Auditioning for Love

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 06, 2014

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Submitted: April 06, 2014



The next morning, Auberon awoke fully prepared for the day. He was very excited and enthusiastic for rehearsal, plus possibly seeing Jarrod again. He spent a little extra time to pick out his clothes, do basic make-up as he does, and get ready to adventure out into the cold. He got his daily tea, a spiced red tea this time, and began the track to the theater.

On his mind was what they talked about last night.. Something had seemed a little off with Nori the entire conversation, as he talked about Jarrod’s interactions with him... He wasn’t sure how, but he would talk about it later. Right now he was on a high, he wasn’t ready to get down from it yet.

Auberon walked calmly into the theater, more confident this time then before. He approached the desk, seeing Sally sitting there as previously. She greeted him with a warm smile.

“Hello. How may I help you?” She said as sincere as before. Auberon couldn’t help but return the smile.

“Hello, Sally. Are we in the dance studio again?” He asked, with the assumption she knew what he was talking about. She nodded her head lightly.

“Yes sir, just as normal. Though, the only person here right now is Mr. Levitt. “ She informed kindly, waiting for him to make his leave before returning to her computer. Auberon smiled and with a slight nod left towards the dance studio.

He walked in, taking off his shoes quickly, and sat down to begin stretching. He knew he was early, but he did enjoy to stretch longer than what was normally allowed during rehearsal. He was doing ‘downward facing dog’ when he felt a presence behind him.

“Why hello there. You're here early.” He heard his deep, seductive voice- almost felt him pressed against his raised behind. Auberon felt his face flush red. He brought himself down and turned around to face him.

Jarrod stood there with that smirk across his face, watching before him how easily it was to embarrass this man. He liked that. He liked the power to make him blush. to make him embarrassed.

“Yeah... I like stretching a lot before dancing. Want to stretch with me?” The way he said it made Auberon regret it extremely. It sounded very sexual. He felt his face turn bright red, yet hoped Jarrod didn’t take it as he did.

“Sure. I don’t know very many stretches though.” Jarrod took a seat right next to him, more interested in seeing his body move in those tight jeans, the light fabric t-shirt in which he could see his nipples slightly through it.

“Alright, now, what we will do is start like this... Put your feet together and lean forward, touching them as much as you could.” Simple enough, Jarrod thought. He saw that Auberon could touch well past his feet and lean forwards strongly, yet strange enough he couldn’t do it....

They shared this moment, of doing yoga poses, before the first people started trickling in. The director wanted to speak to him, the actors wanted to suck up to him, all the norm. It interrupted his observations of his new interest. He was going to get back to him later.

It was an exceptionally long rehearsal for Jarrod. It was a lot of trust building exercises between the actors, that Nancy requested he be a part of, and then reading over the script, which was exceptionally dreadful because then he had to hear people butchard the lines with their over dramatized reading. They didn’t even fully know what was going on but they felt they had a right to put their own personality into the reading. All but Auberon, he decided to read it casually, not over sad, or over mad, or over happy as the others. He read it casually, just as it was suppose to be said.

He stayed back as he watched everyone leave, to continue with their busy lives. Except Auberon, he seemed to have nothing he was rushing too, he was very carefully placing his winter gear on. He did live quite a distance away from the theater... It was upsetting for Jarrod to think he walked to the theater everyday.

He approached him as he did yesterday. “Hello Auberon. I was wondering if you could help me with those yoga positions again... Let’s say my place?” The offer rang in Auberons ears... Go to..his place? To help teach...’yoga’? Was he prepared for this? Did he want to do it? Whatever ‘it’ was?

He let out a shy smile. “Sure... I can help you with your form.” Auberon said, though he felt his knees were shaking.

“Alright. let’s go.” Jarrod walked ahead, assuming Auberon was behind him, which he was. Jarrod was very happy Auberon took him up on his offer, though he knew he would from the beginning.

Auberon’s mind was running, he could hardly focus on what he was going to do. If it was as he thought it was, a more sexual invitation, would he take it or would he not? Auberon was no virgin, but he never slept with men on the first date... He passed by the desk, giving Sally a little smile, as she waved him goodbye. The look on her face wasn’t judging, though Auberon felt very self conscious going with Jarrod. He wasn’t trying to suck up to him, or trying to use him for more connections. He honestly liked him.

The car ride was quiet, again. Auberon watched as they moved out of the uptown traffic and into the downtown traffic. They pulled up to a very classy apartment complex. One which Auberon knew the penthouse cost around $7 Million to own it. Too his surprise, that was where they were heading. Straight to the top.

Inside, the place was beautiful. It was decorated very classic, with a fireplace going. Auberon dropped his bag to his feet, staring at everything. He knew he looked dumb, but he was amazed that something looked so beautiful.

Jarrod chuckled. Extravagance really did shock the less privilege. He helped Auberon out of his thrifted jacket and hung it up on a hook. Auberon smiled, regaining his composure.

