Seductive Attraction

Seductive Attraction

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Adam Michaels is not the popular kid nor the most outgoing. He is the nobody of the century. And this nobody believe it or not is best friends with the all star quater back. Talk about irony. But what lurks behind that smile and those eyes? Not drugs but different kind of addiction. An undying love, which he is tortured everyday by his most beloved. Tortured by love comes a perverted mind to keep you sane. Adam Michaels in not the popular kid nor the most outgoing but he is in love with the most popular cool kid, his best friend. Cliche isn't it?
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Adam Michaels is not the popular kid nor the most outgoing. He is the nobody of the century. And this nobody believe it or not is best friends with the all star quater back. Talk about irony. But what lurks behind that smile and those eyes? Not drugs but different kind of addiction. An undying love, which he is tortured everyday by his most beloved. Tortured by love comes a perverted mind to keep you sane. Adam Michaels in not the popular kid nor the most outgoing but he is in love with the most popular cool kid, his best friend. Cliche isn't it?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Seductive Attraction

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Adam Michaels is not the popular kid nor the most outgoing. He is the nobody of the century. And this nobody believe it or not is best friends with the all star quater back. Talk about irony. But what lurks behind that smile and those eyes? Not drugs but different kind of addiction. An undying love, which he is tortured everyday by his most beloved. Tortured by love comes a perverted mind to keep you sane. Adam Michaels in not the popular kid nor the most outgoing but he is in love with the most popular cool kid, his best friend. Cliche isn't it?

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 10, 2013



Lincoln High, a prison for the intolerable adolescents of society. Uncontrolled raging hormones of teenagers run amuck in Lincoln high. As for I, just as any other, am one of them. Adam Michaels is my name, the nobody of the century. The only highlight of my 'prosperity' life is James Castro. To you might mean nothing, but to Lincoln High, he's the star. Just like any other cliché High School. Scoff. You might not or have guessed but he is my best friend. A popular cool kid and a nobody. So perfect isn't it. But that is not the most surprising news yet. My secret since, well lets just say a long time, is my undying love for him. So predictable, my mind set is just the same as any other of these monkeys. What a shame in society. Don't get me wrong, I am not ashamed of my 'sexuality' just the fact in whom I am attracted to.

As I am walking towards the gates of hell I spot my object of desire, oh so delicious. Wrapped in tight dark enticing clothes, revealing his biceps who anyone can admire, his recent piercing attached to those perfectly rounded moist lips, and his scorching emerald eyes full of excitement, oh what I would do to tear him up and tie him to my bed licking his glinting body.... Whoa... sorry my friend, I get carried away, you would if you saw what I saw.

"What's up, gringo, my man!" he frantically yells to me, so excited to see me as if I am  his sole purpose of life. I head bob, its very manly I'm telling you, then dramatically sat down at our table demanding his attention to kiss my long awaited lips. Yeah all that is in my mind torturing me. So I sat 'regularly', enjoying the breakfast biscuit that was on the table already, which wasn't half bad when beast hands snatch my lovely biscuit while I almost took a bite.

"Hey!" I was about to hurt the person who took my not half bad biscuit till I realized it was the unmistakable James Castro. If it wasn't him I swear I would have hurt him.

"Dude," chewing, "What's up with you?" more chewing my destroyed lovely biscuit. What IS up with me? Oh I wish I could tell you, just let it all hang out ha-ha yes I wouldn't mind yours to hang all out. To tell you my mind blowing sexual desire for you, but nooooo that is a no no.

"Nothing dude! Now get me another biscuit" I scowled him, well at least I thought I did, which he seemed unaffected by it, my pathetic excuse of a scowl. How do you scowl anyways can anyone teach me? I would like him to teach me some other things though yum. He kept chewing, and unexpectedly he sat down next to me, brushing his leg on mine. Oh gosh what is he doing???! CAN ANYONE TELL ME!!? He's torturing me! sob Can anyone help me! Oh gosh, he's licking his lips and getting frankly close to me. James, I am going to take you into my closet and rape you! Well I rather you rape me but it's all good. I want to take a bite of his lips yummy yum yum.

"You know you wanna take a bite of this?" 

"What?! You can read my mind?"

"What...?" Confused look Oh Shit.

"I mean that's disgusting! Perv!" Think think think he's gaining on us! Well me!

