The Vampire In The Garden

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The Vampire In The Garden










If you’d would, ask me how?  When? Or where? I had stumbled along the Garden?  Most questions would be left unanswered you see I cannot recall the exact date nor time of our first meeting. I will do my best to re-tell the events of that day leading up until the present. You picture me the author of these true events writing in a small black journal with a gold emblem around the sides of the journal. 


The story that leads to my life it had been a warm day not to hot nor to cold I decided out of all days that I would take my afternoon walk today.



I was one for favorable nature and its life I loved to see flowers to come gradually to life all around me.  The weather was always indecisive here in Michigan one day very frigid temperatures while the next insufferably warm in the summer but yes that was the beauty of nature of all nature’s surprises of God's art. 



Yes I was and had been a firm believer in God while Jesus Christ I’d accepted him as my savior from the time I had been born my chosen destiny. You may say my parents were the biggest influence of my life of introducing him from a very young age. Every time I look at nature his work it is of a piece of virtuosity.



I had moved here from a small city called Flint, Michigan we were one of the developers of General Motors besides Detroit Michigan.  But I won’t get into the History of all  that . I had moved here in Detroit to live independently from my parents on my own to start a new life a new Beginning.


not that my parents were miserable to live with or anything because they weren't They were quite pleasant to strict somewhat in between.



I walk around the huge suburban neighborhood now while for the first time I walk by this house for the first time how could it be? I say to myself silently no one else had been out in this neighborhood it seemed untaken.



The million dollar homes were placed before you like an Art Gallery you would be in a Art room while y standing before you would be at the Vantage point. I had always walked passed this way from the park and Had never seen this Home before I couldn’t tell you why I had become fixed on the home exactly I had noticed the way the vines had crept the side along the windows of the house in particular.



The long extended form of the mansion maybe fifteen windows three or four layers of the mansion just where you would stand makes you feel quite minor.



I knew I should have kept walking by or maybe have turned around walking past the mansion my feet had a mind of their own leading me behind the house stumbling upon what looked to be a empty Lovely garden brilliant shades of flowers of all numerous types in the center as I made my way closer a tall Sculpture of what looked to be the archangel Uriel in marble or maybe The archangel Michael I didn’t have time to admire the work I had felt a tap on my shoulder disturbing my thoughts. 



“Why are you on my estate?’ the attractive very fair man snapped. Their had been a coldness in the strangers eyes his eyes matched up with the coldest blue of a wintry blizzard his face beautifully handsome yet agitated he was about 6’3 or 6’4 in height a type of slender athletic build he was wearing dark blue which I think suited him very well.


“I fell in love with your garden “ which was all the words I could form out of my mouth that had been true. I admired his face more he looked like he was going through some kind of resistance he wouldn’t look directly in my direction he kept himself at distance towards him and I.



Had I offended him I thought in some wa?y.  I watched him stare through me almost as if he was staring past me almost.  His eyes were emotionless every time he gazed in my direction he gave me chills all over something about him was saying caution danger proceed before moving on  further.


“Yes I’m in fact someone you should avoid keep your distance from. you should be on your way Never Return forget where you came” he stated before walking to sit at his garden table.


I pursued after him towards the table how could he move as such an inhuman speed he couldn’t have ran I would have seen him. I caught up with him and sat at the other side of the table in front of him his expression did not seemed pleased.


“You read minds?’ I say patiently his gaze seemed diverted as if he were waiting for something or possibly even focused on other thoughts. He looked to be taking my answer into consideration he was a mysterious man that possibly held many secrets. I wanted to learn this entire man clandestine even from looking him up and down his aurora seemed bluish –gray. I had not wanted to leave this man tell I had gained the knowledge of his inner secrets.


“I can in fact. …There our many others who can he said slowly finding the right words. He was hiding something he hadn’t wanted revealed but kept hidden from my ears. He placed his hands in front of him on the table as of a business man would. The sky became grey as I look away from him for a brief moment to check my horizons the sun had basically set.



His garden seemed to have life of its own the contrasts of each flower brighter then it should have been compared to any ordinary flower. I was going to ask him about his garden I looked before me their had been no one in front of me where he had been sitting in front of me this whole time.  Where could he have gone?  I know I was not ludicrous or imagining me talking to thin air he hadn’t gotten up.



I stand to get up from the garden seat as I’m getting up while pushing the chair into the table their he is right behind me his face of amusement as if he’s playing a game with me. How dare he? I crash into him pratically.


“I haven’t been entertained by someone like you in many centuries. What is your name? , You’ve interrupted my routine I will spare your life.”  He held out his hand charmingly in my direction we were face to face the space surrounding I and him I could feel a slight breeze I had a feeling what he might be all of those supernatural novels I read he seemed to fit those characteristics of one. I could not be certian .

“You already know …You are a mind reader you seem to be able to read thoughts of every creature to turn invisible before me as you please analyzing you seem to be attuned to certain things like the smell of blood I caught you whiff my scent a while ago I do not have any fragrance on.



Your language seems to be forced almost somewhat like you have a linguistic capability due to symbiont that’s keeps everything enhanced like your speed strength agility. You probably heard me thirty miles away.


“Mortal I would be careful what you reveal of your knowledge to me it is True Adeline Green, you seem to know already  to much additional information for your own understanding. He seemed to contemplate all of this as he stood for a moment I decided to take a closer look at his garden the flowers seemed induced with something obviously to make them appear how they were.




