Rose for eternity By Ailish canning

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Rose is only 14 but she looks like a child. that is down to her assassin ex- boyfriend. he was sent to kill her but instead he fell inlove.
And this is only the begining...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Rose for eternity By Ailish canning

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011



Chapter 1

Don’t you remember us, me, that time I found you asleep in my room that place I realised that I'd fallen in love with you. Don’t you remember how when we first kissed I knew I was your completely but now I know that love can only happen once and im lost for the rest of eternity, I miss you but will I live with out you? Will I know how to care again when you told me we could be no more I cried but I knew that you where right we where pulling apart endlessly. When I wake every morning I tell my self I can be strong and that I can never give up not without a fight. I tell my self I can live with out those dark handsome brown eyes but I know that can never be true.

In this world lightning never strikes twice in one place

And love never strikes twice in one person

That person is me. My name is Rose and this is how my life changed.

When I first arrived in Bedford I was only two, my family was in ruins and when I say ruins I mean it. You see my mother and father where caught in a huge fire in our towns church but everyone else in the church survived except the two of them. I was always told to remember them as heroes but no one ever told me why. There bodies where never found but all I found was a necklaces that once belonged to my mother.

My life changed when I started upper school. it was my first day and my aunt was driving me there she was going on about these boring rules that I had to abide by and to tell her if I got bullied straight away “don’t forget to be good and don’t get any detentions you know your teachers will be strict”, she said in one of those motherly tones. “Yes Lauren I will be good”, I replied. She doesn’t mind me calling her Lauren, but she prefers aunt. I heard her sigh but I didn't look up as I knew id get a stern eye.

Sometimes I feel my aunt treats me like I'm still in play school, like im 4 or something. When we arrived at Hastingsburry upper school I took a deep intake of breath as I got out the car. Before she could nag me more I put my head phones in and walked away I headed towards my first lesson. Looking at my time table and I felt a groan escape my lips.“great first day back and I have my worst lesson, maths.”, I said to my self. I found the room, room 7b block A. I stopped at the door and took a deep breath, taking in my surroundings, than I went in.

As I sat down I felt eyes on me there hair on my neck stood up I didn't have to look round to know who it was. They where his I knew that. I was sure he was looking,so I focused my attention on my book, it was called Jane Eyre. This book made me question my life and how I believed in life death and love. About 6 kids came in together talking loudly. I scanned the room everyone had fallen quiet except the odd few who whispered, I realised these must be the 'popular' kids. They walked past my desk and the prettiest girl and probably the most popular too. This girl breezed past my desk and knocked off my book her friends looked down at me and gigged, I sighed and grabbed it. Mr Sawra came in through the door. “To your seats everybody, please”,he shouted. I scrambled back into my seat trying to be unseen and unheard by everyone. I went to my seat and quietly sat down. “OK. Today could be a bad start for most of you as this is the worst subject in maths, the cursed algebra”, there was a huge grown from the class but I perked up a bit algebra was the best subject in maths as my brain understood it.

Maths was long but not that hard. I understood everything, I knew he looked at me all lesson but I hardly noticed, I knew he wanted me to admit I still loved him but I was too busy thinking about the lesson, I knew this stuff it was so simple.

As I exited the lesson, someone pulled me out of my thoughts. It was him my love my past life it was Jake. He grabbed my elbow and threw me into a corner “what are you doing here ”, he almost screamed, “I told you we cant be close and if my ex employer doesn't do it... I will.just.stay.away”.

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