Gotham Knights

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Sorry it's been a while, the internets been down. In this chapter though, is through Bruce's eyes, how he sees Miss Anya and all of her antics, how he deceives her, how he manages to pull of the 'billionaire playboy' facade, and how he protects her from a psychotic villain.

Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Telling Anya that I had to leave her was hard... but it was the only way out I had besides telling her that I'm actually Bruce Wayne, like Alfred wants me to. She's in danger, and telling her my true identity will only complicate things more for her. More than anyone else, I would love to tell her the truth so I didn't have to pretend like I don't know something, or call her by just 'Anya' instead of my habitual 'Miss Anya'. But the video I saw earlier today, when I was on the phone with her, woke me up and made me realize that I wasn't being as carefull as I should've been. Somone had been watching us on the roof of her apartment for the last few nights and had been video taping it. Whether it was just a random person, or an actual criminal, it didn't matter now, the video was viral and everyone knows. I had to cut her off from the Batman, so she would be out of harm's way, and if she stayed in the mansion for a long period of time, maybe people would forget.

I retreated into the hidden opening of the Batcave after I left Miss Anya. It was hidden underneath a rural road that had been deserted for the newer road for years now. I had a remote button on my right hand to open it, and flew into the dark tunnels. It was hard to see, but I've gotten used to it over the years. Once the tunnel ended, I swiftley rolled onto the hard tile, and stood back up. The Batcave was marvelous and was my fortress, I come here almost everynight to become the Batman, to listen to the city for trouble, to watch for new threats, anything. Straight ahead was the large screen, and smaller screens surrounding it, the Batcomputer, the fastest, smartest computer ever built. To the left was a secret entrances from Wayne Manor, one hidden behind a false wall in the ballroom, another, from my room, hidden behind a wall in my closet. To the right were all of my methods of transportation, the Batmobile, Batbike, Batpod, etc. I walked straight forward, towards the chair infront of the computer, it was tall, skinny, and leather, and comfortable. I sat down and took off my mask and rested for a moment, remembering what I had just done to Miss Anya.

The door that led to my room opened by Alfred's hand, he hadbrought me dinner. I had known Alfred all my life, he's the closest, and truely, the only friend I've ever had. He was there for me so many years ago when my parent's were murdered, he was there for me, helping me and supporting me in becoming Batman. He's trained in everything, from repairing refridgerators to stitching up wounds, he knows everything. He's the smartest man I've ever known, and always gives me the best advice. \"Good afternoon sir, how did everything go tonight?\" I told him my plan of letting Anya down easily, and making her fall in love with Bruce Wayne instead as the safer choice. \"Not as well as I had planned.\" I had explained what had happened, however, I decided to leave the kiss out of it, he would only lecture me about being a terrible person. He set the dinner down infront of me, on the little space of desk left on the computer. He had made my favorite; fried chicken legs, covered in seasoning, with a large side of french fries and potatoe fries, along with some green been casserole. He made this only whenI was younger on special occasions such asmy birthday, aholiday, or I had a terrible day at school. \"There must have been something else Master Wayne, otherwise you wouldn't look so down.\" He had psychic abilities too, there was no getting anything past him. \"Well, she had fallen off the scaffholding and I caught her...\" \"And...?\" \"I kind of got caught up in the moment... and well... kissed her.\" I flinched a little, I knew a long, long lecture was coming now, for not only confusing her, but for also trying to hide something from him like I was ten again. \"Master Wayne... do you have any idea how confused she must feel now? You just told her your dumping her, and then kissed her. Was there anything else you left out?\" He never called me 'Master Wayne unless he was mad at me,infuraitedeven. I hated making him mad, even though his face never got red, he never through things, punched awall, anything. He would just raise his eyebrows a little.\"She was crying.\" There was silence between us, Alfred always knew how to teach me a lesson, even though I never really learned anything afterwords.

