Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 106

We walked out at night giggling like little girls.

“Ronnie, we weren’t supposed to do that.” Morry said giggling. I just smiled before running to our dorm and running in. We changed quickly before getting into bed. So what if we were caught Brianna deserved it.

The next morning we woke up and walked to our dining hall. We saw Brianna there looking pissed.

“Which one of you guys placed whip cream in my hair? Who also did the whole closet changed and placing my clothes everywhere?” She screamed to no one but probably expected it to be us. We looked at her as if she was crazy, to make her think it wasn’t us. As Brianna walked down the hallway, she narrowed her eyes at us. We smiled sweetly back. I saw Morry’s eye widen before looking down at her bowl. I look behind me to see Brianna run into Ryan arms. Morry smiled a slow sad smile. Brianna was hell-of-a-bitch.

“Morry you okay?” She just nodded her head before leaving the table in a rush. I saw Ryan with his eyes sparkling at Brianna. What I saw from Brianna was hatred full eyes and checking out the guy behind him. I waved at ryan, which he waved back. I got up and walked over. I was friends with Ryan.

“Hey Ryan? How’s life?” I said smirking

“just fine. Did you hear? People are getting chosen to go to the mainland soon.” He said smiling. That was my dream and he knew it.

“Really? Do you think they’ll pick me?” I said hoping my heart out. If I go there, I might meet my dad.

“sure you can try. I’m hoping to go to. You make a lot of money.” He chuckled.

“Me too!” Brianna said smiling. Of course she wanted to go, to make my life miserable. I grinned before leaving them


Morry sniffled in the bathroom. She wiped away her tears hurt. Brianna knew she liked him. Brianna didn’t even like Ryan! She loved him since she was five. While passing by she heard ryn say something about people getting chosen to go to the mainland. YES! She might actually be able to go there. Not see Brianna and Ryan all over each other. She might finally get over him.

She thought about it harder as she walked to her next class. She pulled out her phone and called Quinn.

“Hey Mayson! What’s up?”

“Quinn, upset Can you get me take out? The usual.” Mayson sniffled

“Ouch. Your in a bad mood. Be there in 5.” Mayson smiled before hanging up her phone. She knew Quinn and Brianna were friends. Maybe she’ll get the dish that Brianna tells Quinn. Quinn is her gossip on mobile.

Mayson smiled evilly before getting ready for her morning classes.


Ronnie walked around trying to find Mayson. She walked to her room seeing Mayson eating her usually from ‘froddies fast-food diner.’ She stifled a laugh before picking up a cookie and eating

“Hey! My cookie!” Morry screamed while jumping onto her back. They both fell over laughing their head off. They walked off to their first class, which they had together. Morry smiled at her before giggling. They walked into singing class. The teacher gave them both rude looks before starting the lesson.

“Who wants to sing fist?” the teacher announced.

Selena, a short petite girl raised her hand. Of course, she majored in singing so this was nothing. She started singing lady gaga-bad romance. This startled everyone for she was known for singing soft songs. When she was done, everyone was of course blown away.

“Next?” the teacher asked impatiently. No one wanted to sing after that until Morry raised her hand. Everyone was shocked in disbelief. Morry never sang in front of the class. When marked she would be in a different room. She had big nerves when it came to singing. The only other person that had heard her sing was Ronnie. She was amazing, but Ronnie just stared open mouth. For the fact was Morry was getting braver.


Submitted: May 29, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Valentina De Luca. All rights reserved.


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