you think you know it all....but u dont know a thing about me part 1

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young penelope lost her family at a young age and ever sice then she's been hauted by as she slowly starts to feel loved again in her new town matefalls:D

Chapter 1 (v.1) - you think you know it all....but u dont know a thing about me part 1

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Its not about the breaths you take, its about how you take ‘em

Young Penelope sat in the back of the car. She looked out the glass window with a frown on her face. All she wanted was someone to pay attention to her but instead she got sent to the corner for 5 minutes….and all of it was her baby brother’s fault. Everyone paid attention the him for being a baby but Penelope was also a baby in a way. She was 6 years old and she wasn’t aloud to cross the street by herself which meant she still wasn’t a big kid ’ ’Hun, can you please check if your baby brother is asleep?’’asked her mom. She looked in disgust at that boy. ‘’yes momma he is asleep. Now can you please pay attention to me?’’ ‘’baby, we pay attention to its only that your brother needs more because he’s a baby.’’ Penelope got angry.’’but daddy I thought you said I was your baby girl! that’s why you only got to pay attention to me’’ ‘’Penelope don’t be so selfish!’’’’ I wish you 2 and my brother would just die’’she mumbled. seconds later a truck came out of nowhere and hit them making the car turn various times. after that everything went blank for her.

Penelope opened her eyes little by little. She look around. where was she?’’finally your awake’’she heard a familiar voice say. ‘’momma?’’ she asked. Marie put her arms around her daughter. ‘’hello my dead dear Penelope.’’ ‘’momma, what happened?’’ Marie looked down not knowing how to tell her own flesh and blood that she was dead and that she was seeing her ghost and that her brother and dad also died. ’’um we were in a car accident but me, your brother and your dad are going to a better place. ‘’and im going with yall aren’t I?’’ Marie shook her head as Penelope shed a tear.’’I don’t understand why I cant go with you’’ Penelope’s eyes filled with sadness.’’ you’ll find out my dear’’the she disappeared. Penelope cried making her eyes puffy and red. Just then her 20 year old aunt, Emily ,came in rushing to get to her little niece.’’ so tiny and fragile. How could this happen to you?’’she thought as she hugged Penelope. ’’Penelope…your mom, dad and little brother aren’t with us anymore,’’she begain.’’there some place more beautiful and wonderful’’ ‘’I know, aunty, my momma came to tell me’’ Emily gave her a blank stare. ’’excuse me?’’I SAID!’’yelled Penelope trying to find out if she was deaf or something.’’no no! I heard the first time!..what do you mean Marie came to visit you?’’ Penelope smiled. ’’yeah she told me that she was going somewhere better but that I was going to go there later on’’ she looked down. Emily hugged her niece again but this time even more worried that that car crash did something to her brain.

Penelope, now 15 looked at a picture of her parents smiling at her with that one smile that made you feel comfortable and then she looked at a picture of her baby brother, Jackson. It was all her fault that her family was dead. No one else’s fault. Only Penelope Connor’s fault. her regretful wish has killed them and now it slowly killed her everyday. she looked back and it always ended in tears.’’ are you ready to leave?’’ asked Emily who was right behind her. Penelope looked to her side. ’’why so that everything can be the same? having no friends. Being treated ‘’special’’ by the people who know my story? To tell you the truth aunty im not’’ Emily looked concerned at her beautiful niece. ‘’Hun , you could have friends but you just push them away and if you keep doing that then they wont bother to come back’’ she rolled her eyes. ’’god damn it aunt Emily! You don’t know what its like because your not me!!!they act like that when your there but when your not they all treat me like trash! They treat me like if im a waste of space because I am!’’she broke down to tears on the floor. Emily kneeled down to her.’’no no no! Penelope you are not a waste of space! You’re a miracle that’s what you are and I tell you everyday because you are! You were the only one that survived and im so grateful!’’ Penelope whipped her tears. No one knew about her wish and no one knew that she cut herself. Specially not her aunt. She grabbed her suitcase and walked outside ready to face a challenge yet set.

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