Ashley Potter: After The Epilouge

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - On the train

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



Masons POV

Of al people why did she have to be related to him. Why. How could we ever be freinds.

"Hi im lukas, lukas scamander" A blonde boy jumped practically out of no where. He had a dumb smile on his face. Like he thought that everything was happy and fun all the time. Im not sure why but i already didnt like him. Im not usualy the type to judge but i just didnt like him.

"Im ashley potter." I heard ashley introduce next to me. She nudged me when i didnt say anything tohim.

"Uh . . . mason R-, mason im mason." I mumbled hastily. I really didnt want someone else to be afraid of me.

"Nice to meet you." He Replied still smiling, Not really i thought to my self. Then i gave myself a mental shake. I needed to give him a chance. After all he was giving me one.

Thier only staying beacuse they dont know who your related to A high pitch cracked voice rasped in my head

thats not true I told myself. I repeated that in my head for a few times, but even with that, i still didnt believe it.

"Mason are you going to stand there all day?" Ashley asked breaking me out of my transe

"Oh, yah" I murmered. She looked at me with concerned eyes.

"Are you okay?" She asked

"Yah im fine." I tried to put on a normal face. I dont think it quite worked beacuse she still stared at me. "Honestly." I told her smiling a fake smile. She shruged and faced the blonde.

"So where did you come from?" She asked him.

"well you see ashley, when a mom and a dad love each other very much they deside to-"

"NO, NO,NO! ew dude." She sounded upset but she was smiling. I smiled too at the word dude.

'I mean what are you dong here in this compartment."She explained. He grinned. I rolled my eyes.Thenshook my head again telling myself that i should give him a chance.

Why amI acting like this? I asked my self. To my dismay someone awnsered.

you act this way beacuse its in your blood. You dont need them stop fighting the truth. The high cracked scratching vioce hissed in my head.


Yes your just like me


Your a riddle Accept it

NO, I will not

Yes you will, you cant fight it.

Yes i can

Oh but its just only started, you think you can control the anger but you wont be able to.

Ive controled it so far

dont fight it you know you cant

"YES I CAN" I shouted. Everyone looked up at me with confused looks on their faces

"What?" Ashley asked slightly amused.

"Oh . . . I um. . . er- Never mind" I muttered looking down at my feet.

"So im guessing your grandfather is harry potter?" Lukas asked ashley who nodded.

"While we're on that subject, whos your grandfather?"

She asked me. My heartbeat quickened.

"Huh?" I asked like i hadnt heard the quiesion "Whos your grandfather and grandmother?" ashley asked me again

"I'd rather not say." I muttered.

" Its okay you can tell us its not like your grandfatherslord voldemort." lukasjoked. I laughed nervously.

"Actually he is my grandfather." I told themslowly. then just like i predicted luke got up. "Um I have to use the restroom." He muttered. I sighed angrily and slumped back in my seat. covering my eyes with my hands waiting forAshleysexcuse to leave butwhen i looked up. She hadnt moved from her spot. She didnt even look scared.

"Thats a cool name." She said still smiling. "did heown a castle?" "What?!" I asked her. " Arnt you going to leave?" I grumbled. " Why would i leave just beacuse your related to some dude?" She asked me confused. Then for the first time in while i smiled a real smile.

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