Covered in BLISTERS

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Bye

Submitted: March 08, 2010

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Submitted: March 08, 2010



My name is Mary, Mary Applestein.

And it was my favorite time of day, or any teacher's favorite time of day, twelve-thirty. A time where I could get away from this chaos and into a nice Wendy's for almost an hour.

Because beleive it or not, Teacup Elementary was no cup of tea.

As I packed my things, I looked down the isles of desks in my classroom. There I saw Derek and Susan, two of my students.

Derek was an astoundingly hansome young man. He had dark brown skin and a small scar that never seemed to fully heal over his left eye.

Susan, however, had light paler skin, and curly brown hair that stopped over her shoulders.

"Are you sure you can carry all those books?" Susan asked Derek, who was holding her and his own books.

"Of course I can. Don't doubt my strength." he said back.


"No really, I even got abs, just for you."

Susan put her hand on his stomach. "Psssh" she choked "More like flabs,"

I chuckled under my breathe. Derek and Susan were so cute. They reminded me of when I was young.

"Hi Ms.Applestein!" a cheerful voice said to me as Derek and Susan left the classroom. I looked down.

About a foot below me was an adorable little girl with rosy red cheeks and long pretty blonde hair in two pigtails.

"Why hello, Peaches." I said back. And yes her name is actually Peaches. Sometimes I wonder why her parents named her that, but when I look at her adorably plump little cheeks, I always remember.

"Look what I got you!" she said proudly before pulling out a juicy apple.

"Get it?" she laughed "Your last name is Applestein and I got you an apple.

" "Yes, I get it" I laughed back, even though the joke wasn't all that funny.

"Haha," sarcastically said someone in the doorway "So funny, I forgot to laugh."

When I turned to see who it was, my eyes sort of did a double-take.

The child they saw was a teenage girl who'd been to hell and back, or at least looked like it. She had long thick black uncombed hair, a skin tone that always reminded me of mud, and dark circles under her eyes.

The outfit she wore didn't help disprove the "To hell and back" theory.

She wore a black short sleeve tee with a skull on it and a black-and-white striped long sleeved shirt under it. There was no questions to why her parents gave her the mind curdling name of Blister.

Peaches seemed to shrink down a little when she saw Blister walk in.

My face turned pale in disghust, envy, and mostly fear.

Blister must have saw me because she cracked an evil grin and said, "Don't worry, I just came back to get my pencil."

She walked over to the spot that she usually sat in my class and picked up a pencil that looked just as horribly goth as she did.

She looked at Peaches and said, "I'll see you later, Peaches."

"Goodbye, leader." she responded half stuttering.

I hated that! Why on Earth does it make any sense to call, let alone think of, you're peer as a leader? And the worst part was, it wasn't just Peaches calling her leader, it was the entire school.

Before Blister walked out the door, she locked her cold hazel eyes on mine and simply said, "Bye,".


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