"I am saying take a bite of the biscuit Adam." he shook his head, a chuckle rumbled inside of him. Oh he thinks it was a joke! Everybody we are save I mean me! Yay! Well not yay I actually wanted to do it. This is my battle folks. Me, trying to rape my best friend, and him... encouraging me. Like I said raging hormones.

Lets get this straight, I am gay, he's not and he doesn't know so lets go on with the story.


That biscuit incident is still fresh in my mind, maybe I could have done something different, like actually raped him. Yes I agree with you, he would have like it. Anyways I sat on my perfectly neat desk. while everyone rampage into the class. Which is weird, this is an honor class. Are we  in the right class? Omg I am lost! I was too engrossed in James nakedness I went into the wrong class! Yes in our mind he's naked ALL THE TIME!

"Adam." Somebody whispered to my left, as I was starting to freak out.

"Huh?" I turned and I see Daniel, one of James friends. I didn't even know he knew my name. Yay someone knows my name! Can we do the happy dance! Everyone with me, shake your little tush, twirl all about, wave your hands into the air, and jump up and down.  Okay okay that's enough.

"Are you okay? You seem you're about to freak out." He politely asked. Wow I didn't know a jock could be nice to someone like me. Very remarkable.

"Am I in the right class, English honors?" I whispered as I leaned towards him. Wow on a closer perceptive he is cute. Mmhmm I would like a taste of him. No no its not James! Still though.

"Yeah, its always like this in the beginning of class, you're just not here to see it." He smiled chastely, revealing perfect glisten set of white teeth. The brightness! My eyes! Dazzling azure eyes twinkled as he recline into his seat.

"And you good sir, what are you implying?" I bobbed my head a bit like a girl would, well that really doesn't matter. He turned that delectable cute face towards me again, a small smirk upon those lips. I am not going to describe it! Lets just say its very inviting. I inhaled a gasp of air by his beauty and intensity. Why haven't I notice him sooner? You love James probably that's why. Well he can distract me a bit from delicious James.

"Well you taking your sweet time romancing up with Castro," I froze, my face grew hot and to his eyes beet red, his smirk grew deeper and his voice turned to silk, "If it was me I would have used your time more leisurely, you wouldn't be able to come to school at all." My eyes widen, I became agape. He slowly turned back towards the class, licking his lips, while his dreamy eyes were last to leave my sight. Wow I don't know if he's serious but I'd like to know more wouldn't you?

I swear something interesting came up in this hell.


Before we continue, I'd like to tell you more about me. Than these hot dreamy guys. Oh you know you want ravish them anytime of day! It'll be brief I swear! Anyways, I come from a very religious family, to sum it up my father is a pastor. But my mother is a slut. Having a go with those pesky errand boys. Cougar much. The thing is, thanks to them I meet James. On one of those bible camps, we hit it off. Oh I wish we did. Our sparkling 'friendship' boomed when he saved me from bullies. Who disliked my "gay" appearance. I guess I was fragile in those days. So cliché huh? Though imagine him in a Speedo and a cape. Sexy! Somewhere along the path he became football quarterback star, Mr. popular. That's how our exciting 'friendship' came to be.


Daniel and I made our way towards the table, I still can't believe he is in my class, four of my classes though, much to my observant skills. We talked, much more than I can ever imagine. I finally got a friend! Happy dance?! No! As we approached our table for nutrition, I caught James in an intense should I say sexual?! conversation with the most sluttiest dirty girl imaginable. A fantasy for some guys.. ewgh. Maria Sanchez. Not much of a name though. Her miniature body plastered on my baby's body like glue, her lips brushing his ear whispering probably not sweet nothings but dirty maybes, and her big breasts jiggled onto James chest, almost flashing her perky nipples. Have sex already?! For everybody to see. She'll probably like that. No that's a for sure.

What the fuck is she doing with my baby!!! If he was mine I would have tackled her down like an ape gone rampage killing her at the spot. In my mind he is mine so can I still do it?!

"Whoa..." Daniel said. I forgot he was here oops. At the corner of my eye he looked scared. He probably sensed my rage. I brushed my fingers into my thick soft hair trying to calm myself and stepped into the sex chambers. As we sat down awkwardly I heard her sickly voice.

"Por que papi? Te gusta cuando me chupan-" I noticed James jade eyes turned lustful and he gulped. Casting his gaze upon those over bearing breasts. 