I had not bothered running seeing he would be able to capture me he could possibly run up to about fifty miles or more possibly drain me fully of my blood then disposing of me leaving behind no trace of me. I wasn’t afraid of him even though I should be I was ignoring my conscience that had been telling me leave while I still could escape he was death.  I went through all the things he could be in my mind Demon, Vampire, Werewolf, Fallen angel or Wanderer.



He hadn’t denied anything I had expressed to him of my knowledge. I deliberated if he was the kind of Vampire with another special capability to alter gravity and walk up then down walls.



I had many questions to ask this Vampire I pranced over the other creatures he could be. translucent fair skin... and aura was enough for me to classify him in the category of a Vampire. Which human’s century’s before the 19th or 20th century that some have feared some today still fear them. They had been killed staked heads decapitated burned to the stake.



“Your Visit will be permanent here, you will not be permitted free access without my consent or presence. I’m known as Uriel the Vampire. I’m a very private Vampire what I tell you, you will not have the authority to repeat by any others of your kind.


He caught me before I fell back I had to take a seat somewhere I had been right some part of me scolded me for not listening before. Shocked for being right I guess some part of me expected myself to be wrong that his tricks were some kind of magic tricks that people practiced or have read in a book. But were anything but. I had learned that he and his people all considered themselves beast.



If their community considered themselves anything other than beasts but those of simple beast "we become weak our prey you the humans he said would out think us and most assuredly kill us."


“Are your kind truly immortal?  Since I could not leave I wanted to educate myself with all the vampire knowledge I would be able to obtain from Uriel The Vampire.


“My kind our immoral. That is to say that we live until we are killed.. Every Vampire I’ve comes across looks the same as they were made.  Those that had, had been born age until their mid twenties then we cease to age any further. Most of My kind never live to be even a century old before another human or vampire kinds them and kills them Adeline Green.


His smile was more of bemusement as I showed compassion towards his kind being killed just because of what they were I felt that hadn’t been right silent tears rushed downwards my small heart shaped face.  He did something surprising he lifted me up we were in his home which is now mine since I’m permitted to stay permanently here he placed me down on the plush milky white fancy arm chair couch delicatley. 



Not a second to late his butler accompanied him which his butler extended a Kleenex box towards me I accepted and thanked them both for their humanity. Even though I was going to be kept here against my own will.


I wish I could be able to read the surface of his thoughts I would love to know what is ticking up their in his mind a blush came to my cheeks as I remembered he could hear my thoughts he knew them fairly well. Probably embedded in his memory’s he would never forget. I watched him make his way to the armchair I was seated on he sat right next to me we were in approximately close. I hadn’t mind being this close to him could this be a crush? Or have I grown affection towards him.


“How could you really kill a Vampire not that I would want to harm you…just incase for my own protection from another vampire you know? I almost regretted what I said I closed my eyes tightly shut from preventing his anger but nothing had come.


“I will began now Adeline so do not interrupt till afterwards he smiled a charmingly smile of delight. While a mortal life is delicate and frail, our lives are so far less so. We Vampires our determined a kind of race with a firm hold on life. A hold we do not easily relinquish.  Unlike Mortals who do become more delicate as they age, our vampire community are less vulnerable as we age.


As we age, our bodies our less defenseless to damages and death. Basically what I am saying we live longer, the harder we Vampires are to kill. Just like Mortals are liable to depression so are my species vampires also any other emotion. Most of my species has succeeded at suicide while others fail most miserably. Ebony sap is lethal to us. If we can remove ourselves from a fire we began the healing process the fire does not continue to consume are bodies.


Many humans have made the mistake of trying to burn a vampire in fires to cool and without sufficient restraints in place to hold the vampire from escaping. Many of Your human species Adeline believe that decapitation is one of the most effective ways to kill us. While decapitations can kill us, it is not as easy as you would think. If the severed head touches the neck stump, the neck and stump began to rapidly reattach straightway.


“Wow is all I can say so much information but is there a quicker way I mean what if you don’t have a math handy to light the fire?


“Your brightness is one of the reasons you must stay you could be killed if you are killed it must be by hands. In the decapitation there is fifteen minutes up to forty-eight hours that the severed head can reattach just with any other appendage on a vampire we can regenerate tissue at an amazingly rapid rate. The healthiest of us can regenerate approximately one pound of flesh per minute.



The only organ we cannot regenerate completely is our brain itself even if there’s some if the brain is still some left to regenerate. There are only two other ways of annihilating a vampire entirely.


My heart was thrashing with anxiousness I wondered if I could take all of this informative information in and store to if it needed to be used one day. Which I doubted hated killing things I could not even kill a spider I had been terrified of them my whole life no matter how big or small.


“you need not to worry of spiders anymore, Acid one of the other ways to kill a vampire if you could get them into acid is a very dangerous while difficult  most times it has to be done.  The strongest  of acids may only take minutes to annihilate a vampire, many of hunters have failed while loosing their lives attempting to destroy a Vampire with acid. There are many Large predators that can also conquer while consume a vampire can be the rarest threat sharks and crocodiles are the only two that our surviving predators to destroy us.



“Oh because of their jaws?”


“Yes Their Teeth are strong enough to render us also their stomachs contain a type of acid that is very powerful enough to prevent regeneration in our bones and digest us.


“So are you terrified yourself of sharks or crocodiles then?”


“Not at all we our all but predators while some our the prey it all falls into the lines of life Adeline my sweet.


“I guess I understand somewhat”.


“In other words the predators have to be strong enough also quick enough to over power us If a shark is to large for example chances are is that the vampire will kill the shark from inside the shark however existing to hunt another day.

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