We Gotta Live Twice

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Edmund and Kimberly have been childhood frenmies.... But one person comes into their lives and brings forward a journey which follows for 2 lives...... How will they fight their way to love?? Will their love succeed or is it evil wins over good this time..???

Chapter 1 (v.1) - We Gotta Live Twice

Submitted: April 23, 2012

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Submitted: April 23, 2012



Author's Note: First of all a lot of helloes to my fellow Booksie members and friends.... Well.. this is my very first chapter of my very first novel... I'm publishing this finally on my best friends order... yeah... well... i really hope you all read this and like it... please do leave comments about it.. whether any changes are needed or it's getting boring... all types of reviews are welcome as it would help me become a better writer..... and the character pictures will be put up soon.. i'm just looking for the perfect people to play the roles.... and go according to my imagination... i really hope you like it.. i have my fingers crossed.... okay.. that's the only author's note which will be this long.. the next one will be shorter.... lots of love.... - Urvasi <3 <3


Chapter -1

I don’t remember much from my first day at school, except one person whom I hated as well as was friends with. Edward Richard. Gosh, that name gets me upset all the time. Yet, I can say that he’s a genuine friend. Well, you all must be thinking who I am?? My name’s Kimberly William. I live in New York with my parents and a brother Robbie. I’m right now in my senior year and will graduate soon. Senior year has been one of the most wonderful times of my life. It is the same today. Though school days were coming to an end, I was glad that I was going to university. It would be so much fun. For the first time I would be away from my loving yet, possessive parents. Well thinking about university gave me chills at times. Anyways, coming to the present, I got ready for school today. As it was a bright day I chose to wear a pinkish red summer dress with a floral design to it along with a white belt tied into a bow. My hair had light curls to them. I just dabbed a little lip gloss, some liner and I was of.

I got into my car, an Audi A1 sport back in black color. I loved my car a lot. It was trendy as well as cheap. I started driving toward my school. God it was so boring to be alone at home. I had never been left alone. Mom and dad were away. I hadn’t even eaten anything. As I listened to some music and went over these thoughts I pulled into the school parking lot, grabbed my backpack and rushed inside. I smiled at all the familiar faces as I made my way through the crowd towards my locker.

I rummaged through my bag for the key. As I got hold of it, the bag slipped from my hand and started falling toward the ground. When I was about to catch it, another set of hands caught it swiftly and handed it to me. No points for guessing who it was. “Thanks Ed”, I said it with my eyes on the locker. I could sense him standing beside me leaning against his locker, waiting for me to look at him. “That’s no way to thank people”, he said with a smirk on his face. The way he has evolved into one of the most handsome persons in the school was just a matter of pride to me. The beautiful deep set brownish black eyes, his dusky skin and a muscular body which every single guy in the school was jealous of. I just shook my head, grabbed my books and headed towards class. He followed behind me and snatched my bottle of water gulping the water like he was in a desert. I narrowed my eyes and said “That’s no way to just snatch people’s stuff without their permission. It’s rude and on top of that hand it back empty-“

He just kept grinning and I just stomped my foot and went into the class, and took my place in the bench in the middle of the classroom. And in came Edmund taking his seat next to mine. Yup. Other than being my classmate, he was also my bench mate. As the teacher was not in class I got my phone out of my bag and checked my Facebook. It was my favorite class and our teacher Mr. Rodriguez was the best English teacher ever. I looked away for a while and found Des busy talking to one of the girls in our class named Evelyn. She was good looking, tall and all but a complete show off. Poor Ed. I sighed and went back to my cell phone. Wow. Mom and Dad were finally in Brazil. They were going to Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana after that then come back. I commentd on a few of their pics and signed out just in time as Mr Rodriguez entered the class. Suddenly, Brad grabbed my book and started copying down the essay on Romeo and Juliet which we were supposed to do. I knew he would not have done it. I smacked him on his shoulder (not that it had any effect on him) and whispered,

“Why don’t you ever do your homework? Why is it that your essay has to be the same as mine? Write it on your own you egghead.” He just stuck his tongue and said slowly,
“I don’t need to do my homework because I get it readymade right here”, he said pointing towards my book. “And besides,” he continued “Your essays always manage to get me an ‘A’ without me even trying”’ he chuckled and winked. I felt like grabbing his book and tearing it into a thousand pieces. As I was glaring at him, Mr. Rodriguez made me answer a question about Romeo. I stood up and gave a perfect answer. It was Brad’s turn next. Surely he had seen us arguing. This was my turn for revenge. Ooh. How I was praying that he gets it wrong. He got a question about the various other characters in Romeo and Juliet. Awesome!!! . But, as I was waiting for his answer I felt my head swirl and my body going under the table like a jelly and then nothing.

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