"Tu sabes, linda." I wish I could tell you what exactly they are saying but I don't know Spanish. What I do know is its something about something. Now you know what I know. Yeah sure thanks a lot. I rubbed my temples and cast my sights on Daniel which to my surprise he was already staring at me, and he smiled ruefully. Can't I just fuck him, I don't care for James at the moment.

I caught sight of Steve, Mike and Richey walking over to the table with food. As they sat, skanky pants left much to my dismay. Finally you mean shit touching my baby! He's mine... in my mind! The guys of course leaned one way to ogle her assets.

"So... What was going on there huh?" Daniel first asked to relive the tension well my tensed ass self. It still pissing me off, yeah girls are on his sack constantly, getting on their knees and sucking off his dick, and fucking him crazy. I know this because he tells me but this one bitch is not like those others... she's dirtier. Oh how I wish I could slap her out of the earth! Whatever. Whatever. It does not get to me. Like hell it does fairy. It boils your blood. Remember your distraction?

"Ya come on amigo, you coud tell us." Steve said, his heavy accent rung in my ears, sitting next to Richey.

"That's a nice piece of ass you got, hit that yet?" Mike said elbowing James. Richey was however not that curious over the issue, his gaze was still upon skanky pants ass. James glanced around, from face to face, finally resting his eyes upon me. I am not going to save you. Shit fucking crazy. I love you and all but fuck that. I gave him a skeptical look, showing him that I am as 'curious' as the guys are. Which of course not. Can't I just slap her?

"Well just talking, nothing much. And of course not yet Mike." James chuckled, licking his lips but his emerald glazy eyes held mines once again. Much to my 'satisfaction' he turned away. What! We could have had sex just then!! With our eyes fuck yeah!

"Man I saw how she threw herself at you, that my friend, is nothing." I told him, how I wish it wasn't. My blind raging jealously is trickling out, distraction I need you!!

"Oh that.."

"Yes that you dirty old fool." I waved my hand nonchalantly. Trying to hide my oozing rage.

"She just wanted something, which was hard to resist!" James inhaled gazing at me. The others snickered. I broke his gaze and turned to my left, picking at Daniel's food. Finally my distraction! And took a nibble out of his pancake.

"Hey. That's mine." Daniel whispered playfully.

"Oh come on! I want a taste." I whispered back just as playfully, my coal dark eyes dancing to his twinkling sapphire eyes.

Daniel came closer, lips brushing my ear, "I would much rather you have a taste of something else." A hot wet tongue licked my earlobe, I swear I almost moaned... loud. I did however moaned into Daniel's ear. He chuckled and pulled back. I reverted back to reality, the others were enjoying their food and talking except for one. James had his bright emerald eyes upon us. I don't know for how long, but he squinted. I glanced back at Daniel he began to eat his food. (James was to the right of me on the next bench of this round table.) My face burn for the anticipation of him knowing my rendezvous with Daniel. Excuse!! Think of a fucking excuse you idiot! Wait why do I need one! Oh right he doesn't know I am gay! Wait Daniel is gay? Not the time for that!

"Since when you guys became good friends?" As far as James knows he is my only friend I have. I shrug. I didn't want to explain our momentous happening. You mean predictable. Whatever. So I lean towards him, while he leans also, and I ask into his ear, "So what really happened with?" I jerk my head to skanky pants. But I am so close to him. Ah that delicious neck ready for my mouth to suck and cause him to moan, his smell rough and luscious, I am so ready to tackle him to the ground. Fuck I can't let him hear my uneven breathing. I pull back, it takes all my strength in doing so. I'm such a raging hormone man beast. But that's good in my book! His body tensed up, my curious eyes observing his sudden reaction, which to my lovely mind takes to a heavenly delectable daydream, which I don't catch on to his tension.

His unwavering eyes looks onto my questionable eyes, "Its nothing really," he finally said. Giving me his signature smiles he does have a few, the one he gives us is the best, lips stretch across his cheeks showing his blinding teeth. My knees melt. Good thing I am sitting down or I would have fallen. Probably that would have been better. James would have caught me and we would have jumped into hot sex. It could happen. Yes! I 'm telling you! Trust him, he is trying to say. As if, with that little scene, he could be fucking everyone in the cheer squad. Well actually... Shut up.

"You sure about that?" I raised my eyebrow being all tough and mean but I wasn't I actually stammered on the words. Smooth Adam. James scoffed, I am going to hurt him. Actually only his wrist would be hurt from the rope you tie him up on.

