggle inside each time he does that; I knew he found it irritating.

The pretty girl would smile and wave in a posh kind of manner. She was probably queen bee around here and I was probably now #1 on her hit list.

And of course I was being glared and sneered at. People were pointing and whispering with puzzled faces. I try to keep up with the idea that it is because I am new, but my past keeps telling me otherwise. It is because I am weird and look completely stupid standing in between the most popular couple in the entire school.

I stop in my tracks and watch them advance forward. What am I doing? I don’t belong here, I’ll never belong here.

“Alex?” Chris asks turning back.

“Go on, I think I know my way from here.” I smile thinly.

He steps forward. “No, I want to take you all the way there.” He says taking my hand.

It’s like the whole world stops. No one is moving – not even whispering. The pretty girl is staring down at our hands and something inside me brightens up. She’s jealous. Of me!

Something new unfolds in me and I wrap my hand tighter around Chris’. He smiles, a full on –all teeth- smile. “Let’s go.” He chuckles.

I follow him down the hallway and across the school, occasionally hearing the sharp tapping of Ana’s heels behind us. I manage to ignore all the looks and voices around us as we reach the English door. It felt like eternity; but I made it.

Unconsciously I pull my hand out of Chris’ and he frowns. Ana brushes past me huffing and saunters into the class. Chris trails behind her and I follow. The class is half full and everyone is chatting away. There is no teacher at the front but sitting behind the only grand desk, is of course, Blondie.

“Hey look who it is!” He cheers smirking at me. “The new girl.”

I lower my head.

 “Everyone say hi.”

And like the idiots they all are. They greet me.

I smile back thinly then look back down.

“Alex, sit here!” I hear Chris call over to me from across the room. I look up and notice he is sitting on the back row. His hand is protectively covering the seat beside him and Ana is glaring at me.

I shrug and shake my head then make my way over to an empty desk at the front and sit. I place my bag on the floor and fold my hands on the desk.

“This seat is probably better I guess.” I hear Chris whisper next to me. I snap my head around with wide eyes.

“You can sit at the back if you want.” I tell him quietly. “You don’t have to sit next to me.”

“Yeah, you don’t have to sit next to her.” Ana whines suddenly from beside me. “Sit next to me.”

“Annabelle find somewhere to sit immediately or I’ll put you somewhere.” A gruff voice says firmly. “And Dylan, get out of my seat.”

Annabelle huffs and walks to the back of the room whilst Blondie slowly saunters past me towards the back. His arm brushes against me purposely, but unlike Ana’s, it’s soft and swift.

“Thank God.” I hear Blue eyes mutter.

“I hope you’re all ready to start a new week of hard work?” The gruff voice claps.

Groans and moans erupt in the room and I smile. What was wrong with working hard? I liked working - It took my mind away from things.

“Oh, who do we have here?” Gruff voice asks walking over to me. I lower my head with wide eyes and sink lower into my seat.

“She’s new sir, her names Alex.” Chris tells him.

“Alex?” He calls.

I look up.

“Would you like to introduce yourself?”

I don’t reply but just blink up at him. Chris nudges me and I slowly nod my head. I stand up from my seat and proceed to the front.

“We don’t care about her; let’s just get on with the lesson.” Someone speaks up.

“Hush now.” Gruff voice commands. “Alex, Begin.”

I look up at the sea of people and all eyes are on me. Almost everyone is staring at me with bored expressions except for blue eyes; he looks excited, his smile urges me to begin.

“M-My name is Alex, short for Alexandra. I’m 17 and this is my last year-”

“Well duh!” Ana squeaks.

I look down – defeated. Anyways, there was nothing more I needed to say – nothing else was interesting about me.

“Okay.” Gruff man says bemused. “Class, any questions?”

A couple of hands shot up - I look up surprised.

“Jeremy.” Gruff man points to a boy in the back row. He’s big and firm, kind of scary looking.

“Are you going out with Chris?” He asks me smirking. “I saw you guys holding hands earlier.” 

My eyes widen and I shake my head fiercely. No. No.

“She wishes she was.” Dylan laughs.

“Shut up!” Chris commands.

 Everyone falls silent.

I look around and notice Ana glaring at me with her hand in the air.

“Annabelle.” Gruff man calls.

“Are you a man stealer?” She asks pursing her lips.

All the air is winded out of me and gasp. Why does she think that? Is it because I held her boyfriend’s hand?

“No.” I blurt out.

“That’s enough.” Chris snaps.

“My Name is Mr Phillip.” Gruff voice introduces’ taking my hand. I shake it softly and smile.


Leaving him I hurry back to my seat, desperate to get out of the sights’ of everyone.

“Silent for the register!” Gruff man claps walking over to his desk. He sits in his desk chair and taps away on his computer. I am silent through the whole ordeal, like the rest of the class, only speaking up to reply to my name. I guess everyone was scared of him; he did kind of look intimidating. He was slightly old and ruff looking, his appearance matching his voice entirely; His frameless glasses hung tightly on the tip of his nose while his beard covered almost every part of his lower chin, He wore dark and over-used clothing that hung around his body tightly. I could tell by his accent that he was of British heritage - it sounded similar to Chris’. Was Chris British?

“Today, we are starting a new course.” Mr Phillip says shutting down his computer. “English poetry.”

The class moans and I giggle, inside. What a bunch of lazy mutts.

“If you are going to keeps making those animal noises each time I talk about work, I will keep you all behind during break.” Gruff man warns looking over his spectacles.

The class falls silent.

“That scared them.” Chris whispers to me.

I smile.

“Now, let’s start.”

He continues on to talk about the history of English poetry and writes down a few examples of some poets. I recognize a few of them and my mind quickly wanders over examples of their poems. My favourite is ‘She walks in Beauty’ by Lord Bryon. It was simple and sweet yet so captivating and mind blowing.

After his endless blabbering admiration for the art of poetry, he hands us a pile of papers and instructs us to work in groups of 5.

Crap. Social interaction.

“Work with us?” Chris suggests getting out of his seat.

I look up at him. “And that is?”

“Dylan, Annabelle and the rest of the gang.” He nods to the huddled group at the back.

I look back cautiously. I’m not sure that’s a good idea; the only two people I have so far met do not like me.

As if reading my mind Chris urges me on. “They won’t mind you being there.”

I might as well go, it’s not like anyone else wanted me in their group. I follow him steadily over to the back dragging my bag across the tiled floor.

“Why is she here?” Ana hisses.

“Because I asked her to come.” Chris snaps. 

I count the amount of people in the group with my eyes and fist pump mentally when I realise there are already 5 people there excluding me.

“That group has one person extra at the back - Get rid of them.” Gruff man tells us as he messily scribbles something on the board.

“Sorry, you’ll have to go.” Ana smiles sweetly at me. But to me it’s not sweet - or nice.

I shrug and turn around.

“No,” Chris stops me. “Debbie, go.”

I hear a girl sigh and footsteps scurry off.

“Now you can stay.” I see Chris smile as I turn back around.

“These are the groups you will be working with for the next 2 months.” Gruff man announces finishing off his scribbles on the board.

My shoulders sag and I exhale in annoyance. Really? I had to work with two people that hated me the most. They were probably going to make my life hell and there was no way I could I stay clear of them now I had to work with them.

But on the bright side, Chris was here – my only friend. He would defend me.

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