The girl who cuts Serenity Willams story

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: June 27, 2015

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Submitted: June 27, 2015



It all happened so fast... I started to laugh a little at Trina as I saw her there, tied down and helpless. "Y-You fucking psycho bitch!" I heard her voice pierce through the darkness. I stopped laughing and tilted my head. All I remember is me beating the shit out of Trina... it took at least three people to pull me off of her. "Let me go!!! I'm going to kill her!!" I remembered screaming as I fought against the people restraining me. I was brought back to reality from a hard smack to the face by Kimmy, and I looked at my best friend. She had tears in her eyes. "Serenity, get a hold of yourself! Look at what you just did!" She yelled as she pointed at Trina. I looked over and saw that Trina was a bloody mess of matted hair and mangled clothes... I backed away in shock as my hands started to shake. "D-D-Did I-I d-d-do that!?" Kimmy looked at me sadly and nodded, and I started to panic. 'I-I couldn't have done this..n-no, n-not me..' The schools security walked into the classroom to see what had happened, and I could see the shock on his face. "She was going to kill her!" Yelled Jenny has she tended to Trina's wounds. I tensed at her words, and suddenly felt anger in my chest. "I-I wasn't in my right mind when I sai-" I was cut off by a smack to the face by Jenny. She was pissed. "Don't you dare say you weren't thinking right!  I want her arrested for attempted murder!!" She shouted, stomping her foot out of anger. I teared up and ran out of the classroom as fast as my legs could carry me. What have I done...? I don't even remember what all happened! Just me whaling on Trina's face and her screaming in pain. I walked into the girls bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face, but when I looked into the mirror I didn't see myself... instead I saw a more crazed and twisted version of myself holding a bloody knife. It stared back at me with a sadistic and insane grin on her face. I screamed and backed into the wall, shaking in fear. The impostor kept her eyes on me with that sinister grin on her face. "kill them..kill all the liars~" It chanted over and over again. I slid down the wall and pulled my knees to my chest... I'm going crazy! Kimmy burst through the door and sat beside me, a concerned look planted on her face. "Serenity... Are you okay?" She asked softly, and I nodded and kept my eyes away from the mirror. I tried to keep myself calm, but I couldn't do it. I looked at Kimmy with a scared look on my face. "I-If  I go crazy... will you still stand by my side?" Kimmy looked at me with a confused expression, but nodded. "Of course Serenity. You're my best friend" She said sincerely. I smiled at her and gave her a hug, but behind her back I felt a sick, twisted grin on my face. "Thanks bestie~" I heard myself say in a sinister tone. What the hell was I thinking? After I regained my composure I decided to go to lunch with Kimmy, and everyone looked at me with scared expressions until the principal stopped me. "Ms. Williams, come to my office right now. We must discuss your punishment for your altercation with Ms. Jones earlier this morning." Principal Hall was not the type to play around either, so I followed him to his office and sat in a chair in front of his desk.  "Serenity, I'm suspending you for five days... and I am suggesting that your aunt and uncle take you to therapy. You can not go around threatening students with death." He said firmly, and I felt anger in my chest once again. But I stayed quiet and nodded. "You may finish today but as of tomorrow you are to not return this school until your suspension is up. Now get to lunch." He pointed to the door, and I nodded and walked out of his office, but when I did I had bumped into someone. "I am so sor-" I frozed when I saw that it was James. He smirked at me and grabbed my hand, leading me to the end of the hallway and cornering me. "You told on me baby~" He whispered lowly in my ear, and I whimpered and tried to get away from him but I was trapped between him and the wall. James started to kiss on me which caused me to almost scream, but I was only met with a hand over my mouth. "Ah-Ah-Ah now, no screaming. At least not yet~ I'll come for you later baby~" James kissed me on the cheek, and I heard that small voice in my head say "kill him first~"  I swallowed and smiled to myself... he shall be the first to go... he has hurt me more then anyone... well, besides my father. That day was the day I made one promise to myself that I shall keep. Kill off everyone who has abused me, lied about me, and just plain down right tortured me. Make them suffer like I suffered....


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