Time of War

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As a time of great war descends on to the already warn out United States, North Korea and China ally together as brothers in arms, quickly hastening toward a more literal world war. A bloodlusting marine sniper named John "Ace" Reno recounts the horrors that he met through the makings of this war, and then we follow him through his mission to assinate a known military figure head of the Asian Coalition. Will he survive, will his team survive, and will this bring an end to this war.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - How it all got started.

Submitted: July 09, 2007

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Submitted: July 09, 2007



This story is not yet complete please bare with as Icontinue working on it.

Time of War

By Andrew Eason

“Well I ain’t known no man, and I ain’t known no woman. I ain’t known no pain, cause pain don’t come a rollin’. Well I ain’t known no man, and I ain’t known no woman. I ain’t known no pain, cause I ain’t known a thing. I ain’t known a father, and I ain’t known a mother. I ain’t known a brother, cause family ain’t nothing.” The old man sang out in an all to familiar raspy voice, beltings his blues and playing guitar to the blackened skies.

It was testament to the past several years at war, where the gears of war had touched all the lands and scarred every home. The skies were either shades of gray from the smoke that engrossed the battlefields, or the blackness of serenity of the night, which were the only moments of peace. The endless fighting lead to nights of exhausted sleep, unless the nightmares kept us awake.

I know I stayed awake. Images burned into my memory of homes we razed, people I’ve killed and at one point in time celebrating this cause. Then my months of service lead to years, and armies turned to people rioting, turned into families fighting, and children dying at my hands!

I remember playing games as a kid, fighting with sticks as guns pretending to kill my friends, and arguing over who was dead and who wasn’t. Of the many factions of new faced rebels, and dictators rising to power, my friends fighting against me, and either them dying or myself at each others hand grew evermore likely.

War video games did nothing but shape us into soldiers without dictating the horrors we would go through. There are no health packs, armor plates, and cheat codes, just survival. Counting each round to make sure, if necessary, there was one bullet for yourself if you were to be overrun by your enemies. Sometimes it didn’t even take but the anticipation of battle for soldiers to exercise suicide. I know I have at least thought of the idea.

It began just shortly after the elections in 2008. The former president destroyed the image of the United States leaving other nations with bitter attitudes towards us. And the new president at the time didn’t help at all. Instead of fixing the mess the first president left us in, he abandoned a nation in ruins making us look like fools. Relations with North Korea didn’t improve either. China after several years decided to ally and aid North Korea making a war that now spread from the US, to Iran, to North Korea and China. Of course according to NATO the Western Nations began to aid us creating a war that spanned every hemisphere in the world making yet another world war.

The meetings at the United Nations were far from productive. Political figureheads convinced that their way was the only right and just way unwilling to compromise or accept any terms until everything on their agenda was met. Thus began the third world war including nations from Africa that were drug into this war from more powerful nations seeking more power and blindly I followed orders.

As soldiers we are conditioned not to think. We lose sense of our own personal morals and are instilled with ideals such as duty and honor to our country, which is often confused as duty and honor to our president and his own power hungry ideals. We forget that we serve the people not a political agenda; we protect our people’s freedom not fighting for more territory and who’s right or wrong politically.

At the time in my young life when I first joined the military I was concerned with being a hero. I wanted to save my comrades at arms; I wanted to be great and to never be forgotten no matter what the cause. I welcomed this war; I welcomed death and chaos for my own wants and needs. I scared those around me; I had a bloodlust for my enemies. I so badly wanted to kill that my finger rested on the trigger and my safety always off.

I was in the ‘back-up’ regiments never getting sent in first always last and I hated it. I wanted to be the first in and the last out. That’s why I joined the marines, damn it. However my ability as an engineer warranted me to stay back and only go into battle as little as possible.

Though more and more bodies began to float into the medical ward as the war raged on. China and North Korea apparently was putting up more of a fight than our war czars had planned. And with as many as were dying a draft was introduced back in the states and without fail passed. Young bloods piled in the boatloads to our camps in South Korea and South Vietnam. Shear terror on their faces. None of them wanted to be there like I did. I simply sized them up and returned to my work.

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