All That Is Dark And Forbidden

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Confessions All Round

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Submitted: August 07, 2008



Chapter 6 - Confessions All Round

Khan got home as soon as he had heard about what had happened to Fumiko. One of the other slaves had told him that he had seen Samael carry her to Pandora, and that she was unconcious. He pushed open the door to the bedroom to find Fumiko and Sakura talking quietly. Khan hurried over to his daughter and embraced her.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
Fumiko coughed, leaving a speck of blood on her lip. She licked her lips. Sakura answered for her.
"Samael told me that she needs to rest, but she should be fine."
"It's basically his fault in the first place. What was he thinking?" Khan was angry.
"Dad," Fumiko croaked, her throat sore. "I'm fine. Don't worry about me, and it wasn't his fault so just leave it. Please."
Khan nodded. "Okay, I won't speak about it."
"Good," Sakura added. "Now you should rest."
Fumiko nodded then lay back on the pillow. Within minutes she was fast asleep.

Timorie could hear the raised voices from inside Lilith's room. It sounded like Samael was really biting Lilith's head off.
"What the hell were you thinking?!" he shouted. "She nearly died because of you."
"That was the general idea," Lilith replied softly. "I mean I wasn't going to let her stand in my way. I want to keep what is rightfully mine."
"Yours? Just as I thought. It always comes back to you. You know if you stopped being a selfish bitch for one second maybe people would like you," Samael hissed. "You know what Lilith, I can't pretend anymore. We are over, I'm not marrying you. I'd rather marry Timorie than you. Truth is I cannot stand you at all. Why do you think I was being friendly with Fumiko? It was so I could be honest with her, be normal. I'm afraid I can't be that way with you."

Before Lilith could answer Samael had already left. Timorie stared at Samael in disbelief at what he had just heard. Samael raised an eyebrow, challenging Timorie to say anything.
"Hey, what's wrong with marrying me?" Timorie asked.
Samael just laughed and dragged him along with him to find Fumiko. Meanwhile Lilith was furious and had already started planning her revenge.

Samael and Fumiko held hands as they made their way to his chambers. Again they recieved looks of amazement, but those were dismissed. A week had passed since Fumiko nearly died and since Samael had officially broken up with Lilith. He could tell she was planning something, but he pushed all horrid thoughts to the back of his mind.
Samael did the best he could to make Fumiko have the best possible time of her life. After her work was done, normally they would go on long walks together. Sakura was happy that her daughter was happy, although Khan still thought that Samael couldn't be trusted.
Lucifer had found out about Fumiko and Samael, and yet he was fazed by their relationship. He was calm and had yet to meet the girl. He decided to pay a little visit to Samael's room, just as the two of them had arrived.

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