Gotham Knights

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Anya begins to piece together who Batman may be under his mask. Bruce Wayne asks her a suprising question that stirs up confusing and contradicting emotions.

Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Chapter Two


I woke up feeling lightheaded and somehwhat confused after the events of last night. I tried to remember everything but the one thing I couldn't tell if it had really happened or not, was the part where he asked if I were okay, where he said my name. How did he even know my name? I don't think I wore my name tag out the door, and I don't think I told him my name eight years ago. It was certainly baffling. I checked my phone and looked at the time, 1:25 p.m. Thursday. Then it hit me: I work Thursday! I jumped out of my bed and tried to tame my hair as best as I could. I brushed my teeth and did the works and rushed out the door. I was already late, but I didn't want to be so late that I shouldn't have even came in. I walked quickly to the store and began to apologize the moment I walked in. I was going to tell him that something had happened last night -trying not to be too specific and that I had gotten home late and must have slept through the alarm. I had it all planed out, every scenario possible, except for the one that unfolded once I began talking. I saw Mr. Willy talking with a man, with his back turned. I looked to the other side of the room to see Daniel waiting patiently for a customer to arrive. I looked back to see Bruce Wayne turned around. This isn't happening.

"Miss Anya, I had heard what had happened to you last night on the news, and came straight away this morning to tell your boss. I had a feeling you'd be late so I took the liberty of asking your boss to let it slide this time." He had spoken so fast, and all of the words seemed foreign to me, all that came out was a simple "Huh?". Mr Willy stepped in, "Mr. Wayne has asked for me to not let this count against you and I have agreed. He has also offered to set up top of the line Waynetech security cameras around the store incase something like this were to happen again." He continued to smile nervously and looked back and forth between Mr. Wayne and I. I stared at him, but I wanted to stare him down. I felt infuriated for some reason, I had planned out what I was going to tell my boss, and then he tells him and Daniel what had happened? It was none of their buisness, let alone rich boy's! His face seemed solid though, unmoving like a sculpture, with crystal clear eyes and dark hair. I had almost forgotten how beautiful he was, due to my experience with Batman. I almost forgave him just because of his looks... almost.

"Well arn't you going to say thank you?" Mr. Willy pressed. I didn't want to, I didn't ask for this and he should have minded his own buisness. "Thanks." I half-assed it, and it felt good. I tried to secretly flicker hatred in my eyes when Mr. Willy wasn't looking, but I don't know if it had worked. Mr. Wayne did the same as my boss and looked between him and myself. There was a long awkward pause between the three of us, until Mr. Willy declared he'd be going into his office and shook the hand of Mr. Wayne again and over thanked him. Once he had shut the door Mr. Wayne turned and looked at me, with something animalistic in his eyes. It almost felt like he was giving my evil glare right back at me. I looked over towards Daniel for a moment and saw he was just sitting there gawking at the celebrity, just as amazed asI am, but worse at hiding it. "How are you feeling Miss Anya?" He took a step closer to me, and I took one back. "I'm fine." He took another big step, and I took another miniscule one. There was no doubt that he'd eventually catch up to me with his long stride. "Are you sure? You look flushed." Thanks for telling everyone that I'm blushing. I wanted to slap him, and just walk out of the tiny store and be angry towards him for the rest of my life, but another part of me wanted to be a fan girl and scream and melt at the sight of him. "Yea, I think it's just because of the cold." We both took another step, and I felt my foot hit something hard; a wall. Theres no where to run now, he's coming straight at me. He took another step closer and reached his hand out and touched my forehead. His faced had a flash of suprise on it right before he spoke. "Miss Anya, your burning up. Do you want me to take you to a doctor?" I made a few more snide remarks in my head about it just because he was so close. I was bumbarded with a few more fantasies that I had made up on the spot, of us being together. I had to get them out of my head and get back into reality. "No, if anything, it's just a cold or something." I stared up at him, trying to tell him that he could take his hand off my head now.