"I want to do her, you think he has already?" I heard Richey whispering to Steve. That's not whispering that's fucking speaking in a low manner.

"I doubt it, but I know who wouldn't like that." They both raised their heads casting their eyes on me. I turned my head to the side, averting my eyes from the group.


Chemistry wasn't so bad, I had James as a lab partner. But as I sat there in the lonely desk made for two, James was nowhere to be found. I told you he went to have sex with that breast woman! I wish I could take his dick and shove it in my mouth its no flowers but its a heck lot sweeter and better. Well lucky for you, you might get STDs after he's done with what's her name. Don't you see the romantic gesture I am trying to make!? Romance is overrated. Exactly why I am trying to give fellatio. Does anybody see that? The new romance in the air. The smell of sex. The sound of my gagging.

As the sound of the door opening, interrupted my discussion, brought everyone's attention towards the door. There James stood with a tardy slip in hand and very fresh noticeable marks on his neck. Lips swollen pink from over usage, eyes dazed, and clothes disheveled, I knew perfectly what preoccupied his sweet time. Yeah sex. Doesn't anybody see that, well read that? My rage might not be reasonable because I have no claim on him. YES you do!! In your mind! But that does not mean I am not pissed. I am a volcano about to erupt with any sort of tiny movement. Calm gringo. After he was lectured by the teacher, soft footsteps itch towards my way. I heard the scrapping of the chair being dragged and he flops on the seat next to me. I felt his pink aura circle around him. Okay stop being so happy about you getting laid. So fucking what! James in a haze, I rolled my eyes trying to distract myself to the oh so laid thing sitting next to me. I passed the info to him, and he glanced vaguely upon it. My clenched fists, almost bleeding from the nails digging into my skin, shook uncontrollably. I felt his heated orbs upon my staggered stance. Well folks we officially freaked out our object of desire. Shucks. So? If I sucked his dick now he wouldn't be freaked out more than he is? The teacher questionably arc her eyebrow showing fake concern towards me. Not really she is trying to seductively wink at me which not prevails. She desperately wants my dick deep inside her pussy. Ewgh like I want to be in her wrinkly overly loose vagina, now that my friends is a pedophile to unreasonable max. Do you want to repeatedly shove your dick into that? No. I rather fuck sweet cheeks next to me or being pounded by his hot rod. Oh! A three some with my distraction might calm this beast. Ah you're making my dick twitch anxiously. Wouldn't you jump at the chance, friends?  SO I annoyingly heaved a sigh and unwillingly twist my body to James. Let's get this piece of delicious ass on the fucking pavement. Seriously. Don't you want to?



Class went by in a blur. James and I barely talked in our available time. He probably felt our vibes of raping him? Not to strong next time Adam. Wait what am I saying, Stronger! Probably he'll submit to us. Do you see what I have to deal with? You know you like it. Our audience very much does right? Anyways, as lunch approaches my dying need to escape this suffocated room of morons escalates. Trig is a pain in the ass. If it were a dick it probably ripped us in half. No denying that! Ignore. Now, why is it that my eyes always drives its attention to unwanted sights? James as always you mean. Seriously you're turning to a fucking school girl getting wet by any little thing. James rushing pass my class, and in tow the queen of all sluts. Skanky pants? Exactly.

What would you do if you saw your oh so hot delicious dreamy precious sexy undying love with another, not yourself? Would you kill her? Humiliate her? Make her life a miserable hell? Or ignore every aspect of her being? I'll go with the latter. We are one sneaky bad bitch. Suuure.


The table empty with only my mystery food, I ponder- I really like that word aside from wonder. Don't you think? It gives us a more sophisticated sexy appeal huh? I am pondering!! Let me ponder!

Over thinking is just another bomb waiting to explode... I shook my head.

"Hey cupcake." An alluring voice filled my ears and perk up. Daniel. Its official your ass would wave for him if it got the chance. Dirty thoughts be gone! Oh my! I am offended! 

"Why hello muffin. What can I do for you my sexy man?" Did I just said that? I am becoming one with me yes I know. It feels... just right doesn't it.

As I was about to mentally kick myself, I am rewarded by a soft chuckle and a brilliant smile, "I could think of many things." I felt those thin lines called lips stretch. Creepy.

