Another messed up wolf girl...

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Alexandria Parker is 1/2 Lakota Souix, and 1/2 Quileute. She has a messed up life, she lives on a Souix reservation, and has no parents- she lives with her grandmother on her moms side, who is a crazy old lady, also known as a priestest. But when she is forced to move back to La Push by her grandma her life just keeps getting better, especaily when she meets Paul...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Another messed up wolf girl...

Submitted: March 30, 2011

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Submitted: March 30, 2011



Chapter1: Moving

Alexandria's POV

How have I lived almost all my life with this crazy old bat of a grandmother, and not went crazy too, is a question I can't answer. I'm 16, and I've lived with my grandma almost all my life-since I was two years old to be exact-and I love her, but she thinks the only way I'll find a husband is if i act like a propper Souix woman. She makes me do the ,most boring things like clean, cook, do laundry-the old fashioned way, just stupid things like that. She doesn't want to acknowledge that I'm 1/2 Quileute also, she hated my father for marrying my mom and not keeping the bloodline pure. My grandmother is a secret keeper, she dooesn't want me to know certain things right now "When your old enough to understand, then I will tell you." she croaked a million times it seems.

I loved my grandmother dearly and I know I hurt her feelings alot since I was young, from the first time I said I hate you when I was seven, to just last month ago when I admitted that I thought she was a crazy old bat. But, I feel even worse than I did before, because now she's dead. I can't help but feel guilty, because I know I caused her pain through out the years.

Now I'm sitting on a plane with my cousin Jacob. He lives in  La Push with his dad, who is my uncle Billy. My only living relative who would take me in. Most of the others said no because I'm not going back to school, and I have a history of being a rebel as my grandma called it. Billy took me in, seeing as he has had trouble with Jacob in the past too. And the others just didn't want me.

Our plane had landed, and we were getting off when Jacob turned and said "A few of my friends will be here to get us. I want you to know that they are really big like me, so don't be intimedated, they're all excited to meet you and they have arranged a bonfire tonight in recognition to you comming back. Everone in the fam has missed you so much and can't wait to see you cuz.... well...ya know your grandma never let you come see us so...." He just trailed off watching my face with worry.

  When we had gotten in the airport, got my lugagge, and waited for about 10 minutes, three huge, really hot guys walked up. I assumed they were Jacobs friends, since they were huge and tanned, and really, really resembled Jacob.

Sorry this chappie is so short! I hoped you guys liked it, and please rate and comment!! I need 5 comments and /or ratings to continue on with this.

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