“It’s really beautiful in here...” Auberon said, as Jarrod lead him into the open kitchen. He got out two wine glasses, knowing that Auberon was legal to drink. He poured them, a little fuller than what is custom.

“Let’s go to the living room and you can show me how a few of these poses go...” Jarrod said with a smile on his face. Another opportunity to check out Auberon.

Auberon was suddenly very self conscious... What was going to happen tonight? He took a healthy gulp of his wine before he set it down. Jarrod had taken a seat on the couch, his eyes watching Auberon with much interest. He was going to see just how much spunk this kid had, and if he was even worth his time.

For a long moment Auberon stood there, looking back at Jarrod with slightly confusion. But, then he remembered why he was there. He sat down onto the ground, putting his feet together in front of his, and smiled. “This is what we always start with. Come here and I can show you.” Auberon beckoned Jarrod with a slight pat next to him.

Jarrod was even more impressive than when he invited him back. He sat down next to him, matching his position. It was a little difficult for him, he never has had to be flexible before, but Auberon sat there in skin tight jeans and was able to do this. So, was there any reason he couldn’t?

Auberon started easy, doing a few things like downward dog, the tree, and other yoga poses that didn’t take much effort. But then he decided to get harder.

“I’ll be right back.” Auberon said, going into his bag. Jarrod watched as Auberon’s butt shook gently as he searched through his bag, finally finding the black ball of cloth inside it.

“My Jeans are too tight to continue on, so I’ll be back..” Auberon went on a quick hunt to find the bathroom and change into his spandex shorts.

Jarrod sat on the ground, contemplating his next move.. He was questioning rather or not he wanted to attempt to seduce him... Or if he just wanted to have fun. He knew if he seduced him, that could completely change their relationship. As in, he would be nothing but a booty call. But if he chose to leave him alone, it could develop more into a full on relationship...

Auberon came back out, wearing tight spandex shorts that didn’t hide much. His legs were hairless, something that was almost required to be with Jarrod. He gave him a simple smile, returning to his place next to him.

“Well, are you ready for further training?” Auberon asked, getting himself comfortable. His heart was beating fast, he had no idea what this was going to turn into. He wasn’t quite sure himself if he was going to give himself to this man if he asked. Auberon never did anything like that, he always had a lengthy relationship before allowing it to get so far. He’s only known him for 2 days.

“After you, teacher.” Jarrod said, smirking, having made up his mind. He had plenty of booty calls as it was, might as well try for something more. Auberon seemed just his type. They had just gotten back into stretching their muscles when the phone rang.

Jarrod grumbled before rising to his feet, answering it.

“Hello?” He said impatiently, his eyes still examining Auberon as Auberon continued to so some more... provocative stretches. At least to him, they were. Those poses were probably completely normal in the yoga community.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, sir, but we are giving a warning to all the residents that there is a huge blizzard coming in. So, we are requesting you all move your cars before to avoid having to get out there for the plowing.” It was the manager. Jarrod looked at Auberon thoughtfully... He could keep him overnight..

“Alright. I’ll do that.” Jarrod hung up without an acceptable closing, walking over to Auberon.

“Alright, so, there is a huge storm coming in any minute now... I think it’s best if you stay here, so neither of us have to get caught in it. Does that sound okay?” Jarrod asked, putting on his coat and grabbing his keys.

Auberons face turned a little more flushed. He nodded slightly, returning to the initial seat. “yeah, that sounds fine..." Auberon wondered why he didn't offer to bring him home now, but he really didn't want too. He was actually having fun. He watched as Jarrod left the room, staring at his butt before the door closed.

He now let out his breath. He wasn't sure how this day was going to play out, but he did know he liked where it was going... Though he wasn't sure if he really wanted to have sex yet. He did only just meet him.

He sat patiently, arguing with himself in his mind. Jarrod came back in, his hair looked more wet than before, the snow was falling pretty quickly.

"It's already getting pretty bad out there. Luckily for us, if we need anything we can take the skyway there." He said as he plopped down next to Auberon. Auberon watched him almost bewildered. He spoke so casually, so calmly, not at all like he was a very rich and famous man speaking to an unknown wannabe.

"That sounds good, I am getting kind of hungry..." Auberon said, as his stomach growled loudly. He would have had a lovely bowl of ramen for dinner if he were at home, for ramen was all his small wages could afford on a common bases. He watched as Jarrod pondered his request.

“Hmm..We could order something, if you have no opposition.”  Jarrod said, with a shrug the the shoulder. Auberon nodded nonchalantly, Relaxing a bit more. Though still on edge, he was starting to feel more comfortable.

Jarrod left him once again to order dinner for the two of him. He owned a very modern, very new kitchen, but it was mostly for show. The only time it would be used for cooking would be if he had a private chef come or one of his partners decided to cook for him. Jarrod had in mind what exactly he wanted out of Auberon. He returned to Auberon, an eyebrow almost raised. What was Auberon’s intentions as well?

