PawClan: The Adventure Begins

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Pokemon/Warriors Crossover.

Flareon a level 80 domestic pokemon, dreams of becoming part of a clan. He leaves Behind the cozy hand fed life, to become the leader of the forests newest clan. PawClan!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - PawClan: The Adventure Begins

Submitted: January 29, 2010

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Submitted: January 29, 2010



The morning sun warmed Flareon's face. He lifted his neck and let heat seep into his fur.

Mixed emotions raced through his head. Excitement, fear, worry, guilt, anxiousness, everything seemed to drive him insane.

The park was full of noisy pokemon and their trainers. Flareon blocked out the noise. He was good at that.

Jason his trainer, sat on the park bench with his soon-to-be-girlfriend, Amy.

"Riolu" Flareon called with a not exactly "old" but aged voice.

Riolu turned his head in Flareons direction. "Yes?" Flareon signaled for him to come here. Riolu quickly dashed over to Flareon.

"What is it?" he asked curiously but respectfully. Flareon looked to his left, then his right, before glaring Riolu in the eyes.

"I'm going to do it." he half whispered.

Riolu scowled. "Do what? Oh you don't mean- Flareon you can't be serious!"

"I am," Flareon unhumorously stared into his companions eyes. "I have to."

"How are you going to start your own clan?! You've been a domestic your whole life!"

"I'll get a few apprentices, start from scratch."

"You're crazy."

"Staying will only make me crazier." Flareon did a long sigh and glued his eyes to the ground.

"I can't stay here when everything I've ever dreamed of is out there." But Riolu remained consistent.

"What about Jason?! He needs you!" Flareon's eyes pierced into Riolu's, looking for the slightest sign of support.

"You'll take care of Jason, I know you will."

Riolu sighed. "I see that you've made of your mind." Flareon gulped, guilt now taking the course of his mind.

He nodded and turned around to dash into the bushes, but Riolu's voice stopped him in his tracks.

"You won't forget me will you?" Riolu asked fighting back tears.

Flareon turned his head and looked at Riolu, taking a second to process what he'd said. A soft smile then spread across his face. "Not in a million pokeyears" .

Rioulu's glassy eyes shone with hope as he whimpered a frail "Good-bye"

"Good-bye, my friend." Riolu reached out to Flareon as his friend raced off from where he was, to where he wanted to be.

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