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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: October 06, 2012

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Submitted: October 06, 2012



|Chapter 3|”An Awakening”

When I looked around the room, I felt vile begin to rise up in the back of my throat, the odor of spoiled milk loomed in the air. That odor came from the corpses sprawled out on the steel floor stained with Venushian blood. Vunes knelt beside one of the bodies and began to cry. I didn’t think that an alien showed emotion obviously I was wrong about that too. Vunes then muttered the word “brother” my head jerked back in astonishment. He then left the body and looked around again, then he went over to another body. He searched the pockets of the sleek silver vest on the corpse. He then tore the vest off the body and discovered the Janglian insignia tattooed to its chest.

Vunes turned the body over and placed his finger tips on the neck of the corpse. Claws shot out of his fingertips, he dug into the neck and pulled out a spherical shaped object. The dead corpse changed from Venushian to some other, far more horrible creature to behold. It had scaly plates for skin with spikes going down its back, it also had claws on both its feet and hands. Vunes lifted up its upper lip, exposing its razor sharp teeth. He checked his eyes, bright red with no pupils. Vunes then went around and checked all of the other bodies and found bite and claw marks on the throats of them. I asked Vunes “What is that thing?” He looked at me and said grimly “It’s a Janglian.”

I felt a chill run down my spine; the thought of there being more of those things, the word scared can’t express how I felt. I walked down the hallway and out of the ships interior. When I emerged, I shielded my eyes the sun was so bright. While making my way up the incline, a streak of red began to run down the incline. That’s when I knew that one or more Janglians had escaped with the cargo and had killed everyone on the surface. When I reached the top I found the dead bodies of my team and everyone else who worked at the site. At least there was something left of his brother to reminisce over for Vunes, the bodies of my team were either half eaten or torn apart. Claw marks had defaced over 20 of the site workers and the others had been eaten. I then looked about 20 yards ahead and saw an impression in the sand. I ran over only to find the drag marks of what was obviously the cargo. I ran back into the ship and told Vunes what I found; I could tell he felt guilty about his brother’s death. I and Vunes ran to the spot of the drag marks.

Vunes thanked me, he sprinted into the ship, he returned with what appeared to be Venushian rifles, and other weapons. He then shape shifted into a human form, I knew that shape shifting would take some getting used to. “Let’s get going, before those things comeback for us!” I said sharply, I began walking along the drag trail. After a few minutes, I realized Vunes wasn’t with me. I turned around to see Vunes loading a sand sample of the drag trail and inserting them in motorcycle like vehicles.

I ran back and yelled to him “Vunes! Wh-what are you doing!?” he then gave me the father to son glare and went back to what he was doing. Once he was finished Vunes started both the vehicles then told me “If we walk we die either by natural cause or by Janglians. We will use these”. I hopped on the second vehicle and Vunes gave me a quick rundown of how to use it. We used our radar which had the sand samples uploaded in them, to follow the trail. Little did I know how long of an adventure this would turn out to be.

At that very moment lights were shooting by me, I looked down the lit tunnel of light and there was a planet, I was in space. I was getting closer to the planet, and then finally I was hurled down to the planet. I hit the planet hard, sliding across the rugged terrain. My body became numb, I couldn’t feel a thing. I had fallen into a cave, I turned over onto my back and began to take deep breaths. When I came to my senses I began to make my way up the entrance of the cave. When I reached the top of the steep incline that led out of the cave, I took a good look around. “Where am I?” I asked myself, and then from behind me a voice answered “You’re on Venus, my home world.” I quickly spun around to face the same creature that was on the ship.

“I’m on Venus!?” I said “How can that be? I would’ve been burnt up by now!” I said. The creature responded in disgust “Where did you get that from?” I said “Its pure logic, Venus is the 2nd planet from the sun it can’t support life!” The creature looked puzzled, then said “Yet I’m here, you’re here. That is proof alone that Venus can support life.” Then it asked “That is pure logic, isn’t it?” I got a sick feeling when I took that into account. The creature then said “I am Vunes Anthul, I am a Venushian” [Venewshian] “You’re also wrong about other planets as well, Jupiter as you would call it does indeed have life. It is much like earth, the people there all called the Kwakakillions.” I began to vomit, space travel is different than air travel. “On Venus Jupitor is Jonfulia.” The creature said, I asked “Why did we find your craft on earth?” The creature said to me “That craft was attacked, by the Janglians. A race of people that live on the planet you would call Mars.” I asked “Why did they attack your ship?”

The creature then said “I and my crew were carrying a precious cargo to the planet Merculio or Mercury,” I blurted out “There is life on Mercury too?” it said “Yes, don’t interrupt me, while traveling to Merculio we were contacted by my planet. They told us that Janglians were soon going to be upon us and that we needed to pick up the pace. Before I could respond a Janglian Cruiser shot into view, they began to deploy warrior ships to board and steal the cargo. Some of the warrior ships continued an assault outside of our ship, the first thing they destroyed was our command relay. Our command relay allows us to communicate with our home world and call for reinforcements.” I told all security guarding the cargo to get ready to defend the cargo with their lives.

Not a moment after Janglian ships drilled holes into the ship and began to board. We were outnumbered and outgunned, their cruiser began firing. The majority of the shots fired hit our engines making them cease working. We then were sent off course and crashed into earth.” I marveled listening to the story, just imagining it filled me with joy. I said “That’s why we found your ship on earth.” The creature responded “Yes, that is exactly why.” I was puzzled that still didn’t answer the last question “Where is the cargo?” The creature look shocked “Oh no, we must return to earth quickly!”

The creature grabbed my hand and teleported us back to the ship. Then it ran down the hall and into a hidden bunker under the interior of the ship. It frantically searched for the cargo to no avail, after searching the creature then sprinted up through the hallway into the room of our first encounter. It paused in the doorway and looked around the room slowly. When I caught up to it I understood why it stopped.

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