"Well Miss Anya, if you ever need anything from me, just give me a call." He took his hand from my head and reached into his suit pocket to take out a card. His other hand took mine and held it out. Once he placed the card in my hand, he curled it into a small delicate fist and looked down at me. Words began to slip from my mind when I looked back up at him, everything seemed dreamlike and I had another image of me reaching up and kissing him. I shook my head and tried to show myself that it wasn't real and it was just my imagination. "Miss Anya?" I stopped shaking my head and looked back up at him. His hands were braced on my shoulders and he stared down into my eyes. "Yea, thanks Mr...I mean...Bruce." A smile appeared on his face again, laughing at my forgetfullness. Maybe I'd callhim Mr. Bruce from now on,In a way it kind of fit, since he always calls me 'Miss Anya'. He let go of me and said goodbye and left. I stood there just trying to hide from the people outside, and trying to go through what had happened in my head. What he must have thought about me shaking my head so suddenly. He must think I'm crazy or have crazy muscle spasms. I waited for his loud motor to speed away before I did anything, and I tried to imagine what his car must look like. I Imagined a Porsche or Lamborghini or something equally as drawdropping in looks and price. I opened my hand up to find a buisness card with a large black 'W' in the center and the words 'Waynetech Industries' right underneath it. I turned it over on the back to see two phone numbers. One said buisness, and the other said personal. He obviously gives girls these alot. I suddenly felt worthless again, realizing I wasn't the first or the only girl to have this card. I chuckled aloud picturing his house filled with pretty girls wearing showy clothing and the pictured myself wearing everyday clothes coming into his mansion. I Imagined they'd all laugh at me. I felt a tightening in my throat asI thought about it.

I gripped the paper and balled it up and stuck it in my pocket, remembering that he was going to have cameras installed. I looked over to my right and saw Daniel there, with his mouth agape and his eyes wide. "What?" I could hear the apparent annoyance in my voice. "Bruce Wayne just gave you his number thats what!" His arm pointed towards the door with every other word. "He probably gives them to alot of girls." I said admitting my theory. " I don't know, the only girls he's publicly dated we're Vicki Vale, and that teacher a few years ago." That makes it somewhat worse. Obviously he had gotten serious with two girls already, and he's probably had hundreds more non- serious relationships. I shrugged him off and sat down in a nearby chair. "When did you and him start talking?" "We haven't, this is the first time I've seen him since the day I took his pictures." He made some comment under his breathe and we left it at that. The rest of the day I spent wallowing in the thought of me just being another girl to him. I hated him more and more because I don't even care for him, and now he's making me feel crazy. When he's here, I'm in shock because of his overall appearence and prescence, and when he leaves, I hate his guts for making me feel like I have butterflies in my head, and then I feel bad for hating him. I just wanted to cycle to stop.

I tried to think of other things, like tommorow My car would be fixed and I wouldn't have to walk anymore, or Batman. I allowed myself to have fantasies of Batman, because I'm willing to admit I'm somewhat of a fan girl of him. I'd always listen to rumors about him,always find out anything I could about him, and he's saved me twice. I wanted to see him again. Now my heart ached for him instead of burning for Bruce. I had to see him, but I don't want it to be a nightly thing, where I get jumped and he saves me and I pass out. There has to be another way.

Once I had got home I had my plan all figured out and was ready to put it to use. I changed out of my work clothes and touched up my make up and hair and looked for something nice to put on. I saw a pretty black shirt with tears in the back and some fake diamonds in the front that made the shape of a small heart with wings. I threw it on and found some dark tight jeans that became loose after the knee, and some nice black heels. I wanted to look casual, but casually nice. I let my hair roll off onto my shoulder and kept it as smooth as I could. I took one last look at myself and went to the roof of my apartment building. It was nice and flat and had no shingles or anything, just cement. Something about him entranced me, and I just had to know more about him. Not anything specifically like his identity or how he knew my name, just more about him. Questions sifted through my mind over and over and I grew impatient as I began to beleive more and more, he wouldn't show. I looked at my phone to see the time: 11:20. I took a deep breathe and turned around and slowly made my way to the stairwell. Just after my first step I heard a loud thud behind me.I turned to see something crouched on the ground. It had to be Batman. He slowly rose up and stared down at me again. He made me feel like I've done something wrong or that I wasn't supposed to be up here. I stared up at him and tried to get a hold on myself. "What are you doing up here?" His voice shook the earth around me. I wanted to thank him for saving me twice, I wanted to interogate him for knowing my name somehow, I wanted to tell him that I wanted to see him.

