Meeting Kade

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Grace is sick and tired of her life. Her mother is stuck on drugs and she barely gets enough food each day to live because her mother spends it on drugs. Her dad mysteriously died when grace was young. She's lucky she has her best friend Michael to help her but then she meets Kade a cute guy that shows up at her school and things get interesting and he tells her a secret that might risk her life. (sorry about the lame summary i was kinda rushing:3 Please read!!!)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Meeting Kade

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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My mother must have been high when she named me. Literally. She worked in a dump known as “Al’s Supermarket” and she barely made enough money. When she did she spent it on drugs, so yeah. But enough of all that depressing stuff and on to better depressing stuff.

My name is Acacia Grace Labelle. Acacia is a wild exotic name meant for someone who has long hair and tan skin, for someone who doesn’t wear shoes in the summer and is very rebellious.

I have very pale skin, straight blond hair and bright green eyes. I’m average in the body department, not to tall not too short, not to fat not too skinny.  My name does not fit me, that’s why I like to be called by my middle name-Grace or Gracie. I just like it better and AY-KAY-SHAH is apparently too hard for people to pronounce.

Only one person has ever called me by my first name. It wasn’t my mother. It was a boy, and his name was Kade.


Chapter 1:

“Grace!” somebody yells, as I am about to step outside into the rain. I turn back and I see a familiar face coming towards me. Michael is the captain of our schools football team and he fits every stereotype about it.  He’s tall, attractive has a very fit body that’s why most of the girls have a crush on him in our school. It doesn’t hurt that he’s blond and has very cute dimples when he smiles.

“Hey what’s up?” I ask him when he gets to me.

“I thought you looked like you needed a ride home because of he whole pouring rain thing outside” he says as he gestures outside and grins.

I smile and punch him in the arm. Michael is probably the only person I would consider letting give me a ride, considering that he’s my best friend and all. Also I don’t want any of the kids at school to see the crap house I live in with my druggie mother.

“Absolutely, lead the way to the white horse oh’ shining knight” I joke.  He groans and shakes his head at me on the way to his truck as I laugh and laugh.

“So… did your mom forget to pick you up again?” he try’s to ask casually while already knowing the answer. I’m curled up on his seat already eating the bag of chips that I found lying there.

“What do you think? Of course she forgot again,” I say facing the window. There’s some silence and then he bursts out.

“What is with that woman? If it weren’t for me you would be walking home in the rain! I need to go talk some sense into her! I should just bring you home from school from now often so I know you won’t be left walking home!”

Yeah, Michael is very protective of me and thinks that since I’m his best friend and I’m a girl that he has to protect me. You would think that a guy would be gay if he was this close to a girl and they weren’t dating but he’s not.

“Michael its fine, I promise. You have football practice after school anyways.” I reply. He glowers in angry silence until he says excitedly,

“I have an idea!! You can come watch my football practices and I can drive you home after that!”

“That’s not happening I’m just fine with walking home sometimes.” I counter. By then we are already at my house so he doesn’t have time for a reply as I hop out and rush towards the door yelling – “Thanks for the ride Michael” so we don’t have to discuss it any further.

Just to clear things up because most people think that a boy and girl cant be best friends for long without finding out that they’re madly in love and start dating. That’s a bunch of crap. I don’t “like-like” Michael and he has never “like-liked” me. We are better as friends. If you think this is me lying it’s actually the honest to god truth.

The tart smell of liquor wafts toward me as I step in the door and shut it softly. I cautiously move into the living room, my feet step slowly across the soft carpet. Then I see her lying across the couch, passed out or worse.

There are bottles of liquor on the table and my heart is pounding. My mother usually doesn’t drink she sticks with drugs like weed.

My heart is beating louder and it feels like I could wake her up with it. It would be a relief to wake her up because I don’t know if she’s dead or alive. She is so still and peaceful. I move closer and take her wrist and check for a pulse, my breath tight in my throat. I let out a sigh of relief as soon as I hear her heart and then I clean up the bottles of liquor so hopefully she is in a better mood when she wakes up.

Like I said, she doesn’t drink often but when she does it’s always like this. I come home and check her pulse and clean up her mess. I hope that she wakes up in a good mood.

I’m a good student and I have never drunk or tried any drugs. It’s probably because I don’t want to end up like my mother. I want to get a good education so I can get a job and a family someday.

I work at a diner on the weekends and that pays for most of the food and when I don’t have food or when my mother forgets to buy some I go to Michaels house.

Michael is filthy rich. There’s no other way to describe it. He lives in a huge house with a big pool and a bar and pool table. He also has a movie room, a weight room, 4 bathrooms, 10 rooms and multiple other rooms.

And somehow we know everything about each other.  His dad died when he was young and his mom doesn’t care about him, he has no siblings. We are alike in all of those ways.

After I have done all my homework I cross my fingers and check the fridge for food. I don’t see anything but an apple so I take it and eat it and an hour later my stomach is grumbling again. I’m not exaggerating because I’m a picky eater and I don’t like a lot of food. There is literally no food in my house and the kitchen is bare.

I weigh my chances with Michael. If I called him I would have food and I would just sleep at his house in one of his guest rooms, but if I called him he would be angrier about my mom and he would hassle me about getting a ride with him from school. He already drives me to school and I don’t want him to have to waste time to drive poor little me from school just because I live outside of the school district and the bus doesn’t come near my neighborhood. I end up just falling asleep with an empty stomach. 

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