\"Do you regret kissing her?\" He was calmer now, and I couldn't see where he was going with this. I had no choice but to answer honestly now. \"No, I... I have feelings for her, Alfred. I wish she would've fallen in love with me, though, not Batman.\" \"Well thats all that matters then, Master Wayne. As long as you show her, that Bruce Wayne can lover her just as much as Batman can, why wouldn't she fall in love with you?\" He smiled again, returning to his normal, blissfull state. His face hasn't changed at all since I can remember, he still has all the same wrinkles that lined his mouth and the corner of his eyes, 'smile-lines' is what he called them. His face showed that he lived a long, and mostly happy life. He always had stories to tell, but I never knew much about him past those stories, I don't even know how old he is. When I asked him when I was younger, he'd just say 'Old enough' or 'Older than dirt.'. \"Thanks Alfred, you always know what to say.\" I smiled up at him as he placed his hand on my shoulder, reassuring me that it was his job. \"You should get some rest sir, you have a big day ahead of you.\" And with that, he was out the door. The delicious food he had left was staring me in the face. To me: it was guilt food. If I eat it, I'm guilty of hurting Miss Anya, putting her in this situation, not seperating her and Batman soon enough, not finding a better place to meet quick enough. Everything. I grabbed the plate and touched the silver spoon, I was guilty. I started with the fries, since they were my favorite, and turned the news on from the computer.

Vicki was on tonight, as she was on most nights. When she talked, hehead leaned towards her left shoulder, her medium length blonde hair did too. Her deep blue eyes would go back and forth from the piece of paper on the desk, to the camera, with her lips telling the story, covered in a subtle red lipstick she's always worn.I hated it when she wore it and kissed me; it'd get all over my mouth and make it look like I put it on.I'm constantly reminded of the year we had spent together, so long ago. She had dumped me when she realized that she came in second to Batman. There was no explaining it to her, that it wasn't Batman, more-so of the people who needed to be saved by Batman. She promised to never reveal my secret to anyone, as long as we never willingly saw or spoke to each other again. It was harsh, and she broke my heart, but in a way, I broke hers. After that, I almost decided to give up being Batman, and to go after her, but Alfred showed me that people needed Batman, if Vicki was the one, she would come back somehow.

She was talking about a murder that had happened earlier tonight in an alleyway across town. It was a married couple in their twenties, and the wife was pregnant. All of my muscles had weakend, I managed to keep the plate from falling by putting it on the desk. I leaned onto the desk and pressed my hands on my face, it was my fault. It's been their fate to die since I had decided to lead Miss Anya on through Batman, and broke it off tonight. If I hadn't been so busy with Anya... I could have saved them. Their blood was on my hands, all three of them. I would go to the alley in which they were killed tommorow night, and lay a rose by the white outlines of their bodies, then I'll hunt down their killer and make him pay. I had to pull myself together, otherwise, I could miss more important things on the news. A tear drop escaped my right eye, and I scraped the back of my hand against it, wiping it away. She pressed her fingers into her left ear and her eyes dropped towards the ground; she was listening, getting more information. She stared intently back towards the camerea, towards the audience. \"This just in, the criminal known as 'Two-Face' has just relayed a video message for Batman. If your out there, please listen.\" My body tensed up, listening intently, watching for anything.

The screen was dark. but you could hear footsteps approaching the camera. Then, a light from the right side of the screen, showed the destroyed half of his face, along with a sliver of the unscathed side. I remember Harvey before the accident, he wasmedium height, medium build, just anaverage guy. Dirty blonde hair, always wore a suit, usually blue or black, he had a normal voice, a little raspey at times. After the accident, he became obsessed with being in two's or halves, consideringtheleft half of his body was burned to a crisp, along withthe back of a double-sidded coin his father had given him. Heripped allof his suits in half andtailored them back togetherto beopposite colours on either side of the suit. Today, he wore his black and white suit, showing the good and the bad side.