He just continued to stare down at me. " I just had to thank you... for saving me that is." I placed my finger to my lip again and waited for him to tell me to go back inside, or how foolish I was for thanking him, or even how I was wasting his time. "What were you doing out there anyway?" His voice changed from intimidating to more concerned. I explained to him how my boss had asked me to take pictures and how everything had just gone wrong, but left out the part were I remembered the street and him saving me eight years ago. "So I see." he said and he looked off into the distance. I wondered if he heard someone being attacked or if he was just thinking. "Batman? How did you know my name?" His head snapped back towards me and I jumped back a little, I thought that I may have said something offensive for a moment but relaxed myself. "I don't." This took me by suprise. I remembered hearing him say 'Miss Anya'."But I remember though." "Sometimes the mind plays tricks on us when we have traumatic or overwhelming experiences." He was convincing, but I know what I heard. I decided to let it go, at least for now. "You said your name was Anya?" I looked back at him, and he was looking away, off into the distance again. "Tell me Anya, is there any chance I could get you to come with me?" This also threw me off. "What?" he repeated himself exactly and looked me in the eyes. His eyes looked gray, and were strong and peircing still. "Where?" I was intrigued by this sudden change of topic. "Do you trust me?" he reached his hand out towards me.

My heart raced, there was a possibility that this wasn't even Batman, or that Batman could really be a murderer, or he could be a member of that gang that I keep running into. I weighed the descisions and felt I had nothing to lose. I braced myself for any possibility and delicatly put my small hand in his. "You don't know much about me, though." I stated, making sure he was going to follow through with his descision. "And you don't know anything about me." I smiled a little at his mocking tone. He gently incased my hand in his and pulled me closer. I wrapped my arms around his side and pressed my face into his ribs. I felt a sudden warmth, obviouslyhis body heat, but it made me feel protected from the cold, from the harsh snow, from the world even.From the momentI felt it, I didn't want to leave, I wanted tostay him with him and be protected.I could hear his heart beating loudly, it pounded against his chest, it was calming to hear that he was just like any other human. He wrapped one of his arms around me and held me closer. I could feel the blood rushing to my face and leaving the rest of my body weak. "Hold on tight." Being closer made his voice shake my entire body, and it made it hard to hear for a short moment afterwards.

I couldn't beleive my plan worked, or that I was actually hanging on to the Batman. It all seemed sureal, straight out of a romance novel. I jumped a little when I heard a loud clanking sound off in the distance. I gripped his body even tighter, even though my arms couldn't fully reach around him. There was a sudden smell that intrigued me. It was subtle, but was noticable. It smelled wonderfull, it was clean and sharp and seemed familiar. I tried to place it, but was interupted mid-thought by Batman leaping off the building and taking me with him. I wanted to scream like I was on a roller coaster taking that first low drop, but fought it back, trying to stay calm and collected and not emberrass myself. I resisted the urge to dig my fingers into his other side and wrap my legs around him like a cat stuck in a tree. I did however, allow myself to close my eyes, but then realized that he could be looking at me. I opened them again and just tried to stay calm. I smiled, looking at the city from this height, and moving so fast, it seemed somewhat new and beautiful. We rose back up to the sky and he shot towards another building and we began to descened the roller coaster again. I caught myself glancing at him several times and tried to pull myself back from doing so. But the street lights fading on and off of his face, along with his reflective eyes, it seemed futile to resist. My hair swinged behind me, and I'm sure once we stopped, it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

I was begining to feel comfertable swinging between buildings, and looked down at the streets. And exclaimed aloud it's unexpected magnificence and let out a small laugh, just out of pure bliss. I felt him look at me and I looked back still smiling, he looked quickly back, but the half smile still lingered faintly on his face. Infront and below me was a beautiful city, in my left ear, I heard the wind roaring, my right ear was enchanted by his strong heartbeat, and to my right, was the man who'd saved me twice. Is it possible that I could be falling for him? This is only the first time I've ever really talked to him, but it seemed like a strong possiblity. Either way, I wouldn't give up hope that he could be the one that could make me beleive in true love.

