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there is this girl called Elizabeta which has a secret to keep which can depend on her life, but she acciedently falls in love with a boy called Emmett. What shall she do??

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lynx

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013




Lynx - Introduction


Some stories start with 'Once upon a time' or 'In a faraway kingdom'. My story doesn’t start like either of those. I am going to start at the very beginning, no, not the day I was born, but the day my life truly began, starting with excitement and an adventure.

My name is Elizabeta, I'm 15 years old. I can do some amazing things, things that many can't do. I am like a shape shifter, I can turn into an animal, a lynx. I mainly turn when I am angry or when the fall moon is upon up. But let me tell you that I am not a shape shifter, there is one difference between us and them, I do not have a choice in when I change, unless I learn to control my anger (unlike what my grandparents, which they learn't how to control themselves though there parents.)

My mother passed away giving birth to me,so my father basicaly brought me up Well, he did before he passed away when I was 2 years old. I’m not sure which side this gift came from, I ask my grand parents but they will not tell me, (I think they don't know either) and I don’t know how to control myself. My grandparents are teaching me how to stay calm when I get angry or how not to become my true self in front of others (Humans.)

I haven’t fully turned yet, You don’t fully become a Lynx until you turn 16, (which I am very much dreading) and since my birthday is in less than a month, I need to learn everything I can about the Change, and how it can effect on what I do and on how I soon will act. You turn on the first full moon after your birthday, and it is just my luck that there is a full moon on my birthday (which I am also dreading because I do not know how to change safely yet.) I research everynight about how to change in a big city but i could not find anything so far but i might one of the nights, hopefully.

I know that there are other mystical creatures in this world that other people do not know about like Witches, Dragons, Werewolves, and the most common creature Vampires, we all have our differnt smells in our different creatures, also we have our different scents for our different packs or different clans. We have different scents because then we can identify who goes to which group, so we can smell that people and if they had done a crime we can say that, this clan or pack or group had done this crime, but if they have a false information, then the other family have to pay the price, because if they will be put in a special prison for our kind or we get killed depends on what crime one or all of the groups have done.

If we attack or kill a human or a group of others we or our group (depends on how many had done that crime,) would get killed along with the other who killed them would be killed as well. But if we acciedently turn in front of a human we would be moved from that country or city to some where that no one knows us or knows about our kind, which is know as a prison owned by the high priest of our kind or other kinds.


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