Janitor, Swindler & Caretaker Parts

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Janitor, Swindler & Caretaker Part 1

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013





Just as I pushed through the plywood door of the bathroom, I felt as if I'd stepped into another world altogether.

All hell broke loose, more like.

I screamed a blood-curdling yelp and he, well, thankfully, he just let his darkened eyes dilate in the flourescent lit cubicle.

My consciousness remained at service, nonetheless, as I-thinking rationally enough-pulled the wooden door close and wordlessly exited the Ladies'.

THEN, and only then, I panicked.

Wh-wh-what WAS that?! My mouth went dry as I swallowed over the huge constriction in my throat in trepidation and fright.

W-what was a-a man doing inside the girls' bathrooms?

Was that some sort of freak? I rubbed my forehead in a futile effort to knead the brewing killer head-ache away.

'Yes! A MAJOR freak,' I decided out loud, making a sour face as I thought of disgusting pervy guys, notorious for their sick ways of getting to a girl. Eurgh. Was HE one of them too?!

Kylie, listen to yourself, you're barely making any sense! A sicko who peeked while pretending to shower in the girls'?!

Mimi used to constantly warn me of all sorts of boys, but still... to this extent...?

I realized I couldn't shake the nagging feeling & invading questions off my mind.

Closing my eyes, I sighed with deliberate relaxation to calm myself, I made up my mind.

I'm going to double-check the guy, and with that decision made, I marched back to the bathrooms.

Quietly grateful that the school building was all but vacant, because of the annual dance party in the gymnasium downstairs, I let myself in the room with a much braver heart.

The shower was running and male voice hummed to a rhythm along, however as the door closed with a slight, muffled click, the humming stopped and the shower did too.

I inhaled, gulped and wet my dried lips, awaiting the 'cause' of my, er, anxiety.

To my sensitized hearing, the sounds of the zipper being zipped up and the relaxed rustle of cotton landing on smooth skin, carried clearly. And inevitably, I reddened.

Intentional, intentional, my mind chanted fiercely as...'he' walked out.

My long-fingered hand rose up to my mouth in obvious shock, my widened blue-eyed gaze arrested on the profile of the best-looking man I'd ever beheld in my entire life.

He was so smoulderingly sexy that I could not tear my eyes away from his bemused face, and just stared at him like the major dope I'm sure I am....



'Yes, yes, the job interview went absolutely fantastic, Mike, stop fretting,' I rolled my eyes at the azure sky and smiled.

What a gorgeous, sunny day, I sighed contently.

My guardian, dad's cousin, friend, caretaker: Mike Lenard. Mike was a great guy who never hovered but ever since I'd turned eighteen and taken it upon myself to go earning, paying for my college and my sisters' expenses, Mike had changed, transformed into a completely different person. Now we spent more time together than ever.

'I hope, for your sake, it did,' he responded from the other side in his deep baritone voice.

Crazily enough, I just loved his voice.

Mike was going to turn thirty-seven soon and the girls and I'd made definite plans to get together for THAT at the least. He had been married once, even though it hadn't worked out, Rita and Mike were still on wonderful terms, like they often met for lunch or at mutual friends' parties.

I was part-envious of his relationship with his stunning model of ex. I mean, we were close but it was a far cry still....

Ah, fine, confession time, I've been in love with him since forever. And though he's so totally off-limits, my undying love for my caretaker still kindles with the same fire it had when I'd been just shy of ten, and he was twenty-five, a major hunk with crew-cut honey hair, smiling grey eyes and an easy-going, fun-loving personality...

I shook my head. It's a plain baffling infatuation.

Seriously, I don't get it.

After I dropped his call, I plucked my hTC One X and my thumb floated across the screen as I read texts from old college friends and Kylie.

'Yo. No newz frm Ellie. N gues wat. I just met this hot, jerk... NAKED.'

I burst out laughing, mirthfully shaking my head.

Kylie. So far away, and yet Kylie, with her fascinating skill of making me laugh my head off with her witty one-liners; I was in awe of my beautiful, younger sister, one way or the other.

Ellie... Well, she was a different case altogether. An enigma, a mystery, I couldn't describe her otherwise--disgruntled, with life, and her swindler of a boyfriend, in general--who had fled from her school on just the last day before the break.

Thinking about it now, as I drove past the zig-zagged roads, I realized forlornly that I hadn't seen my sisters in two years.

If only mom and dad were here....

I sped over the speed limit, ignoring the 'speed-breaker ahead' sign-board, lost in my own train of thoughts.



'Holy shit, Jaden, stop, aw'right?' Alisha whisper-shouted furiously into the mouth-piece of the plastic receiver.

I cringed inwardly. Does she have to cuss ALL the time?

'No fuck, we are HISTORY, Jaden,' she spat in her Indian accent.

'Sshhh,' I scowled at her in the dim light.

She gave me a WTF look, and arched a straight brow, as if saying, 'Loser'...

'He is so annoying,' she mouthed at me a while later.

I shrugged, saying, 'Your problem,' and leaned back against the fluffed pillows of Alisha's canopied queen-size bed, deeply immersed in something miles away, as flashbacks of my run-ins with Aaron, my ex, played before my eyes like a recorded film.


My anger boiled up dangerously as I saw him nuzzling into some bar-girl's all-too-willing voluptuous frame.

How...how dare he! I thought quite madly, not caring as the hot, treacherous tears sprung out my eyes, I pivoted on my heels and stalked out of the stinking, grimy place.


My shoulders shook with ill-concealed fury and it took a great deal of restraint, on my side, to bear seeing Aaron again, this time cowering behind Leanna, Lish's older sister, while he babbled crap like, 'I still love you, baby, that woman just threw herself at me... I wasn't...'


Maybe he'd been telling the truth but I had been blinded by wrath and so much aversion that it had even shocked me, and I hadn't bothered to listen.

Well, anyhow, you left the bar for the best, Ellie, I reminded myself sternly, twirling a lock of my straight brown hair around my finger, and then closing my eyes that burnt with unshed tears.

Kyles...Mimi... Where are you guys right now?


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