\"Hello, Batman.\" He stared at the camera, like he would if it were really me standing there. Hebegan to slowly pace back and forth. It was a sign of arrogance, being in control, willing to showsomeone the back of your hand if they disobeyed you or stood up to you.\"You know I was watching the news the other day, and I saw a video of you and your new girlfriend on the roof of some apartment building here in Gotham, and I said to myself: 'Why Harvey, isn't it Batman who's responsible for taking away the love of your life?'\" His voice became deeper, more menacing, this was Two-Face talking, not Harvey Dent. His back was to the camera, showing the back of his burned skull, it was gruesome to look at. He turned to the left, showing the side that wasn't burned, the good side. He had his hair slicked back, with some pieces sticking out, making him look somewhatdisturrbed even from this angle. \"And thenwe remembered, it was.\" Now, it was Dent speaking, his voice back to normal.\"So, we have devised a plan,\" Helooked at the camera straight on, he tilted his head down just a little, but enough to make him look even more menacing.\"a plan that will be unravled soon enough.\" The camera sloppily zoomed in, and slightly back out, showing mostly his face.\"You will see old friends that you have forgotten about, you will see old places that you can never forget, we will push you to the brink of madness, and we will toss the coin, and decide whether or not to push you off-\"He pulled a revolver from his pocket and aimed it at the camera.\"-the edge.\" The last two words were evil, and shortly after, there was a loud pop, and the camera and the person controlling it were on the floor. Harvey walked away, sliding the gun back in his pocket. The video cut to static and went back to Vicki. She pleaded again for Batman to watch the video, however, this time less concerned. I assumed it was jealousy, but it wasn't important, I had to tell Alfred that Anya was in danger.

I ran out of the Batcave and into my bedroom, almost forgetting that I was still wearing the Batsuit. I cursed at my forgetfullness and cracked my door. I screamed for Alfred, who assured me he was coming as fast as he could. He slid through the door, and gave a worrying look, most likely in response to mine. \"What is it sir?\" \"It's Anya, Alfred. Two-Face has made a threat against her, saying he made a 'plan'.\" \"What's the plan?\" I shook my head as soon as he had begun to ask the question. \"I don't know. We need to keep her away from going anywhere too public, her aparment, or the belltower.\" \"I don't think she'll like that very much sir, she's a young lady who has friends and likes to go out every once in a while.\" \"It's our only option other than sending her out with a body guard.\" Alfred smiled, almost an evil smile, like he was scheming something. \"What?\" \"Sir, if I may: you wish to fall in love with Anya, and vice versa, she wants to go out to public areas, which otherwise, she would be alone in. In other words, go with her, be her bodyguard.\" I shook my head, there was a possibility that someone could put two and two together and realize that I'm Batman. I voiced my concern and Alfred put it out with a simple \"Psh. No one will notice plus, your a billionaire, you should be seen in the club a time or two getting jiggy with it, or whatever it's called these days.\" I laughed at Alfred's poor attempt at trying to stay current, but he was right, I should be seen going out more often. \"But what if she doesn't want me to go? What if she thinks I'll hinder her friends or thier normal outting?\" \"Tell her that you'll stay incognito, or act like you don't know her, you'll make something up, I'm sure of it. Your the World's Greatest Detecive after all.\" \"And Gotham's Most Eligible Bachelor, don't forget.\"


That night, I dreamt of Miss Anya. It wasn't the first time; I've had dreams haunted by her beautiful face since the day we had met.The most memorable one I had, was where she was in a sleeveless, blue dress that tight around the bodice, and fluffed out towards the end, leaving a small train that stopped just before touching the ground. Her hair was down, curled and hanging over her right shoulder. She was laughing and smiling, and running away like she was playing a game of tag. I was running behind her, chasing her down rolling hills and into the sunset,and I reached out to grab onto her and hold her closer, she dissaperates. Then,I begin to fall into what looked like a hill, but became darkness the moment I thought my head would have bounced off the ground. I remember just falling and falling, and it was scary, maddening even. But this dream, was much worse. In the dream, I had just seen my parent's gunned down again. Gruesome, horrifying, gut-wrenching. Words cannot describe watching the only two people you love in the world being killed before you. Then watching their clothes being stained with thier crimson blood, their eyes fading away, and every blissfull, depressing,frustrating moment you've shared with them before that: gone. No matter how much you wanted some memories of them gone, you want to cling to them, because their in it.

