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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



On the way to team assignments:
It's a few days after the Chunin exams and Arii was promoted. While walking to get his team assignment he noticed Tsuri walking alone. He walks up beside her.
"Hey Tsuri," said Arii happily.
"Oh, hello Arii. Have you been training hard?" asked Tsuri.
"We'll I have been studying about medical jutsu I want to make a puppet with medical abilities." Said Arii.
"That would be awesome but, doesn't medical jutsu take advanced concentration and finger work?" asked Tsuri.
"Yes but, I think the finger work can be done with an advanced finger control system.  Also I  have been studying about the Seal Of Life.  According to legend what ever you put the seal on gets brought to life, even inanimate objects." Said Arii.
"Sounds dangerous!" said Tsuri.
"Why?" asked Arii.
"Things with no life should be kept without life. Also if your black puppet got life I'd be afraid of it going on a killing rampage." said Tsuri. 
"I don't think so since I would still be in charge of the strings." Arii replied. They arrived at the Hokage tower and entered. 
Special team: 
"Hello Arii and Tsuri," said the Hokage sitting behind her desk and a stack of papers. 
"Hey there."
"You to we're hard to place in a team, so it was decided that Arii and Tsuri are going to be a team of two with leader being Rida." said the Hokage. Rida appears in the room. Rida is a female with long black hair and small baskets all around her, with small vases hanging from her wrist.
"Hello there team," said Rida happily.
"Nice to meet you."
"How about you guys meet me at the training field(TR)," said Rida.
"See you soon." Rida opens one of the containers and throws a pink powder in the air and vanishes.
"Woah!" said Arii in shock.
"Lets hurry Arii!" said Tsuri grabbing Arii's hand and starts running to the TR. They run and after about five minutes they arrive to the TR. They see Rida sitting on the ground with her eyes closed. 
"We are here lady Rida," said Tsuri. There is no moment from Rida. Tsuri walks up and touches Rida on her shoulder and right as Tsuri touches her she burst into dust. In the next instant Rida jumps from the tree with a kunai and gets on top of Tsuri with the kunai against her neck.
"Lady Rida what are you doing!" shoutedTsuri in freight. Rida gets up. 
"Lesson number one, never leave yourself unguarded," said Rida. 
"We are going to do a defense training today. It's our first day so we will be a little easy on you guys. Today's training you will have to defeat 50 power clones ,but, they will be hidden and attack you and if you touch them they burst into a blinding dust it's not permanent but, will make it more difficult. Also if either one of you gets pinned down you both fail. Do you guys understand?" asked Rida. 
"Ok." Rida throws up a white and blue powder and 50 clones scatter from the air into the trees. Arii gets out Zaski and Tsuri covers the field with flowers and takes her shoes off. Arii sees a clone coming out of the tree toward him and Zaski picks up a wad of sand,
"Sand formation spear," he said as the sand glob turns into a spear and Zaski throws it at the clone and hits and the clone burst into a cloud of powder and a mixture of powder and sand falls to the ground.
"Arii cover me and I'll connect my chakra to the surrounding trees and destroy any clones touching the trees," said Tsuri. 
"Ok!" said Arii as he started looking around and throwing sand darts as he saw the clones. A clone was running toward him and he through a sand dart at it and it burst right in front of him getting in his eyes.
"TSURI I CAN'T SEE," shouted Arii.
"I'm done! Full forest destruction jutsu!" shouted Tsuri and then you hear the clones bursting.
"Good job! you two did excellent," said Rida. 
"Thank you lady Rida!" said Tsuri.
"I STILL CAN'T SEE," yelled Arii.
"Open your eyes," said Rida. Arii opened his eyes which where blood red from irritation. Rida blew a powder in his face and he shouted. After a couple of minutes he could see again and he wasn't in pain.
"Thank you Rida," said Arii.
"Your welcome Arii," replied Rida. 
"That concludes today's training," Said Rida. Arii and Tsuri high fives a job well done and went away.

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