All That Is Dark And Forbidden

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 12, 2008



Chapter 2 : Predator And Prey

Fumiko had been awake since four. The sun had just stared to rise, and she was cleaning floors. She was in her hands and knees, her clothes were in tatters holding a wet sponge. She dunked it into the water and then squeezed it. She hated doing this, but it was the only life she had ever known. She was born into this slavery. Her parents had told her stories of their childhood. How they would watch television, and take long strolls on the beach, things Fumiko had never known about.

She had nearly finished when Timorie, an earth demon, walked along the corridor. His feet were dirty and left muddy marks on the floor. He smiled knowing that she would have to clean it up again. Fumiko felt like crying. This was the second time she had cleaned the floor. The demons did this to annoy her. They loved to see her cry. This time she wouldn't give them the satisfaction. She started to reclean the whole area, and that took her another forty minutes.
She emptied the water in the street and put away her bucket and sponge away. She then went to her parent's quaters. They weren't her real parents, because her real ones were executed for disobedience. Her adoptive parents were called Khan and Sakura Tasaurai, and they were both in their forties. They were orginately from Japan but had travelled to England after they were married. Khan was twenty five, and Sakura was twenty three, this was a few years before the war.
Fumiko pushed open the door, and flung herself down right there and then. She was so tired and didn't care where she slept. Sakura walked in, and was startled to see her on the floor.
"Fumiko, are you okay?"
"No. I've had three hours sleep. I've had to clean the floor three bloody times, because Timorie thinks it funny to mess it up after I do it, and I can't even manage to stand up straight."
Sakura helped her onto the bed. Fumiko was already asleep before her head hit the bed.
Khan came into the room and said, "What was wrong with Fumiko?"
"Those bloody demons were annoying her again. She even had to reclean the floors twice. Seriously they make her life really hard, much harder than it needs to be," Sakura replied.

Samael walked down the corridor sulking. He was annoyed with his uncle. Lucifer had just announced that Samael would now be ruler of earth, and he would need an arranged marriage. He didn't want to rule anything or get married. He was quite happen until up to seventeen years before. The worst thing was, Samael was betrothed to Lilith Eddington. She was vain, and always consumed with envy. Vanity and Envy, two sins that had two very horrible punishments in hell. He believed that she didn't really love him, and only wanted to marry him so she could have a place to rule.
He turned around the corner and then suddenly a young girl slammed into him. She hit the floor quite hard because there was loud thumps. She quickly sat up, rubbed her head, and then looked up at Samael.
"Oh my god," she said. "I'm so sorry master." Her eyes were filled with fear.
Samael put out his hand, gesturing for her to take it. She did, and then he pulled her up.
"Thank you master," she said.
"Watch where you are going next time miss."
The girl ran off again, making sure she looked where she was going.
When Fumiko awoke, her parents had gone to do their work. She pulled herself up and tried to fix her hair. She needed to get to Lilith quickly or else she'd be in serious trouble. Lilith was the sort of person you really did not want to get angry. Fumiko couldn't help remember what happened to the last slave that got into trouble with her. Her name was Mina, and she was accused of stealing. Mina was executed in the most horrible way anyone could imagine.
Fumiko hurried along the corridors and knocked on Lilith's door. Maya, another slave opened it and let her in.
"Be careful around her today," she whispered. "She's really angry for some reason."
They continued into Lilith's bedroom, where Cora was brushing Lilith's long golden hair. She turned to us when we came in.
"I want you two to clean everywere today, because your master Samael will be coming. As you can see I am not happy, as Lana disgraced me earlier and she was severely punished. I suggest you both do a good job or you shall end up like Lana, and believe me it was not pretty sight."
Fumiko shuddered. Lilith did not make idle threats. They started straight away, scrubbing then brushing the floor, making sure everything was in its place, that every detail was perfect. Soon Lilith told them to stop.
"Well done girls the place looks rather presentable, and Samael should be here any minute.
Just at that moment there was a quick knock on the door, and the Samael one of the most feared demons, entered.
Fumiko couldn't help but stare at him. His blond hair was slighty messy, his eyes, soft pools of lilac. She quickly turned away because he caught her gaze. Lilith gestured for Fumiko, Cora and Maya to leave. They all curtsied and made their way out. Fumiko couldn't help but notice Samael staring at her until she left. Lilith noticed this of course, and again she was envious. She couldn't see what sparked Samael's interest. After all she was just a mortal, nothing important.
'For her sake,' Lilith thought. 'It better not happen again.'
Samael turned to face Lilith. "Let's get down to business," he said.

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