The ally was cold, rough, dampand terrifying. My Dad stood infront of my mother, Martha, and me, trying to reason with the gunman, showing him that killing someone isn't the way out. That he'd regret it in the long run. But as he reached for his wallet, he was shot: twice in the chest. My mother ran towards him, trying to catch him before he fell onto the concrete, but was stopped in her tracks by two more gun-shots. One through her throat, destroying her beautiful pearls my Father had bought her so many anniverseries ago, and the other through her heart. She fell, right ontop of my Dad, her head resting parrellel to his chest. Her long, golden hair had fallen out of the many bobby pins she had put in. Blood covered her faux fur coat and the remaining pearls on the string around her neck. Her blue eyes faded away, showing her soul had ascended into what we call 'a better place'. Her lips were still covered in her deep red lipstick she wore only when wearing her favorite black mermaid dress. I felt air escape my lungs out of fear, hatred, fury, suprise. I looked up at the gunman, he had picked up some of my mother's pearls and ran away into the night. I fell to my knees, how could I stand by just so helpless? My Father used his remaining amount of life to look at me, and speak even though his mouth was overflowing with blood. His hair was slicked back, he was trying to impress Mom and show her how young he still looked; even thogh she didn't care: she loved him. \"Run.\" His blue eyes stared at me for a few more seconds, before his head completely relaxed and his eyes joined mother's. But then, just as tears escape my eyes and I give up, I look back at the bodies, and Miss Anya is there standing up. She's wearing a gown thats been torn somehow and she looks as if she's been beaten. Her hair is tangled and flows resistingly in the wind, her shoes were missing, her skin was paler than usual. The ground has become just one big black abyss. She reaches her arm out towards me, inviting me to come closer. \"Bruce...\" I heard her voice, but her lips didn't move at all. And suddenly, she gracefully began to fall slowly backwards. I got up and ran towards her, reaching my eight year old-self's hand out. But as I did, her hand just slid through it. Her body slid under the darkness and ripples grew from her dissapperance. Theyslowly transformedinto the Batman symbol.

I woke up in a cold sweat, jumping halfway out of my bed, all of my recent dreams had ended like this. I wasn't sure what any of it meant. I sat there for a moment, my arm still raised up in defense to the nightmares, my breathing was heavy, and my body was tense. Once I saw that I was back inside my room, in my bed, I began to calm down. I looked around; the large window to my left was still there, unscathed by any sort of attack or nightmare. The windowreplaced the wall, allowing me to get a view of the city, which was breathtaking atnight. All of the buildings light up, the cars shine, everything came to life at night. The wall infront of my, holding a family portrait of my parents and myself along with Alfred hung there, above a dark dresser with orchides on the left side of the picture. They were my mother's favorite flower, my Dad had always bought them for her on her birthday, or their anniversery. A letter from my Fatherleaned against the same wall and the orchid's vase. I read it frequently,imagining his voice and face as ifhe were speaking to me. MyMother's jewlery box laid in the center of the table, I had her pearls fixed after her murder and they were restored to they way she had kept them: perfect.The desk was like a shrine to my parents, I never put anything else on the desk, and I alwayskept it clean and organized. The stairs that descended into the second floor were still intact, along with my mirrored closet door to my right.I wiped the sweat from my face with the back of my arm and relaxed my body, allowing it to fall back onto the soft mattress. I looked at the clock on the black intable next to me; it was already ten-thirty.

I rolled out of bed, literally, and laidon thecold, white floor fora minute, just thinking about everything. About how I may never find a girl that would want to stay with me, like how my Mom stayed with my Dad, no matter what. I had found love so many times, but all ended in heartbreak. Bruce Wayne only had two heartbrakes; but Batman has so many more: Talia, Selina, Stephanie, and countless others.

Talia was the daughter of Ras al Ghul, who was the head of the League of Assasins. Talia had fallen for me, and Ras needed an heir for his throne. I had fallen for her too. Her medium blonde hair, was just like my mothers, similiar lipstick, and she had some sort of accent. She was beautiful, and used it to lure me closer and closer to her father. I had declined the offer to rule the League of Assasins several times, but she's just so persistant. I've never really gotten over her, but she had stopped talking to me after a while. I always wondered why. Selina on the other hand, she always frustrated me. She became Catwoman, and began to steal and rob for her own benefit. I couldn't just let her do that, but then again, she was not a bad person. How could I punish her for stealing when there are so many other people out there who do worse things? She was good sometimes, but bad most of the time. Something was attractive about her being on the line between good and evil. She was in the gray and it intrigued me. But I could never love someone who beleives it's alright to kill. No matter how attractive they are in a leather body-suit. I knew her outside of being Batman and Catwoman too, we both knew each other's identity and kept it a secret. She had shorter hair, darker, and hazel eyes. She always talked to me in a seductive voice too, and it drove me up a wall, knowing she was trying to seduce me into the gray with her. Stephanie Brown was another story; she was Batgirl for a while. She was Bruce Wayne's body guard until she found the Batcave and wanted to help. I reluctantly allowed her to aid me. Soon, we both started to feel something for each other, but her father was a deviant. He killed just so he was able to talk to his daughter. I told her it had to stop. Before I knew it, she was gone. Soon, she became known as The Spoiler, and became her own hero. I never heard from her again.

