Tails And Wings

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Sophie is a fairy and her life is perfect. She has a family and a little sister on the way. Then her parents tell her shes adopted. Not only that but she has a twin sister thats a mermaid. Now she has to leave her life behind and go live with her real family beacuse shes 18 and her parents wanted to explain why they let her go. Stacy is a mermaid. She lives with her father who is abusive and a drunk. She has bruises and cuts all over her body. she wants desperatley to be part of a different family. Then she recives a dream telling her to go to her real family. She leaves her drunken father without looking back.as she is greeted by her real parents she finds out that shes the result of a fairy/mermaid relationship. As the girls try to get used to their new situation a stranger shows up and shows an interest in one of them. What Sophie and Stacy dont know is that he was hired to rip one of thier hearts out of there chest.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Introduction:Sophie

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Submitted: June 08, 2012



Chapter 1: Sophie

Sophie woke up one sunny day. She didnt want to wake up ,she would have much rather slept in for another hour or so,But the sunlight streaming into her bed room and attacking her eyes forced Sophie to get up to close them. She dragged herself out of her bed. The floor was freezing to her feet. Sophie shuffled over to the blinds and pulled them down so that the sun was hidden behind the green peice of cloth.

She was just settling backinto bed when all of a sudden her two year old sister started screaming her head off. Sophie tried her best to ignore her and pretend that she didnt hear Cassie wailing in the next room over but it was no use.

"Sophie,dear please take care of cassie." She heard her mother call sleepily. Sophie let out a sigh of frustration. But she got up anyway. Rocking her little sister back and forth Sophie stared into her siblings eyes.Cassie giggled up at her. Sophie smiled. She couldnt stay mad at her. She was sweet and innicent. Her life right there seemed pretty good. She was the oldest of two children.

Sophie still didnt understand how she was 18 and her little sister was only 2. Plus her mother was expecting another little girl anytime. Sophies mothers boyfreind,Billy, was the one who had gotten her mother pregnaunt in the first place. As soon as he found out that he was going to be a father he bailed. Sophie rolled her eyes at the memory of the cowardly man. He wasnt even brave enough to stick around to see his baby.

Her wings fluttered in frustration sending glittery dust falling to the floor.Cassie squealed in delight as the dust fell on her face. Sophie smiled and put her sister back in her crib. Cassie imediantly stood up and started to pout.

"Momma,momma." She wined. Sophie sighed a sad sigh before explaining for the thousandth time.

"No Cassie, Im your sister, Si-Ster"

"Momma." Cassie said again. Sophie sighed again and walked into the kitchen. She opened the cuboard and pulled out some baby food. She checked the experation date on the jar before scooping half of it into a small bowl. She then screwed the lid back on tightly and placed it in the fridge. Knowing her sister wouldnt eat the baby food with out apple sauce mixed in with it, Sophie grabbed the 3/4 full jar of apple sauce and dumped some into the bowl before putting the lid back on and placing it back into the fridge and closing the door.

Taking a spoon from the drower Sophie mixed the glop up in the bowl and walked back to Cassie's room. Cassie cheered and clapped her hands together in delight.

"Mommy!" She giggled.

"Sis-ter." Sophie sighed before placing the bowl in the crib.

"Me do it!" Cassie screamed as Sophie tried ot feed her.

"Okay." Sophie said putting the spoon back in the yellowy green mush. "But no mess."

"No mess mommy" Cassie said shakiing her head. Sophie sighed and walked into her mother's room.

"She keeps calling me mom." She told her mom. Sophie's mom was under the blankets.

"She'll learn soon." Her mother moaned sadly. Ever since Billy ran out on her she was a train reck.

"You have to interact with her." Sophie said sitting on her mothers comforter.

"I do." Her mother sniffled.

"No you dont." Sophie argued. "I feed cassie, I burp cassie,I put cassie to bed, Im practacally rasing her!"

"Please dont bring this up again." Her mother moaned rolling over under her red thick blanket.

"No! You need to listen! You never do anything, You just lay in bed all day and mope about a guy who didnt even care about you!" Sophie shouted. There was silence then Sophie realised what she said.

"Mom Im so sorry I-I did mean itI was just upset." But it was too late. She had upset her mother. She got up from under the massive blanket and clambered out the door.

"MOM!" Sophie chased her mother outside. "Dont do anything. . ." Her voice trailed away as she saw her mother taking mail out of her mail box. " Rash." Sophie finnished.

"What? I checked the mail . . . What did you think i was going to do?" Sophie shook her head and gave her mother a hug.

"Sorry." She murmered into her shoulder.

"This is for you. . . I expected it to come any day now and here it is." Her mother said placing a letter in Sophie's hand. Her mother was crying.

"Mom whats wrong?" Sophie asked. Her mother just shook her head sending her red curls flopping across her tear wet face.

"Just read it and youll understand." Her mother told her turning around and walking back into the house. Slowly Sophie turned the letter over in her hand to see who it was from. There was no return adress. She shrugged and ripped open the yellow envelope. She pulled out a peice of paper that read.

A.N. Dun Dun Dun. . . . What does the letter say?!?!?!?! Well your going to have to read more to find out what happens next. Please comment and like the story beacuse if you dont i wont continue the story so yah. . . Thanks for reading!!!!!!!

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