A Love That Was Never Meant To Be

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Selena is just a girl wishing for another life. Wishing that everyone would stop talking about her and a guy named Owen getting together. But Selena knows that they can never be. But can Owen change her mind about everything??

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Love That Was Never Meant To Be

Submitted: July 02, 2009

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Submitted: July 02, 2009



I could feel the cool summer breeze blow thru my hair as I sat in my swing and watched the sun go down. When I smelled the air I felt stress free. Like there are no problems in the world I have to worry about.  But that one moment was ruined when I heard my mother say
Selena come inside before you get a cold!”
Why does my mother have to ruin everything!
“Ugh! Why can’t I have the life I always wanted!?!”
The life I always wanted? That life would be that my parents were still together and not divorced and still fighting about whatever the hell they can fight about, I was still in the popular group with all my friends I miss very much, I wasn’t emo, and everyone would shut up about me and Owen getting together!  I mean come on! Yes he is one of the cutest boys in our class and yes, we do “click” but I and he could never be together.
I got up from my peaceful state and walked back inside to my mother on the phone fighting with my father….again. I walked over to the table where my 5 year old sister, Faith, was sitting playing with her food.
“Hey kiddo, what’s up??”
“Nothing, just wanting mommy and daddy to stop fighting.”
“I do too Fay, I do too.”
Faith got up and hugged me. I felt sorry for her. In the outside she acted strong, but in the inside…I knew she felt like shit. She has been thru so much in her 5 years of life. And none of it was good.
Come on Fay, Lets go to bed.”
“ok, Selly!”
I took my sisters hand and walked up to the room that we shared. It was so plain. White walls, tan floor,  two beds, and a bathroom.  How plain could it get?
When I finally got Faith to sleep and I was laying in bed my phone went off warning me I got a txt message.  I looked over to see who it was from and to my surprise it was Owen. Why would Owen be txting me?
‘Hey Owen, Whatz up?’
‘nothing really, just really bored’
‘ya, me2’
‘have you talked to Miley any??’
Miley? Why would he ask me about Miley? The ex girlfriend he hates the most and my…well..I wouldn’t say friend, but almost friend.
‘yeah, I talked to her yesterday. Why? Thinking about getting back together with her??’
‘Hell no! She’s a stupid blonde like all your friends’
‘haha! Yeah, but I’m the dumbest.’
‘I could disagree with that.’
Wow, he disagrees that I’m the dumbest out of all of my friends and me. That’s a new one.
I didn’t know what to say so I just shut my phone and rolled over on my side. Wow, he actually thinks I’m smart. Well, kind of smart anyway. I wonder if….
My phone started going off again. I looked over to see Owen txt me again.

‘Do you know what the best song in the world is??’

He’s txting me wondering if I know what the best song in the world is? Something is up with this boy.
‘no..is something up?? Cuz you’re acting all nice to me.’
‘No, nothing is wrong…I gotta go. Time to go to bed. ‘
There’s something up with him. And I’m going to find out.

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