We rose again and I didn't hear him shoot the grappling gun at another building and tried to grip my hands tighter, if it were possible. I began to notice the pattern of his breathing, his chest expanding and shrinking, and I felt my arms get weak again. It's such a every day, every moment thing, but I never really imagined he breathed. It's something that normal people do, not superhumans like Batman. It seemed strange to momentarilly obsess over such a small thing, but it confirmed that he was human, and required food, and water, and air like everyone else. I closed my eyes for a moment and dreamt that I was the only one who's heard his heartbeat, felt his body breathe, feel his protected warmth. I felt the roller coaster of the grappling gun, his normal breath, and listened to his heart. I basked in the moment, and promised to myself that I'd never forget it. I opened my eyes to see a tall medieval bell tower over look the rest of the city. It had four gargoyles at the top of all of it's corners, like all of the important buildings in Gotham. It's large face had twelve roman numerals, and an off white backround. The bricks were worn and were in need of obvious repair. The roof of the tower was flat and had guard-rails surounding it's perimiter. I looked up at Batman, he stared at the bell tower, it was his target. His eyes were intense with focus, and it engrossed me. In a way, this reminded me of Bruce's picture, the bell tower his prey, and he was it's predator. I wonder what they would think of each other. I would imagine that Batman wouldn't like Bruce since he's a rich boy who just sugar coats everything. I tried to push him from my head, I didn't want to get my emotions confused in the complex, non-existantsituation they were in.

I saw the building approach us, and the moment just before we landed, I could've sworn that we would crash head first into the cracking concrete. Once we had become immobile, he still hung onto me. I was about to let him go, but I didn't want to be the one to ruin the moment. He looked down at me, and I looked up at him, and we stood so close. My mind had gone blank and I didn't know what to do or say, all I saw in my head over and over again was him leaning down and kissing me. I wished that it would happen and that he would, lean down slowly, close his eyes, tilt his head, just like in the movies. But he slid his hands gracefully away from me and delicately pushed me away. Did I do something? Does he just not kiss on the first 'date'? I was left stranded and confused as he walked to the guard rail of the bell tower and leaned against it. I stared at him for a few seconds as I realized that I should follow him. Something was diffrent about Batman, my head didn't find it as hard to think and function as it does with Bruce. Only when we're close does it begin to start malfunctioning. I leaned over next to him and I tried to position my body to where I didn't look like I was bending over, but I didn't want to look silly either. I found a nice, uncomfertable medium. I could only imagine how terrible my hair looked, unbrushed and blowing heavily in the wind.

We just stood next to each other -knowing there was something off-for a while until he finally spoke. "What do you do for a living Anya?" he didn't look at me, but straight ahead. His eyes seemed to focus on some far off thing that he's been searching for his whole life, and is just about to catch it. "I'm a photographer. What about you?" He smiled and silently chuckled before his thundering voice took over agian. "I'm not really for sure myself." I smiled too, not realizing what he's talking about. "Anything interseting happen recently?" He was obviously trying to make small talk, something that I always hated, but I decided to give him some detials of the 'Bruce Wayne incident'. "Well, recently theres been this celebrity coming in to our store, you probably know him: Bruce Wayne?" He nodded his head. "He's been telling people about the attack the other night, and... I don't know, sometimes he just gets on my nerves." I stared at my fingers trying to releive some of the awkward tension in the air. "Why don't you tell him that?" I shook my head. "He's a billionaire playboy, like he cares what I think." "Surely he must. Has he given you a reason to think other wise?" I thought about his card that he gave me. "Well... he gave me his card, but it only has two numbers: buisness and personal, and to me it sounds like he's given this to girls before. And I don't want to be just another girl who falls for him the moment he gives out his number." Another silent moment passed.

"Are you going to see if he gives you anything else then go after him?" I shook my head no, "Theres no reason to get my hopes up, I know a few guys like him. They'll date a girl for a while and tell her they 'mean the world' to them and dump her a week later. I'm not into that type of guy." "What type of guy are you into?" I looked down and smiled a little. "I'm not entirely sure yet." He smiled too, and I saw his shining teeth, they were movie star quality. Whoever Batman is, he obviously either has alot of money or takes good care of himself. "Does it get tiring fighting people all the time?" I mustered up all of my bravery and looked at him and continued smiling at least halfway. He stood up and walked closer to me. I let go of my smile and retraced what I had said. My mind searched for any trace of misspoken words or anyway it could've meant something offensive. My body prepared itself for the worst and I looked away. I felt hands on either side of my shoulders and I looked back towards him. "If I admit to that, they win." I nodded, realizing that he now knows that I had the fear of him hurting me. I looked down feeling guilty. I felt his hand come off my shoulder and then onto the side of my face, caressing it. His hand fit perfectly with the left side of my face almost like puzzle peices put back together. I felt chills run down to my spine from my cheek, I looked up and could feel the hairs on my arm stand up. He stared down at me, a part of him seemed to be soft and caring, while the other was the Batman that the criminals feared.

