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Julia never had a boyfriend in her life so her rival Leslie Gordon McBride kept trying to humiliate her though McBride was in the same situation. Vincent’s father was pressing him to settle down before he can take over his father as the President of the Hilton hotel chain. He needed a woman she needed a man, and with such short amount of time they were perfect for each other. It wasn't just a sham to keep his parents off his back and for Leslie Gordon McBride to lose, but Vincent and Julia put their relationship in writing because both of them wanted to walk away at the end with no string attached. Even though there were doubts, their relationship seemed too real. But will everything go as they planned? Will love develop between two people who had never fallen in love before and had nothing to do with each other?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue: Mr. Homeless and Shameless Girl

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Submitted: December 09, 2010



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Mr. Homeless and Shameless Girl

“Be my boyfriend,” Julia said to the man stopping him by the shoulder from behind before he walked away. "I will pay you."

A few seconds ago she grabbed him from the sidewalk and asked him to become her boyfriend. He wasn’t bad looking, he was gorgeous, hot, and tall, though his clothes wasn’t to agree with. He had no interest in her and was trying to get away but she stopped him with her extra small hand, even though he didn’t see he was sure she was on tiptoes just to stop him by putting her hand on his shoulder. He halted in his step, surprised at her offer and turned around with his left eyebrow twitching in irritation.

He was surpriseda girl such as her,plain and stupid looking, not even worth a second glance would say that to him. “What did you say?” He pushed her hand away in disgust and looked up and down on her short unattractive figure with such plain face and tomboy look. “You’ll pay me to become your boyfriend,” he repeated what she just said a couple of seconds ago not believing her a bit.What era was it that a girl like her was trying to pick up a man on the street saying she will pay him?

Julia nodded with ease, as easy as whipped cream dissolved in the mouth. “Yeah. Don’t you need money now? Since your face is pretty good-looking and your figure and height are just right for my type I’ll pay youto bemy boyfriend for a month.”

The man gasped, shocked at what she just said. He was actually gagging inside disgusted at her appearance because he hated her type. “How do I look to you?” He was way out of her league and there’s no way he would take someone who didn’t even look a day over fifteen as his girlfriend; or be accused of sexual harassment for that matter. He would never ever bring himself to touch someone like her.

Julia looked up at him . “Like a homeless.”

His mouth fell open again, this time offended that she dared to look down on him as a person and even called him a homeless. “I am not a homeless.”

She just shrugged with her round eyes still staring up at him like it didn’t matter who he was. “Well, you look like a homeless to me. Anyway, if you pretendto bemy boyfriend for a month I’ll pay you twenty-five thousand,” she offered him a price.

He couldn’t stop being surprised. “Twenty-five thousand? Are you really that desperate?” she nodded as easy as a rolling ball without any shame.How can she use twenty-five thousand to try to get a man for herself when her appearance clearly screamed she had nothing?“You’re crazy. I really gotta go,” he turned to leave.

“Wait,” she stopped him by grabbing on to his lower arms before he can turn away again. “Please be my boyfriend,” she begged this time.

He thought the girl was really out of her mind, coming out there asking mento beher boyfriend. He can’t create a scene there or people will think he was harassing an underage girl.But the bitch won’t let go.“I say no,” he tried to pull away but she was clingingto his arms. He gritted his teeth, “Let go. Even if I decidedto beyou don’t look like you have that twenty-five thousand,” he really couldn’t shake her off, “And you’re too ugly for me.”

Julia gasped in surprised and loosen her hold on him. He quickly turned and walked away, more like running. Julia was stunnedat his remarked that she couldn’t chase after him. “Arrg. How rude!” she gave a heavy sigh. “That bastard. Who does he think he is? Fine, I’ll just ask another guy passing by.”

Unsuccessful.The next seven men that passed by her were all good-looking but no one had any interest in her. She knew that nobody willbe attractedto her the way she dressed, but she had to keep her identity hidden. And she’s quite comfortable in them.

The next day the same man who Julia called homeless came by again and saw Julia was still trying to buy a boyfriend. “Are you still trying to buy a boyfriend again?” He said from behind her.

Julia jerked around and it was that rude man again. “Oh, isn’t it the homeless man?”

She pushed that button again, which he was getting pissed for being called a homeless. “I told you I’m not a homeless,” he told her through gritting teeth.

Her eyebrows drew together. “Try telling that to that homeless over there,” she pointed to the homeless standing on the island in the middle of the road holding a sign that had some words written on it with “GOD BLESS YOU” at the bottom. “I don’t think he’ll believe you.”

His inside was boiling because someone like himwas comparedto a homeless when he wasn’t even near being one, the gap between them was just too big. “Well, you’re no different,” he started. “With that look of yours who would think you have twenty-five thousand? And I doubt that body of yours will earn a penny unless some an ugly old pervert is interested in children.”

She gaped stunned at what he just said. “Arrg, you’re so rude!”

“How am I rude? You’re the rude one.”

“I’ll make you regret being rude to me.”

“You’re a crazy girl.”

Julia was too pissed at him, she thought of a wicked idea. “Hump, I’ll make you the rude one here.” She threw herself at him and held on to him tight also pulling his hands to wrap around her and started screaming. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! PERVERT! SOMEBODY HELP ME! HE’S TRYING TO RAPE ME!” People started to gather around the scene and chattered. Some even took out their cell phones and started dialing 9-1-1. “AAAAAAAAAAH, HE’S TOUCHING ME! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME. HE’S HARRASSING ME!”

“Whoa. No!” He tried to push her away but she was holding on to him her body wrapping around him like a snake squeezing his breath out. And with him looking like a homeless made people even more disgusted at him. “Let go of me you crazy bitch!”

“Aaah, somebody please call the police!” she cried out.

“Move, move,” a husky and low masculine voice pushed through the crowd. He appeared at the center in a black sweatpants and white tank top stretched across his really wide and muscular chest. He was really tall, as tall as the homeless man but bigger with huge muscle bulging out. The muscular man looked very angry, “You damn bastard!”

Julia quickly pushed the homeless man away and moved to the side without hesitation. The muscular man attacked the homeless man and threw him to the ground. The homeless man was in pain, he felt like his bones were cracking into pieces. The muscular man beat up the homeless man andAah, Ooh,Oofwere the only sounds heard from the homeless man.

Julia slipped away while the homeless man was being beatenand she felt sorry for him but he was the one who made her mad. And that’s just what he deserved for being rude to her, calling her ugly. She thanked the muscular man even though she had no idea who he was. She was glad he came at the right time and taught the homeless man a lesson. But with this, it was too scary and unexpected that she will never do it again because she wouldn’t want to meet the homeless man again. She knew she would be dead if she ever ran into him in the near future. “Phew,” she wiped the sweats off her forehead glad she got away before she turned into a pile of poop.

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