Book 1: The Sound Village: Betrayl

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Day 2

Submitted: April 04, 2013

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Submitted: April 04, 2013



[Day 2]




I woke up early but felt rested. I left the building and saw all the poor people again. A little girl went by me and I asked her if she was hurt or sick and she said no but her mom was. I told her how I am good at healing people and she took me to her mom. Her mom was easy to heal very weak cold took very little amount of chakra to cure her. I saw the fire light in the kid’s eyes when her mom woke up. The mother offered me food but I declined instead I asked if I could use the bed as a healing bed. She happily said yes, she went and got the elderly and I healed them all one by one. It was great practice and very simple stuff, also I knew I was helping people and I know Sakura-sama would be proud of me. I saved an infant who was hours from death, seeing the baby healthy again, made the whole thing worth it. I told the people my name and that I work for the Uragiri and returned to the government building. 




"We well protect your village for a short amount of time, in trade of your famous vases." Kasai said sternly.

"Why do you need them?" Oto replied.

"Your vases hold a property of transportation that we require." Kage said.

"Why would you need this though?" Asked Oto.

"Because we do, do you want protection from the Jaakuna that is right outside your village or not." Shouted Kasai. It was the most emotion I think he has ever shown.

"Fine but you must hunt it and have it destroyed before the day is out." Oto said.

"We will leave at once, if you do not keep true to your word, we will kill you." Kasai said. 

"Threatening a Shacho is a punishable action, punishable by death." Shacho said.

"Yes but, you forget your talking to Kasai Inferuno. The one who destroyed the Village Hidden In The Lava at age 12 with one hand." Kasai said.

"Go do your job please we will talk later." Oto said.

"Team lets head out at once." Kasai said.

"Yes sir." Everyone said. 


[Snake hunt]


We all headed out and went into the forest. We looked around and around. 

"Hiden jutsu shussan," said Kumo. A bunch of spiders went out in different directions jumping in the trees.

"Kumo-sun how will we know where the snake is from the spiders?" Asked Kisu.

"I share thoughts with the spiders." Responded Kumo.

"Makes since." Said Kisu. We waited for hours and nothing happened. 

"While we're waiting Kasai-sun what does the snake look like and do?" I asked.

"It is a snake about 100 feet tall, with two antennas that it uses to see when it digs, it digs at a speed of 50mph, it has tough skin, it is black on top and brown on bottom, 2 fangs on each side of its head, 4 thorns on its back about 4 inches thick and 20 inches long, it spits a fluid that paralyzes you then it eats you, and their most dangerous property it they are smart." Explained Kasai.

"Oh... why are we trying to kill it?" I asked.

"It's eating the town’s crops and livestock." Answered Kasai.

"We must destroy it and save those people!" I shouted.

"Why do you care?" Asked Kasai.

"Um um um um since I don't think children who have done no wrong should be suffering like they do." I said. The ground started rumbling and the snake came out. 

"It-it-it's huge!" I shouted. 

"That's just a baby Kenko-kun!" Shouted Kasai. We were jumping all around, while; the Snake was spitting at us. Kumo would trap it in webs but, it'd just break out. It went underground and we could feel the earth under us rumble but, not see where it was at all. It came up and started biting around. I decided I can't let this keep terrorizing the village. I touched the tail.

"hiden Jutsu Sentatchi, medical hiden jutsu honezasho!" I shouted. You could hear as every bone in its body began to break from the tail to its head, it squirmed around unable to move much. Finally its skull shattered and it feel to the ground not moving. The group looked at me and then the snake then at me again. 

"What was that jutsu Kenko-sun?" Kisu asked.

"Sakura-sama taught me it before she died, in case I was ever in need to defend myself. The bad thing is that it takes almost all my chakra to surround all the bones and crush them." I said.

"But that's some defense." Said Kisu.

"Um thank you, I think" I said.

"Let’s return to the village." Said Kasai. He cut off the head of the snake. 

"Why did you do that?" I asked almost about to barf.

"Proof that are mission was a success." Said Kasai. We then headed back to the village. Meanwhile.......


[Introducing Doragonteimazu]


  "Everybody keep up we need to make it to the Sound Village to kill the Jaakuna." Said Baiorinisuto. [She is the leader of an organization called Doragonteimazu [Dragon Tamers]. She is very skinny with short blonde hair. She wears her hair up when she fights. When she isn't fighting she wears it down, her hair is kind of long and straight. She wears jet black leather skinny pants and jet black leather shirt with the "Dragon Symbol" on it. Her Weapon of choice is a violin. She emits chakra through her notes which alter her environment. She has a dragon that is controlled by the violin. The dragon is summoned from a tattoo on her neck, the dragon is named Shiro. Shiro is 15 feet tall dragon, wingspan of 20 feet, the wings are feathery, it has spikes behind its wings that are about a foot each, his tail extends 12 feet out of his body, 2 skinny horns on his head that are 1.5 feet long with a giant horn in middle of his head that is 4 feet long, fur around his shoulders, 3 foot tall neck, pure white eyes with silver pupils, and entire body is silver and white. Shiro is powerful and quick. Baiorinisuto also has the ability to control the shadows around her making them solid or flat or however her music makes them. 