Things couldn't be moving this fast, not for someone like me: plain, average, not that pretty. How could Batman even notice a girl like me? He could have any girl he wants, like Bruce. I felt a sudden urge to place my hand ontop of his, and followed it's command. There was no going back now. My hand barely covered from his wrist to his knuckles, I had always been taunted for my small stature, but I always imagined it as an asset. I looked away again, slightly emberrassed by my hand and felt him get closer to me. I looked back up at him, his eyes were closed. I panicked, I couldn't tell if he was moving in for a kiss or if he was just getting closer to me with his eyes closed. Either way I went the safe route and closed my eyes two and tried not to perch my lips. It felt like years of tension had passed before I felt his complete embrace. He pulled me closer with such force, I almost fell into his chest. I froze once I had realized what was going on, I didn't know whether to wrap my arms around him or chest relax my face into his stomach with my hand resting along side it. I decided to go with the latter and closed my eyes for a moment and let my mind bask in this moment of pure bliss and discomfort. The world seemed to stop and revolve around us for the time being. "Let me take you home Anya, you'll be late for work tommorow." I pulled back a little, just enough to look at him again. How did he know I worked tommorow? I became frustrated again. "Batman you obviously know who I am, why not just tell me?" "I don't know you that well, and it's safer this way." He couldn't commit halfway to this! He can't just make me fall for him and not tell me who he is. "One day I'll find out." I partially threatened. "I look forward to it." We both smiled a little, agreeing to the challenge.

He took me back to the roof of my apartment and let go of me. "Be carefull Anya." He stared down at me from a distance, which made me begin to question if the embrace that happened on the bell tower, actually happened. I nodded. He turned around and ran off the building, I wanted to run to the edge and look down only to watch him spread out his arms and pull out his cape that made him glide throught the city in the shape of a bat. But I resisted and satisfyingly returned to my apartment and go to sleep at midnight exactly. I dreamt an amazing dream that night. I sat on a grassy hill in the middle of the night, and the entire area had a beautiful, soft blue tint to it that reflected the sky and stars. The wind blew just strong enought to gently move my hair to the right and keep it there. Then I saw a shooting star pass by, it was fast, but I saw every detail of it. It was Batman, twisting and twirling with his eyes closed, almost like he was asleep and falling across the sky. Even though he was asleep and falling, he still managed to do so with such grace and elegance, it was just simply amazing to watch.I waved at him with a smile on my face and watched him glide across the scene. I felt complete bliss, I didn't want the feeling to end. I woke up and embeded the dream into my head. I looked at the clock and saw that I had gotten up an entire thirty minutes early. I couldn't help but get up and get ready in a good mood. Nothing could trample on this glorious feeling I had.

The doorbell rang just as I had finished doing my routine. I looked through the peep hole to see my car in the distance. My heart jumped with even more glee! I opened the door and ran out to the car and saw a man standing by it. He was clearly having a bad day but I signed the papers he asked me to with a true smile and wished him a good day. I raced back up to finish getting ready and drove off to work soon after. I arrived at work a little early, but I didn't mind. I greeted Daniel with a smile and saw that he was willing to forgive me, but it would still take some time. But I wasn't going to think about him today, my mind belonged to Batman. I rested my head on my hand and stared off into space, thinking about my dream, about him falling through the sky. I heard the loud cowbell clank against the door, and shook myself momentarily out of my happiness to welcome them to the store. "Why, thank you Miss Anya." The voice shot through my dream like an AK-47. I looked over to him, and I couldn't help but momentarily stare. Bruce had a black suit on, with a crimson tie and red rose in his pocket. His hair came to a small wave on his forehead, and he had a slight smile on his face today, and his teeth were noticeable from a mile away. He was looking down at the floor though, probably 'thinking' again. "Can I help you with something Mr. Bruce?" I smiled, I had finally gotten my taste of revenge. "Well yes, but I need to speak to Mr. Willy about this matter first." His eyes flickered up at me momentarily and returned to the floor, and his smile seemed to increase in size, like the Grinch's heart. "Of course." I felt like adding in 'your majesty' but he was in a good mood, and so was I, and he wasn't going to bother me, at least for a while. I knocked on Mr. Willy's door and told him that 'Mr. Bruce' was here to see him. He swung his door open wide, almost hitting me in the face and ushered him into his office. I stood there, debating on whether or not to eavesdrop, but decided against it since Daniel was right there.