"Wassup amigos!" greeted Steve followed by a muffled hello Richey. Oh great. Good way to ruin the moment. We had the chance to stuff our faces with this scrumptious young man's cock. Don't tease me. There's no harm in wanting a man's cock deep in your throat, personally I like that. Do you, friends, like that? I wouldn't be surprise if they said no, but I know their head is nodding yes.

I spot my dish of sexiness coming my way, in a completely different way than Daniel.  Are we going to eat him now? You know he would be tasty. Mouth watering deliciousness but I thought our dish of sexiness didn't come with a side dish. What?! Are you fucking kidding me!

I roll my eyes for the hundredth time as skanky pants and sir lust a lot flirt, too much for their own good. Why? You wouldn't even do anything. James introduced his NEW girlfriend like we didn't know who the fuck she was. Why the fuck would anyone be attracted to a hoe? Don't people know they can betray you in a snap to fulfill their sexual needs. Probably he likes a dirty girl. I know I would become the sluttiest for him if he liked it. I rather drive my attention to Daniel, who has his elbow propped on the table as his palm took in his cheek. He looked bored, but in a way too sexy for words. I'd like to wrap him up and take him home! And unwrapping him would be the best.

"Would you like to get out of here?" I whispered into Daniel's ear, making sure my voice drip with lust. At least he could read your obvious signs. I wonder how does the other guys sees us as? Like they care for your affiliation. Daniel smiled and I rose from the bench, that caught James attention from breasts.

"Where you going?" James's puzzled look is so cute!

"Well unfortunately I am disgusted by the sexual intercourse you and your-" I waved in her direction clearly no words to describe her, "brought on to the table." To any other guy that would have not been a bother you know. The others quietly watched, not wanting to jump in the feud.

Skanky pants flicked her not so blonde curled hair to me. This Bitch. James squinted his eyes while Skanky pants popped her lips, "Adam," Skanky pants tried to sound luscious which to my grimace is repulsion, "don't be uh uptight." Her rich accent wasn't cute. I don't know why anyone would be obsessed over her, especially James. One simple word for you. Everyone ready? SLUT. If I kicked her in her vagina my foot would disappear.

"Look Sk-" Oh shit forgot her name at the moment, "Maria, not to offend you," You know you want to do much more than that, "but I was talking to James."

"I have to agree with Maria, don't be fucking uptight. It's like you have a stick up your ass, for fucks sake." What the fuck?! Exactly! That's a total mind fuck rewind. HE dare say that to me! This bitch got him wrapped up in his finger! This might be so intolerable to you folks but fuck that! I see red and I am going to fuck shit up! You know what you have to do weakling. Making our baby talk back to us, bitch must be crazy. Skanky pants and James were about to feel my wrath through my words, but as the words barely formed Skanky pants did something unbearable.

This bitch had the audacity to wink at me and sliding those peach nail colored sickly fingers on my baby's thigh up to his crotch. Maybe to get a certain response out of me she did that but the worst yet James reacted pleasurably to it. Probably a bit embarrassed for me to see but it seemed he didn't care. No! We didn't want to see his lustful face like this! No its ruined! All its ruined.

Skanky pants reached his face and pulled him in a deep kiss.

"You know what Fuck you. Like I give a fuck if you get AIDs, fucking slut." And I did actually said that! Wow I'm impressed! First time for Adam, everyone, to fucking diss somebody! Around of applause please!

As I stormed off, I don't know if somebody followed probably not James but Daniel, I kept thinking if that was the best approach to handle. Don't sweat it much. You're killing the mood. I want to get out, here out of this miserable forsaking intolerable place. Just hitch up a gay hooker and have amazing nights of ecstasy, doesn't that sound good? For your fellow buddy yesss! But weren't you mentioning something about AIDs Oh shut it! Bloody barbaric! England accent mode!

Climbing up the fence was probably not a great idea with these jeans which screams I LIKE DICKS! Haha very much, all around. But probably the best yet. Almost swinging my leg over, I hear, "Hold Up!" As I glance over my shoulder I spot a heaving gorgeous male coming up my backside. The infamous distraction, Daniel. I drop down, wasting all my effort to get out just to have a moment with this man. Shit just bend down now and open your legs I wouldn't mind.

"Damn tight ass what's the rush, so eager to get something stuck in your ass." He said as he came to stop, while I brush down my jeans. Wait...

"What?" I eyeballed him, reading his reaction, which he pleasantly smiles. He's a tough one... Just fuck him.