  The second in command is Furuto. She is very skinny and has short pink hair. She and Baiorinisuto have been best friends since they were two years old. Her instrument is the Flute. She wears tight black clothes with the”Dragon Symbol" on it. She summons her dragon from a tattoo on her wrist. The dragons name is Tsumetai Okami. He is short, only 9 feet tall. With the wings included in his height, he is 20 feet tall, he has blue whiskers and blue fur over shoulders and legs, the tail is 3 feet long, The dragon is fully baby blue but, the tips of the wings, the claws, and the horns are bright teal, he has two horns on his head that is long and skinny. He can multiply. 

  The next person is a boy named Dorama. He carries around drums. He is not slow he is very fast and strong. He has a dragon tattoo on his hand. He wears all black. Short brown hair. His dragon is named Hone. Hone is a 14 foot tall skeleton dragon. Large spikes from his head down to his tail, starting off large on head and getting smaller going down its body. A blue smoke surrounds its eyes and mouth. Its eyes are a blue fog looking thing. Anything that touches the dragon loses their soul. Dorama is immune to the killing effect. 

  The next person is Besu. He wears all black and has black hair. He carries a base. His body amplifies the sound waves unleashing shock waves in the direction he's playing. His dragons name is Y Dsei. He is 8 feet tall with a long neck. His neck is covered in spikes. Long tail with a spike ball at the end. Long wings. The wings are blue with a silver outline and red tips. The body is black. The dragon can extend neck to be long or short.

  Finally we have Kurarinetto. She wears all black and has the tattoo on her foot. Her hair is short. She plays the clarinet. She can make a shield out of her notes. She has no tattoo her dragon is summoned from a sticker on the clarinet. The dragons name is Akuma. He's bright red and 12 feet tall. Very long tail. Scaly and with a long face. He can do a huge fire blast that burns up a wall of fire that is 20 miles high, burns everything.]

  “Can we take a lunch break; we have been going non-stop since sunrise." Said Kurarinetto almost out of breath. 

  "We do need to rest I need to recharge my chakra after the fight with the spiders." Said Dorama putting down his drums." 

  "Ok small lunch break." Said Baiorinisuto. They all sat down and ate a lunch and watched the Earth around them. 

  "I'm going to send out Shiro to scan the Forrest and try to locate the Jaakuna." Said Baiorinisuto. She summoned Shiro and told him to search the area. He started flying away. They then got up quickly.

  "Everyone more spiders get ready." Said Baiorinisuto.  They all got up as thousands of spiders appeared from the trees. She started playing her violin [Go on YouTube and search Lindsey Stirling Shadows as a reference to hear what sound she is making.] and All the shadows started moving. Giant shadow fist started crushing the spiders. Each time the fist hit the ground about 10 spiders were crushed. There were about 10 fists smashing about but, more and more spiders came. Besu started playing his base making waves of energy that would rip apart the spiders but, he can only kill about 5 spiders every 2 minutes. The spiders keep coming and coming. They summon their dragons and escape. Above the trees they see millions of spiders in every direction. 

  "Glad we left while we could." Said Besu. 

  "We will go see Oto." Said Baiorinisuto. 


[Evil meets good.)


"The Jaakuna has been killed." Said Kasai. 

"Very good as promised we will give you the jars." Said Oto not looking up. As the slaves were gathering the pots the Dragon Tamers walked in. 

  "The Doragonteimazu is reporting to kill the Jaakuna." Said Baiorinisuto. 

  “You were late so we hired The Uragiri instead." Said Oto. 

  “Who are you people!" Shouted Furuto. Kasai analyzed the dragon Tamers and then spoke.

  “You would be wise to keep your mouth shut in my presence." Said Kasai calmly.

  "Why?" Asked Furuto getting enraged.

  “For I am Kasai Inferung, the one who burned his parents to a crisp while they slept and destroyed the Hidden Lava Village with one hand." Said Kasai threateningly. 

  "What that means you are all murders, we must destroy you!" Exclaimed Baiorinisuto.  Then at once the Uragiri were gone.

  "What happen?" Asked Furuto.

  "They used the pots to transport away there's no way to know where they went." Said Oto calmly.

  "Baiorinisuto can I speak to you alone?" Asked Oto politely. The other members left to assist the village. 

  "I have an offer for you." Said Oto.

  "Yes?" Asked Baiorinisuto. 

  "If you kill The Uragiri I will make you the Shacho of the sound village." Said Oto looking at Baiorinisuto in the eyes.

  "You got a deal," said Baiorinisuto.


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