Auberon had already returned to the couch, sipping his glass of wine again. Jarrod sat next to him, relatively close. Auberon looked at him with that hopeful, sincere smile. He hardly saw that within his profession anymore. Most people tried to get close to others for the sake of ‘climbing the status ladder’, yet he got the feeling Auberon wasn’t after that. They sat in a silence as both fell into their thoughts. Jarrod was first to snap out of it.

“Tell me a little about yourself.” Jarrod asked, as he picked up his glass of wine once again.

Auberon’s cheeks flushed a light pink color. “ Well...I’m Auberon, I’m 22, I have a degree in performance arts... This is the first musical that I have had a singing part in..for obvious reasons,” Auberon said with a slight shy smile. “I worked at the K-Mart in midtown, as a bagger, but I quit after when I got the part.” Jarrod watched him speak, watching his light pink lips move as he carefully decided what to say. He was more interested in their movement then what he was saying.He sat his glass down and moved closer to Auberon then he was before.  

“Well, I’m glad we could help make your dream come true...” Jarrod said, watching his lips more, wondering if he should just go for it. With the way Auberon watched, his eyes slightly closed, his face a deeper shade of pink, he knew what he wanted.

Jarrod leaned in and planted his lips against those soft ones of Auberon. Auberon didn’t resist any, placing his hand gently onto the shoulder of Jarrod. Their kiss intensified as both moved to keep it going. Auberon felt himself pushed back, his back hitting the other end of the couch. He felt the pressure of Jarrod’s body on top of his. His hands were rubbing Jarrods back strongly, hearing himself let out a moan. Jarrod’s hands were moving against the small chest of Auberon’s, feeling him up.

Jarrod was getting very excited, and felt Auberon was as well. Their kiss was broken to remove Auberon’s shirt from his small, fit body. Jarrod moved into kissing his neck, his hands finding their way to Auberon’s nipples, caressing them gently.

Jarrod had told himself he didn’t want to go this far with Auberon, not yet, but he couldn’t control himself. He felt such an attraction to this man he couldn’t contain it any longer.

Jarrod got his own shirt off with the help of Auberon’s delicate hands. He heard a gasp leave from Auberon’s face as he saw that Jarrod had pierced nipples. Jarrod smiled and he returned to pressing his lips against Auberon’s.

Auberon wrapped his legs around Jarrod’s back, feeling his excitement intensify with the slight rocking of Jarrods body on top of his. He moaned softly into their kiss, hardly being able to breathe but not caring much. He just wanted to get closer to Jarrod.

Just as Jarrod moved his hands down to remove Auberon’s shorts, the doorbell rang. Auberon groaned out of frustration, feeling Jarrod move himself up and off of Auberon. Auberon felt cold once he no longer was there.

The doorbell rang once again. “Give me a moment!” Jarrod yelled, getting a jacket on. When he opened the door, it was the food. Though Jarrod did not like being interrupted, he couldn’t yell at the food delivery man. He actually had arrived just as he said he would, less then 30 minutes.

“Hello sir! It will be 26.95.” He said, bringing out the recipe for Jarrod to sign and give tip. Jarrod felt generous, since he did stop him from sleeping with Auberon too early. He gave him a $100 tip, then took the food. “wow, thank you sir!” The man had a large smile on his face. Jarrod dismissed him and closed the door, bring the bags over to the dining room table.

Auberon sat, a blanket that was hung over the back of the couch wrapped around his slender figure. He was waiting to see if they would pick up where they left off, or if it was time for food. the moment was killed, and he was hungry, but he wasn’t going to assume.

“Are you hungry? let’s get some food...” Though Jarrod was brought in by the way the blanket clung to his figure, the way his face and body just waited for order... He didn’t want to do it. Not quite yet.

Auberon got up, looking around for his shirt. When he found it, he put it on before walking to the table to get some food. Jarrod already had plates out, allowing Auberon to make his own up.

They sat on the couch yet again, turning on the TV. Jarrod changed to the weather, to see how bad it was getting outside. So far, it had snowed over half an inch, in the past 45 minutes! Jarrod just shook his head.

“Gotta love Minnesota weather, huh?” Auberon said with a small giggle. Jarrod smiled, running ah and through his hair.

“I guess. It looks like rehearsal is cancelled tomorrow. But that’s okay.” Jarrod shrugged, thinking about it. They still had a long while before the show, it wasn’t like it was a week before show time or anything.

“Listen,” Jarrod started, setting is plate on the glass coffee table. He looked at Auberon, who had a full mouth. “I don’t want us to have sex so soon. But I do want you to be with me.” Jarrod was never known for being an undirect man.

“That sounds good to me....I like waiting too.” Auberon smiled, excited now. He really did like Jarrod, he was surprised he was asking him this.. He didn’t have much to offer, just his unconditional emotions and body. “Just... Why me?”

Jarrod thought about this for a moment before he smiled, looking Auberon in the eye. “Because I feel you both can love me...And obey me.”

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