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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Lynx Chapter 3 - Home

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013




Chapter 3 - Home.


After that day of school I went home, after that long, hard, wierd day,

I asked my grand parents "Are there any more like us, which can change into animals."

My Nan replied " Yes, there is but not many , and why do you ask, my darling."

I whispering and mining everything "I think there is one boy in my school. this boy which acts strangly and when the teacher pared us up together i asked him if he wanted to come to the house, and he went into a strop and said I'd rather do it myself, so no one messes it up."

My grandad walked in and said "If there are more here then , we need to move again because this is there land, it's ok for us now because we don't turn that often now but you will turn whenever you get angrey the thing to do is, move again or we have to keep training you until you do not turn when getting angrey, if you turn on there property we will be removed and we will uncover the secret of our familys history for centuries."

I was shocked to here my grandad speak like that, he never spoke about anything as much as he just did, he never spoke with as much determination, so i couldn't find out who that boy was or what he was. Maybe he already knew who he was, maybe he was trying to protect me from the rest of the school, or the whole city for that matter. After my grandad had finished talking i went up to my room so I could do some research for myself so i could find out about this boy and about my own kind and to see if any people like myself could fall in love with a human.

After a while of researching I had gotten abit bored because I could not find a single thing about him or my kind (called Wonderers.) Not many people know about my kind because if they did they would probably kill us because of how many people we killed in the past (olden days as my nan says.) but we cannot help it if they anger us we cannot help but turn and if they stand to close they will get hurt, which is not our fault really, but our kinds high priest doesn't see it that way. But i can't think of him when he was my age (a teenager) it was all blurry and i wanted to know more about him or it might even be a girl no one has ever seen him or her (which ever one it was) because it always wears a hood, so no one, not even who it works with knows what it looks like.

I wasn't to sure how carry on the convosation with my grandparents because my grandad was getting abit to touchy on the subject of the new boy, which i saw, and i would have asked how there first day in the big city, but i think they was regretting it already, and they had only been there for one day and one night, this would have been the second night of being in this new, wierd house which i think had something haunting it. I had seen or i thought i had seen a ghost, but it was like a casper ghost friendly, not a horrible ghost that you now see in the new movies. I don't like films with Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Dragons, or Witches because they are to nasty to be those kinds of animals as the high priest would say, but we are just like humans we have feelings and we do get hurt just like any other person, but the vampires are the faster kind to heal so they try not to get hurt or get cut so they can keep themselves a low profile.

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