I'm obviously involved in the manner, but what could they be discussing? Could Bruce want me fired? Is that why he had such a smug grin on his face and couldn't look me in the eyes? My heart raced, I could be out of a job, and my day had been going along so nicely. I felt my throat swell up thinking about being a bum on the streets; begging for change with a cardboard sign around my neck that says 'Bruce Wayne fired me'. How could one person be so cruel? Is it not enough to have money, fame, fortune, and beautiful women? Does he have to get innocent bystanders fired from their job? The longer they were in there, the more I came to the awfull concusion of me being stripped of my job. I tried to devise a plan if do get fired, ranging from me suing Bruce to me owning his company, and working at a fast food resteraunt. How would Batman react to hearing that I'd been fired from my job? He would probably never talk to me again. I jumped when I heard Mr. Willy's office door open. I turned around and looked for one of them to emerge, holding my fate in their hands. My short, funny looking boss came out first and looked down at the floor, followed by Bruce, who continued to look at the floor. This was not good. Bruce gently shut the door behind him, and Mr. Willy approached me slowly. I felt the suspense build, the swelling in my throat came back, he looked serious and had his hand interwoven with the other. "Mr. Wayne, would you like to explain what's happening to her?" Oh god, now he's going to insult me along with getting me fired, this was terrible. I could feel the tears fighting to leave my eye lids, but I fought back as hard as I could. He stepped closer the me and began to pace back and forth infront of me. "Miss Anya, your an amazing photographer, and have great customer service abilities..." The kiss up part, then they drop the axe on you. " however, we feel your limited only to this shop." That was it: the axe. My head dropped a little, I tried to hold on to some of my dignity. "So, thats why I asked if you could come work for me." What? I'm not being fired? I tried to catch my breath for a moment while I listened for an actual explanation. "You see, since the day you've taken my pictures, Wayne Industries stock has gone through the roof." My heart dropped a little, I'm only a tool for his company. "Also, if you do decide to work for me, I'll personally sell your house for you and until you find a place you can stay with me." He must enjoy toying with my emotions. I didn't know what to think of it. I wouldn't get to see Batman, and I'd be living with him and all of his girlfriends.

"Miss Anya, I'd consider it a great honor for you to work with me, you'd be our first photographer and establish yourself as a world renowned professional. You'll also be completely safe, Wayne Manor has top of the line security, no one gets in or out without me knowing." What does he care if I'm safe or not, I'm just a tool. I was a tool all along. I looked away from him, hurting. Moments of silence passed by awkwardly. Mr. Willy stepped in. "Anya, it'd be a great honour, not only for you, but this shop. Not to mention if things don't work out, any shop would take you after seeing that you have worked for him." Bruce placed his hand on his shoulder and shook his head. "I understand you want a few days to think about this, it's a big decision. You have my card if you make up your mind." He walked out the door, and his smile had disappeared.

I looked towards the slowly closing door and felt guilty for taking away his smile, but then again, he had stolen mine. Suddenly vengance didn't taste so good. "Anya, you should take his offer, even if you decide to quit, anyone in their right minds would hire you once they see you've worked for him." Mr. Willy felt bittersweet about this offer, I'd go to a better place, but he'd lose me. He's been my boss since I was sixteen, and he always had cared for me. "I know Mr. Willy, but I don't even know him that well, and I've always worked here. I like it here and I mean I can finally say I'm on my own." He walked closer to me and reached his arm up and touched my shoulder. "You know what I think you should do, but it's your decision. All that I ask is that you put some serious thought into it." He slid his arm away and walked back into his office hanging his head. I looked over to Daniel, who was sitting in one of the empty chairs by the wall. He looked out the window and was leaned over, resting his elbows on his knees with his hands intertwined. He had hints of anger in his face, but also some remorse maybe. I looked at the floor, I saw no traces of dirt, and thought back to the first time I had cleaned it. So many memories were here. I leaned against the counter and hung my head.

