what happens when you ignore your conscience

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Submitted: June 30, 2011

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Submitted: June 30, 2011



17 year old Rose, tip toed slowely down the hall as to not awaken her sleeping mother. it was 2a.m., and if her mother had found out what she had been up to , there would be hell to pay. as she made her way past her brothers room, down the stairs and to the living room, she felt a strange presence that sent shivers down her spine. alarmed by the feeling she quickly leaned up against the wall to calm herself down. her consience was getting to her. but that didnt stop her. she went along on her way to the door.

she carefully opened the door making sure to be quiet. as she walked out the house she realized it was quite chilly, so she quickly stepped back in and grabbed a sweater off the near by coat rack. she walked out the house slowly closing door behind her in such a way that it didnt make a sound. success she thought in her head.

shetook out her cell phone, and called up her friend margret.

\"hey M i managed to sneak out!\"

\"wow, alright so where r u now?\"

\"im in front of my house, where exactly am i suppose to meet you guys\"

\"were at the space club\" margret said exitedly

\"that expains the loud music in the background\" she chuckled, \"ill be over in a min\"

\"alright see you soon\"

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