Book 1: The Sound Village: Betrayl

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Day 1

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013



Day: 1

[Meeting Room]

I was running down the hall as fast as I could. Ningyo-kun called the very first Uragiri meeting and I can't wait. Getting to see all these strong people, knowing I’ll be healing them anytime they need it, I'm excited. My room is on the far side of the Liar near the hospital. The hospital is in the far side so that the injured don't interfere with anything or take up needed space. I like it because then I have a quiet room to read in when there's no need for me. We're not allowed to get details of missions we don't go on and I'm pretty useless. All I can do is heal people, not very helpful in a battle. I entered this big room with 9 other people in it.
"Hello Kenko-kun." Said Ningyo.
"Um-Um-hello sir." I said not expecting the leader to speak to me directly.
" Hehe your like a little twig hehehe I wonder how easy it'd be to break, every muscle you don't have." Said this ghostly voice from my shadow.
"Well it would take 1700lbs of pressure to break the femur and 8lbs to break the collar bone-.."
" Oh you’re such a nerd I can't believe you didn't get killed by the training puppet! You don't belong here!" Shouted my shadow?
“Kage that is enough leave his shadow at once, we do need Kenko he has a virtuoso in medicine and we need a doctor to heal are wounded." Said Ningyo making me feel much better.
“Hey here's an idea how about we actually accomplish something, instead of just bickering back and forth!" Exclaimed Kisu.
"I would rather have this bickering now then; someone be killed because of it later." Said Ningyo.
"We do have a possible mission, Shacho Oto has sent for us." Announced Ningyo.
"Hm what does he want?" Asked Kumo.
"A small team will be sent out tonight. The team leader will be Kasai for his strength to be used to protect others; he will be in charge of the group, Kisu, Kumo, and Kenko." Said Ningyo.
"Why is Kenko going with us he can't do anything!" Exclaimed Kisu.
" He notices things others don't also the Sound Village is far away you will need someone to heal you if anything goes wrong." Explained Ningyo.
"Fine but I'm not dieting because of you!" Shouted Kisu.
"I-I-I won't let you down" I said calmly.

[Kenko Bedroom.]
(Knock knock.)
"Um come in." I said thinking who would want to visit me? I am nothing.
"KENKO! How are you?"Asked Umi.
"I am doing good, just I-I am surprised I am going on a mission so soon." I responded.
" Why Kenko-kun you are strong, why don't you see that?" Umi asked in an annoying voice.
" If I was strong I wouldn't have been picked on all throughout the ninja academy. I would have fought back. The reason I read all the time is to escape the reality around me. When I study medicine, I feel like I matter. Healing is all I can do." I said trying not to cry.
"Well if you can heal the body could you also damage the body from the inside?" Umi asked.
"Ma-maybe I never thought into researching it..." I replied.
"Well there you go! You’re like a super genius you'll figure out something!" Umi said very excitedly.
"Hehehehehe look at you two love birds" Said a strange voice. As the voice laughed me and Umi's shadows started moving on their own. My shadow grabbed hers and tore the head off.
"That's what I think of this hehehehe." Laughed the harsh voice.
"Stop this Kage!" Shouted Umi.
"Aw the baby is going to tell the shadow what to do huh. Well let’s see who's in the position to make commands here. You can touch me but I can choke you." As he said that a hand came up from Umi's shadow and started choking her. I tried to step on the arm but my foot went right through it.
"Hehe jeez Kenko-kun for a super genius you sure are stupid as a bag of rats." Said Kage.
" At least I don't find enjoyment in the torment of my team." I said shaking.
"Wow look who finally found some fire in himself. Sorry to burst your new bubble but, I'm here to give you your mission specs so swim away fish girl.
"SQWAKWWWWK!" Made her pet Kamo.
" SQWAK off yourself." Said Kage.
"Enough Kamo lets go. Bye Kenko be careful!" Said Umi. Umi left with Kamo.
" Now your mission is to go to Shacho Oto and kill him to liberate the people his family has kept in the dark." Said Kage smiling.
" Bu-But won't that freak out the people having no one in charge?" I asked.
" No you see the Village Hidden In The Dirt is going to merge with them." Said Kage.
"Oh Ok." I said.
"But you can't let the citizens know you guys killed Oto." Kage said with an odd seriousness.
"Yes I understand." I said quietly.
"Good now get some sleep you have lots of traveling to do tonight." Said Kage.
""We travel at night to use cover of darkness?" I asked.
" No no it's much cleverer than that. I control shadows so at night I could make anything that sees us, see nothing but as if nothing where there, they couldn't even touch us they'd go right through us because of my abilities" Kage said smiling his creepy smile.
"That is very clever indeed. What a handy ability." I said very interested in how this creature named Kage works and is alive.
"We leave early in the night and will arrive at the village by morning. They have a place for us to sleep and when we wake, we start business." Kage said.
"Ok." I said.

It was really dark, I have no clue what Kage made us look like but, even the animals didn't know we were there. It seemed like we travel for many hours; the night seemed ice cold. I was afraid of someone getting frostbite but, Kasai started a layer of fire warming everyone up. Heat never felt so calming. Turns out he just did it because the Sound Village is known to set up traps and he wanted light to see the traps clearly. We were in the forest for a few more hours and we arrived at the gates.

[The welcoming]
"Who goes there," Stated the guard.
"Squad from the Uragiri with a direct order from Shacho Oto," Kasai said.
"Provide the scroll," demanded the guard. Kasai handed over the scroll and the guards let us in. The town looked destroyed. There were houses with no roofs, kids eating from trash cans, sick people laying in the streets, and not even as much as a blade of grass anywhere. It was an awful sight I wish I could forget. We kept walking and up ahead was one massive building that looks brand new. Shacho Oto was waiting at the entrance and welcomed us. He showed us to our rooms and we went to bed. A soft bed in a warm room never felt so good but, I couldn't help but feel guilty that I'm in this lavish house while 1000's just out my window are sleeping in the street. I would fall asleep and then wake; I started looking around and noticed the walls were filled with chakra. I noticed it was cold outside but warm in here. The walls must absorb heat from outside, leaving the cold for the citizens. That made me feel very guilty, I thought I was never going to fall asleep but, I did and this time slept the rest of the night.

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