The Mystery of the Dark Magician

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Kole is 17 year old fursona squirrel who is about to learn what was better kept a secret.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Monopoly

Submitted: March 26, 2010

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Submitted: March 26, 2010



The rain rammed on the roof like a wildebeest stampede.

I managed to ignore it.

Alex, SDF and I were lounging in the dining room playing Monopoly. I was losing so badly, I had barely any property and was going bankrupt.

But I couldn't give up, never give up, especially not in Monopoly. If Universe was here, she would have quit 30 minutes into the game, it doesn't take too much for her to lose interest in something.

Universe is my very good friend, almost like a little sister. She, SDF and I lived together, and Alex was around so often, you'd think he lived with us, too. It was my turn to roll.

I picked up the dice and tossed them on the the worn out cardboard, then counted the small black dots, but before I could finish counting, the front door came open with a loud SLAM!

In the entrance was Universe, she was covered in blood.

The scratches and bruises showed it was her own.

Without managing a single word, she fell to the ground.

And as if the blood dripping from her fur wasn't enough, she started vomiting more of it on the hard wood floor, before she finally fell unconscious.

Alex did the 100 meter dash over his chair and to the bloody, soaking wet Universe.

He felt for a pulse, then turned to SDF and me.

"SDF, go call an ambulance! Kole, go get the first-aid kit!"

Without thinking about it, SDF ran swiftly up the stairs, with me close behind.

As I walked up the few steps, I wondered how the hell a first-aid kit was going to help this gruesome bloody mess.

SDF ran into my bedroom to get the house phone and I dashed for the closet.

I rummaged for the white box that was never there when I needed it.

"I don't see it!" I hollered downstairs.

"Well get some some towels or something!!!" he yelled back.

I understood we were having a huge problem, but I didn't appreciate him yelling at me.

I got the towels and threw them to Alex before I fully made it downstairs.

He caught them and wrapped one around her arm, another around her torso.

"Hows she look?" I asked Alex like he was a real doctor when I got all the way downstairs.

"She lost a lot of blood...and I think her arm is broken." Alex said, with tears in his voice.

He pressed his nose against her wet, sticky, pelt, a let a couple of tears roll down his cheeks.

My brain went so numb with all the commotion, I barely noticed the ambulance siren blaring in the distance.

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