"What do you think I should do?" I kept my head down, for fear of eye contact. I heard him move and some of his bones snap and pop. "I agree with Mr. Willy. But I can't helpbut think if I had taken those pictures that I'd be in your position." I detected some envy in his voice. I shook my head and stood up. "I'm so tired of you blaming me for you missing that day." I mumbled it at first, but then gained confidence as the words slipped from my mouth. I stared him down, anger shooting through my eyes. His jaw dropped open a little and a little chuckle of frustration escaped. His eyes fluttered, trying to to find some type of come back or excuse. He just turned around and faced the wall and placed his hands behind his head. "Your just going to take the job anyways, I've seen how you two stare at each other. It's clear you have feelings for him." I felt insulted and suprised, he watched us? It wasn't his buisness anyways, even if I did have feelings for him. "I do not have feelings for that... that... man!" I hoped he wouldn't make fun of me for stammering or not finding a harmfull enough word. I wanted to find the most insulting word to describe Bruce, but I was lost for words. He laughed and turned back around and released his hands. "Oh please! When he felt your head for a fever, you went beserk! Your face turned bright red." He crossed the line, he knew I get like that when people get close to me. "You know I panick when people get close to me!" He rolled his eyes and blew me off, he sat down in the chair again, ignoring me. I couldn't take it anymore, I knocked on Mr. Willy's door and spoke, trying to avoid crying infront of him. "Can I take the day off?" He siged. "Yeah, just please Anya, think about it." I walked out the door and into my car. The tears began to pile up behind my eye lids and slowly rolled over and down my cheeks. I can't beleive Daniel had the nerve toassume that I was going to take the job, or that I had feelings for him! He doesn't know anything about me. And he still blamed me for him skipping work on the day Bruce came? My day had been completely ruined within an hour, because of Bruce. If I did ever feel anything for him, it is one hundred percent gone.


I laid in my bed all day, thinking about how much I hated Bruce, and Daniel. I thought of slapping the both of them in the face and maybe even spitting on them as well. My face was soaked from all the little droplets that escaped from my eyes.I looked at my clock, it was already eleven. I debated on whether I should go and see Batman or not. Surely he would understand if I explained it to him the next day. I closed my eyes and remembered the dream I had, and how happy it made me feel. I took a deep breathe and went into the bathroom to wipe off all the tears and running make-up. I slowly mended my face back to it's previous state and changed intosomething nicer than my uniform. I saw a nice pair of light blue jeans with a small rip on the right knee. I searched for a shirt that would match and couldn't find one. I saw just a plain black shirt and thought it was boring, but I had no other option. I put my heels on from last night and took another deep breath, and repressed the occurances from earlier today into the back of my head. I only wanted to think about my dream, and the embrace we had shared from earlier.

I waited patiently for what seemed like days until I saw him descend infront of me. "Hello Anya." He reached his hand to me again. I smiled and took it, trusting him, letting every bad thing slip away. Instead of pulling me closer to his side, he bent down and picked me up, like a little girl going for a piggy-back ride. I held onto his shoulders, and rested my head on his back. I could still hear his heart thud and echo throught his body. He stood up easily and took a few steps back. "Hold on." he said seriously, like my life depended on it. I gripped my hands tighter on his shoulders. They were hard as rock and it was hard to determine if they were bullet proof themselves. He ran to the edge of the building and I let go of his shoulders only to wrap my arms around his neck, afraid of falling off. We fell for a long time, luckily my hair was in a ponytail, so it wouldn't get too crazy. I wanted to scream and just ask him if we could go back to the roof but I didn't want to be a scared little girl. I clenched my teeeth and was ready for anything. Suddenly we stopped falling, we were gliding straight forward. His cape had opened up, simulating bat wings.I relaxed my jaw and unwrapped my hands from his neck slowly, trying not to let him notice they were there in the first place. I placed them back on his shoulders. I lifted my head up a little and tried to look forward, but I was too short, so I tilted it and looked down at the city. It was so far down, and we were going much slower than when the grappling gun took us, but it was nice. As we passed slowly by skyscrapers and apartments, I wondered if anyone was looking out their window, watching go by, swiftly and elegantly.