"Your jeans, they are very seductively teasing."  Who says those things seriously! He held out his hand, a warm smile upon those moist lips, inviting me to sit with him on the stairs. I cant resist his obvious invitation but that didn't mean I was nervous. I kept biting my bottom lip like a little school girl. Yes twirl those waving hips to him, I am sure he'll knock you to the ground.

"Don't be scared I won't do anything to you....yet" He huskily said, as we sat on the bottom step of the stairs. This is your chance! To get it in if you know what I mean. I shook my head and rubbed my temples, I, unfortunately, am tried being so involved with James that if Daniel asked me, I would jump on his cock. Welcome to the dark side sir. We have cookies at your leisure! Daniel cocked his head sideways, a very concern confused look on his face. Doubting all my previous notations, he probably was just playing me too. Don't you dare go to depressed mode. For fucks sake. But no one loves me!!! I look towards him with a sorry look at my eyes and he sighs.

"Tell me the truth what's up wit you and Castro?" I bit the inside of my cheek and averted my eyes to the gate. I felt a brush on my chin, then a tight grip, Daniel turned my head towards him, demanding my attention it seems. His eyes clouded, "Do you like him, Adam?" My eyes widen, shock came over me, and I stumbled over my words. This is getting too serious, can't you just avoid all this and suck his cock. I'd like that. This is not the time for that!

"Why would you think that?" I gulped unsure of what he might say. He just chuckled, his palm cupping my face, rubbing his thumb on my cheek. I unconsciously lean to it. He slowly dropped his hand bringing it back to himself.

His smile increased more, "You gonna laugh or be embarrassed but I saw you." Jacking off? That'll be s sexy! Omg please no.

"Saw what?" I very hot blush came to my cheeks as he explained.

"In the locker rooms, some time ago, you had Castro's boxers..." Holy shit!! That time haha I knew someone was watching, but it was such a turn on wasn't it. Holy fuck this is good! Would you shut it! This is bloody embarrassing. Trying to be British? Evil eye.

"Omg" I mumbled. He just smiled nonchalantly.

"The best part of it was that you started jacking off, I won't deny this but that turned me on so much." He had his palm on his side of his face again, so sexy, smiling towards me. It took a while for it to register that my mouth agape at this sudden news. Daniels hand once again held my face, brushing his soft fingers over my lips.

"I've always liked you, more than Castro ever will. I can make you forget all those feelings you have for Castro if you let me. I like you, Adam." Its still so hard to take all this in but I can't deny what he said. James already has Skanky pants.

As Daniel leaned in taking my face with both of his hands, he licked his lips, his breath became hitched. The moment our lips brushed, my body lit up with hidden fire, and deep within me something cracked. I ignored the sudden scream that irrupted inside me, and followed the lust that lead me into Daniels arms. Forgetting the feelings I have for James and put them towards Daniel.

I clumsily parted my lips inviting his tongue to take control over my mouth. His fingers brushed through my hair grabbing a fistful of my hair and brought my body more into him. My hands forcibly touched his overbearing chest and shoulders. Slowly moving downward, his tongue whirled around mines and my moans itching to escape, his heated gaze on me while we parted for a split second drove me all crazy. Daniel worked his way to my naked neck, sucking my sensitive flesh.

"Ah... Daniel" I moaned his name, goose bumps raising on my skin. His hand escalated to my back, going under my shirt, nails scrapping until I arched to his touch. I couldn't handle this desire to just let him take me. Just let him take me. Become his. My breath became haggard as he licked my earlobe and my hands moved to his hard on crotch, rubbing it oh so ever delightedly. My mouth watered, thinking that I want his deliciously cock in my mouth, thrusting in and out, swallowing all of his contents. Yes I am a dirty bad slut. He grunted and hungrily lead his lips on mine, biting my bottom lip and licking my lips.

"Adam?" I heard a distinct voice call out my name.

"Fuck. Seriously?" Daniel said quietly and untangle himself from me. I breath deeply, inhale exhale. Daniel just patted my head and smiled.

"Call him over." Daniel just lazed hi arms on the steps and closed his eyes, this moment him with the breeze blowing his hair is beautiful. Why didn't I fall for him in the first place? Because! We prefer James you fucking idiot!

"Over here James." As James appeared, obvious worried eyes cast themselves upon us.

"Uh..." James lips became stern, his hands became shaken fists, and his eyes became hard. "What you guys doing?" As if he would know.