I was doomed, since I had became the Batman, to never find love. I felt a tear struggle it's way out of my eye, I hated feeling sorry for myself, but I can't just constiantly be heartbroken and be ok. I wiped the tear from my eye and rose up to my feet, and walked over to my closet. I saw myself in it's reflection; I had bruises and scars scattered across my body. I couldn't remember where most came from, some had stories, others were just some thug trying to fight off a vigilante. I slid the closet open to find a shirt to hide the scars from Miss Anya. I can't give her any reason to suspect I'm Batman, the man who broke her heart. It doesn't feel any better being on the other side of a break-up, to my suprise. I found an ordinary black short-sleeve shirt. As I put it on, I realized how tight it was. I looked in the mirror to see if I could pull it off, and decided to wear it. I went down the foor steps out into the second floor, and descended thelast staircaseinto the kitchen. I saw Miss Anya already sitting at the table, her hair was up in a pony-tail, sloppily done, she was wearing an old blue shirt and some gray sweatpants. She looked raidiant, even though she might have disagreed. Alfred was in the process of cooking pancakes, bacon, and some eggs. \"Good morning sir, how did you sleep?\" \"Not so well. You?\" \"I slept very well.\" I smiled, he always claimed slept well. I sat down at the table across from Miss Anya. She looked sad, tired, and sick. I slowly began to take back the radiance compliment in my head. She was still beautiful though. Her eyes had dark circles under them, she had stayed up all night, or at least most of the night. I saw small shadows of mascara under her eyes as well; she was crying all night too. I felt even more guilty for not staying up and crying like she did. \"How did you sleep Miss Anya?\" I decided to try and act natural, like I didn't notice she hadn't slept. \"I didn't sleep well either.\" She had been staring down since I had walked in, it was a sign of depression, trying to hide it from other people. \"I'm sorry, was it your bed? Anything that I can help or change? Or were you just nervous or something?\" She shook her head, her hair following. \"No, I just couldn't sleep.\" Silence tore across the room.

Alfred had finally finished cooking and placed our plates infront of us. I devoure my pancakes in syrup, butter, and sugar, like I was ten years old again. I couldn't help myself though, they were just better that way. Anya just placed a few drop of syrup on hers. She took small carefull bites, whether from depression or from fear of emberrassing herslef, or if that'sjust how she ate,I couldn't tell. I ate normally, just as Alfred did as he sat down. \"So, Miss Anya,\" I tried to start up another conversation; this time, tactfully trying to bring up me being her bodyguard. \"Have you watched the news recently?\" She glanced at me, then returned to her food, shaking her head. \"No, why?\" \"I saw this clip on the news recently, it was of Batman, and this girl who had the exact same haircut as you, and they were on the roof of your apartment.\"

Her face froze in the middle of lightly chewing on her scrambled eggs. \"Really? Well I heard my neighbor looked a lot like me from afar.\" She was trying to avoid the fact that it was obviously her on the TV screen. \" Miss Anya, it's apparent that it's you in the video.\" She looked down guiltily and resumed chewing on her eggs. \"Fine, it was me. But he had saved me, I couldn't just leave without showing some sort of gratitude.\" I had finished the remainder of my sunny side up eggs while she had explained to me what I already knew. \"Doesn't matter Miss Anya, some psycho named...\" I pretended to forget his name, snapping my fingers and staring at the table. \"Two-Face, is his name, is trying to come after you.\"

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