My body was laid right ontop of his, my legs ended right before his knees, my stomach curved with his back. I couldn't stop thinking about how close we were, I was panicking a little on the inside, but I stayed calm. I could still feel some of his warmth through his cape and the wind. I saw the bell tower in the distance and imagined what might happen tonight. Maybe another hug, maybe something more. My stomach began to churn, afraid of messing up or saying something I shouldn't. I laid my head back down, on his back and closed my eyes. I watched him twist and turn through the stars in my dream over and over agian. I think I actually fell asleep for a minute, but woke up once I felt us glide upwards, almost vertical, but slowly descend downwards towards the old roof of the tower. I used all the strength I had not to let go of him and fall onto the roof, and my arms had begun to shake. It was appearant that I needed to workout more often. Once we hit the pavement, I let go of him and took a slight step backwards, and crossed my arms, trying to keep warm. He stood still, facing away from me, and his cape fluttered gently away from him.

Something was wrong, should I go to him and talk or should I just stay here? "Anya, I want so badly for you to know who I am. It'd make things much simpler, and it's so hard to speak to you one way, then another." I watched a cloud of fog escape my mouth as I breathed, and barely saw his as it disapperated in the wind. My breath was much quicker and lighter, his was heavy and took longer. I returned my backwards step and held myself still. "Then why can't you tell me? It's killing you and me." He turned around and his cape made a soft noise as he turned, trying to fly away with the wind. His eyes looked like they were in pain, and they were a beautiful light blue against his dark armor. "Because the time isn't right, and your life may be jeopordized as is." I tilted my head slightly and heard sirens in the distance. "Then theres no reason to stop now, if I'm already at risk." I argued, I was dying to know who he was.

He took a deep breathe and shook his head. "I don't want to risk it anymore than I already have." I took another step closer to him. "I can wait Batman, besides I kind of want to figure out who you are on my own." I lied, I wanted him to tell me now, I suck at finding things out on my own, especially if the answer's right under my nose. He looked towards the wind and closed his eyes for a moment. I wondered if his suit kept him warm, or if he just doesn't mind the cold. He walked to the edge and leaned over, just like last time. I stayed where I was for a moment. I thought if I should follow him, or make him walk back towards me. I gave in and leaned against the rail again. "Has anything new happened at your job?" This narrowed out who my suspects were down to about five people. Only they knew what had happened today; Mr. Willy, Daniel, Dad, whoI had told later on, Bruceand maybe Daniel told a few regular customers.

"Bruce Wayne asked me to work for him." He turned his body halfway towards me and looked me in the eye. "What'd you say?" I looked down at the empty city and thought my answer through thoroughly, seeing if there was anyway I could trip him up. "I told him I'd think about it." It was a lie, but maybe if he was there, he'd call me out on it. He just looked away and back again. "I think you should take it. Hemust think your good at your job." "Yea, but if I did take it, he'd just be using me as a tool. I'd just be another one of his faithfull servents doing everything he wants. At least at my job here, I know my boss cares about me." He nodded and turned his body back towards the empty city. "He does seem like a pretty nice guy." So Daniel and Mr. Willy were off the list, even though I didn't really suspect them in the first place.

"I don't think he's like that. Who knows, he may suprise you and be a very nice guy." I shook my head and let out a giggle. "I don't think so, I mean, the guys an obvious playboy who throws his money around." "Well if you do take the job, maybe you won't even see him that much." How did he know I was going to live with him? "How did you know that?" He looked at me and had a questioning look on his face. "Know what?" I laughed a little at him acting innocent. "Know that I was going to live with him if I accepted the job?" He looked away again. "I never said that." I looked away too, I may have caught him, but I'll need more evidence. I began piecing the puzzle together in my head, it was all coming together now. I still wasn't sure who he was, but if I listen to what people say, carefully, I may catch them.

He took me back to my apratment shortly after, and before he left, he held onto me for a moment and looked into my eyes. I began to panick inside, I had no idea what to do if he kissed me. I didn't know what to do now. But, he slid away from me, leaving a warm trail were his hands and fingers touched along my arm. Just as he jumped off the building I heard him say something, I wasn't sure what it was but I heard my name... I heard 'Miss Anya'. There was only one person who called me that. At this realization, I gasped and placed my hand over my mouth, and watched him dissappear. I stood there for a minute and began to piece everything together: the white teeth, muscles, everything he knew that only people there at the time knew. It all made sense now. However I was going to need solid, concrete evidence to show that I knew who Batman truely was. To show him that I knew who he was... and my number one suspect had just offered me to live with him.

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