Daniel opened his eyes and glared towards James. "Castro" I still don't get the hostility between these two. They both want you! Yeah as if. James rolled his eyes and directed them towards me.


"Uh we were just talking." Fuck what if DOES know what we were doing. Fuck me. They would. This is fantastic now we can have a three some yay for us!

Daniel draped his arm over my shoulders, "I am now Adam's best friend, he doesn't want you." Daniel smirked at James, in which he returned with a snarl.

"Fuck you, shit head." What the fuck is going on? I can't even put my input into this! They both want to fuck you its very reasonable see.

"Oh sorry twinkle toes," Daniel rose from the step putting his hands up to his chest as if being accused, "I didn't know he was yours to claim. He has such a sweet ass."

"Hey!" I shouted which was barely heard from the two. James eyes squinted, ready for a fight, his fury shown in his entire body. But Daniel smiled calmly, walking towards James. I couldn't do a damn thing to stop this. I feel so inferior. You are. You're practically useless honey. Daniel leaned in to James whispering to his ear which was inaudible to mine. Daniel chuckled while James eyes widen and impulse took him. James swung his fist towards Daniels face but  luckily he duck and caught hold James leg, which was about to kick.

"What the fuck James? What's wrong with you?"

"Its fine sweetie, he's just hot headed." Daniel let go and walked towards me, James stood alone breathing heavily his back towards us. Daniel by my side whispered into my ear sending chills down my spine, "I'll see you later sweetie." He kissed my cheek. "Stop calling me that in front of him, and don't kiss me either" I whispered angrily back at him.

"Don't sweat it honey, he thinks I'm playing." And with that he left, leaving me with angry James alone.

I sat back down on the step uncomfortable with James so angry. To which I do not know. Isn't it obvious enough! He's jealous and wants to kill that foo!

"Man he's so infuriating!" James brushed his hair back and came to sit next to me. Confusion wrapped my mind.

"What the fuck you were doing with him anyways?! You guys never hang out before." Questioning eyes faced towards me. I couldn't face him or tell him the truth.

"It just happened, we connected in a weird way." I shrug, not knowing that I set a fire.

"Connected? What the fuck does that mean? Are you fucking serious with that shit head?"

"Whoa calm down, what's wrong with you? What do you have so against Daniel?" I just couldn't figure it out. James just shook his head, his eyes seem hurt and mad. It seems as if he knows something I don't.

"Nothing, its nothing." His voice calmed, and he sighed.

"James... Tell me?"

"I said it was nothing!" His emerald eyes burning. "And I didn't come for that jerk off. I am here because I wanted to talk to you and about us and Maria." Oh just kill me now, I turned my head away from him. This is unbelievable... Just out and say you are in love with him! It'll cost us less trouble dim wit.


"Yeah..." I said without looking at him.

"Don't ignore me."


"I am talking to you."

"I know"


"What! For fucks sake!" I finally turned back to him, glaring at his beautiful face, oh so flawless. Not a blemish in sight. With his face so close to mine, expressionless, is the sexiest. 

"Why don't you like Maria?"

"Cause she's a slut" I smiled proudly. James just shook his head and rolled his eyes. But I kept the eye contact between us, not wanting him go away from me.

"She's no different from all the other sluts I have dated."

"And you had to pick her?"  I arched my eyebrows.

"Yeah I guess, look its not like I am going to be with her for a long time! I just want to fuck her!" James shouted. "Like all the others, why you acting this way with Maria?" Cause you're acting different with this one than all the others. I bet its more than a fuck. Can't he just fuck us all day everyday. I bet we can unleash that beast Yum.

"I'm just worried about your dick. I don't want your fellow to get AIDs it has feelings you know." I improvise, screw me. I know who would.

"I am going to wear protection, thanks mom."

"You always say that! But you fucking don't!"

"If you're so worried about it than how bout you take care of it!" I froze, gulped.

"That's what I fucking thought." James stood up, ready to leave, "Was this all that you were so pissed off about?"

"Whatever." When the bell rang I stood up ready for the next class, but James blocked my path his back facing me.

"What's wrong?" I asked my head cocked to the side.

"Don't hang around Mendoza no more." He glanced over his shoulder to me with cold hard eyes. "Don't you fucking dare be alone with him." James turned back and headed towards his next class. I bet for the hundredth time today I stood frozen. Fuck he wants to bang you so bad.


That same day I met up with Daniel Mendoza.

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