Memories of Myself-A Personal Memoir

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This is the story of my life from the beginning to 2005. This chapter is on my youth

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Memories of Myself-My Youth

Submitted: April 20, 2007

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Submitted: April 20, 2007



OneMy Youth

I was born one week later than expected. My mother thought that she was in labor so she went to the hospital one week early. I was finally born into this world on December 6, 1946. My full name is Glen George Mayberry. My birth certificate stated that there were no birth defects. My mother stayed in the hospital for a few days and we both came home on December 9th. Mom, Dad and I all lived with Mom’s parents at their Macon Street home in Los Angeles, California. I don’t remember much about my maternal grandfather. I remember that he was an Engineer for the Southern Pacific Railroad. He would take runs to Yuma, AZ and back. I was six months old when he died of heart problems.

Two weeks after birth, I was baptized into the Catholic faith at Divine Savior Church two blocks away from where we lived. I don’t remember too much about the Baptism. Nor do I remember who my sponsors were. After my grandfather died, my grandmother sold the Macon Street home and moved with us to another home.

Within six months, we moved to another home on Fifth Avenue near to my Mother’s Sister and her Husband. We also had another addition to the family. We went to church each Sunday at St. John the Evangelist Church. It was a large church and decorated nicely. We attended the nine o’clock Mass each Sunday morning. As I recall, we lived on Fifth Avenue for two years. It had three bedrooms, a kitchen, one bathroom, a dining room and a living room with an attached garage. It was a nice house and we even had the house blessed. My father had to walk the floors with me at night because I wasn’t sleeping well. Eventually I slept all night.

After living there, we moved to another house located at 1221 Pearl Street in Compton, CA. It was on a corner across the street from a park. This house had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, a living room, and a kitchen. My brother and I shared a bunk bed. He was on the top bunk and I was on the bottom bunk. My other brother had a bed of his own. Every nice day our mother would take us to the park to play. You could smell the Eucalyptus trees that were in the park. On the weekends, Dad would take us to the park to play three flies up or play catch. Out back was a sandbox that Dad made for us to play in. We would play in the sand with small cars or toy soldiers. We would build tunnels or foxholes for the plastic soldiers to simulate shooting. The sandbox was near where my Mother would hang up the washed clothes. She had a Kenmore washing machine. Dryers were not yet on the market.

Here in Compton, I entered Colin P. Kelly School. I attended the morning session. We would play and draw things. There was also snack and naptime. The snack consisted of Graham Crackers and Milk. I had a mat that I would rest on at naptime. My grandmother would take me to school in the morning and pick me up at 12:30. In the afternoon, I would play with my brothers. We would play in the backyard where it was safe. My father didn’t like us playing in the park when he wasn’t around.

In 1951, I entered Our Lady of Victory School in Compton. I also made my First Confession and First Communion. I was one of the smallest people so I had to be at the front of the line. For my First Communion, I wore a long sleeved white shirt, blue pants and black shoes. I was scared to death of taking the host at Communion.

First Grade wasn’t bad because I learned how to write, read and got a good vocabulary going. I did good grade wise. While in Second Grade, I became interested in intramural sports such as basketball and baseball. My father bought me my first baseball glove. My paternal grandfather made us the bases and home plate for us to play with at school. In the Second Grade, I learned arithmetic and spelling. That year, I won the spelling bee and got an award for penmanship.

After living at that home for three years, we moved to another home in Lancaster, CA. During this time another boy was born. We were now four boys, two parents and a grandmother. It was getting to be a big family.

The house that we moved into was in a good part of town. I entered Third Grade at Sacred Heart School in Lancaster. I don’t remember too much about my teachers. There were all Sisters from the Religious Order of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart. I had several friends at school. One of them was Peggy Erhardt and the other was Linda Marie Madison. My mother would take Peggy and me to school in the morning. All Peggy would say is “Good Morning.” Linda and I would talk both at lunch and at recess. I liked her better than I liked Peggy.

I appeared in two plays while in Fourth Grade. I played Pinocchio in one. In the other, I played Prince Charming who had to kiss Sleeping Beauty. I enjoyed my courses in World Geography and English. I had dreams of traveling to foreign countries later on in life.

In 1955, the whole family moved to a house on Premiere Avenue in Downey, CA. At this house, there was another addition to the family. This time it was a girl. While at this house, I entered the world of work. I sold newspapers door to door each Sunday. After that I delivered newspapers for the Southeast News and the Herald American. After two years, I got a large route with the Herald Examiner that I delivered daily after school and on the weekends. I made good money and enjoyed my work. My mother started me drinking coffee because of the cold weather. My schooling continued at St. Dominic Savio School that was about a mile from home. I rode my bike to school each day.

I also became an Altar Boy and served mass a lot during the years of 1956 to 1960. I worked my way up in the altar boy ranks by learning Latin and serving Mass a lot. I got so good at it that I could lay out the proper vestments for the priest. I also became Master of Ceremonies for the Solemn High Masses. I still think that I should have entered the Seminary after eighth grade. I continued my studies and became good in writing, spelling and science. I improved so much that my father bought me a microscope and a chemistry set.

After I completed Fifth Grade, we moved to another house located at 10213 Priscilla Street still in Downey, CA. It was at this house that I became a Star Scout in the Boy Scouts. Upon graduating from Eighth Grade, I received the Gloria Pratte Award for Religious Excellence. It was given to me for my work in the Church and for my grades in Religion and Bible History.

During the years 1961 to 1965, I attended Pius X High School and took courses that would prepare me for college. After graduation, I entered Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA as a Pre-Med Major.

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