First Love: The Key to my Heart

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Kayle Madison the scariest and toughest girl in highschool is on the big search to find a guy that have the key to open her heart. There is one guy name Dylan who is her classmate, but to her he is invinsible. Is this the guy she's been looking for? The guy who has the key to her heart?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - First Love: The Key to my Heart

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012



Chapter One

Hi! I’m Kayle Madison. I am already in the twelveth grade. My friends are all boys except for one, Melinda Jones. Melinda is the complete opposite of me. She is pretty. I am just cute! She is smart. I am just you know, average. She is so girly, and I am boyish!

She has many admirers who are too scared to confess their feelings to her, just because they think that she is too pretty for them. We both though have something in common. We are both blackbelts in karate. We are known as “The Black Belts” here at school.

Ever since middle school, no one ever recognizes me as a girl. They just think, "I’m one of the guys." Well, it’s cool thinking that I’m one of them…not until I became a senior!

 It’s pretty weird that I still didn’t experience the thing you call “Love.”

Since I’m in highschool, I’m pretty sure that I will experience it… but I was wrong.

Here I am at the rooftop, my favorite place at this oh so boring school.

I can feel the sweet air wrapping against my skin. My hair is flying with the rhythm of the wind while my eyes look at the pure color of the cerulean summer sky. I can see birds flying gracefully. The view of the tall buildings, and its firm structures amazes me. It’s like I already see the whole world at this rooftop. It reminds me how beautiful the country I am living, and making me so proud of it! The way they built the buildings is well done. I love the designs, it seems so elite. But I can’t erase the feeling inside of me, the loneliness. I’ve been searching for the guy who will make me fall deeply in love my whole life. Still, I never had the chance to find him. I wonder which guy will have the key to my heart.

Suddenly, I hear an annoying sound coming from downstairs. It's like a sound of a fallen can. It alarms me that I curiously look down. I am madly surprise to see two guys looking at my bottom.

I become furious. I cannot forgive this terrible thing they are doing to me!

“Hey perverts! You better run…or you are gonna die!” I shout with a threatening voice with an enrage stare.

The two perverts swiftly run in fear. Instead of walking down the stairs…I jump…a shortcut. This way it will be easier for me to catch them. Now, that I’m already touching the rough floor, I am easily going to catch those two.

“She’s too fast!” Gregory says to Ran while running away with him. He looks at me with the scared look on both of his eyes.

“That’s what you expect from a black belt!” Ran screams to Gregory who is also afraid that I am going to kick their butts.

Well, they say that sometimes the love that you’ve been looking for is already there, but you are just too blind to see it.

There is this guy who is at my way, and when I am too close to him, he gives way. It's kind of funny because I don’t see his face.

The guy whispers my name, “Kayle?”

“You can run, but you can’t hide!”  I tell them menacingly.

The two perverts yell with a horrified expression on their faces. “Ah!”

I wonder if what they say is true. When will I meet him? When will I meet my first love?

I finally caught on guard the two perverts. I strongly grab their shoulders, and give them a deserving free style kick at their scared pale faces. “Ha…ya!”

Chapter Two

After a good fight, there is always the consequence...


Well, here I am at the principal’s office with the two perverts. While
the two perverts and I are listening to the useless sermon of the principal, his words are going in and out on my ears. I really don't listen to him; even the first time I've came here. You see, I've always come here to the principal's office ever since middle school, because of the fights I've been gone too. Well, I don't really care about those fights. I'm just defending myself from those silly retards…and the principal? He is not scary like those other students say. Infact, I can stare at him eye to eye without even a single blink. Just like what I am doing to him right now.

“Gregory, you have an IQ of 144. Ever since you go to this school, you are always our top one, most outstanding student. Ran, you have an outstanding IQ at sports but…this can't be true! I'm sure that both of you can't do such a thing.” He says while continue lecturing us a very useless sermon.

“Kayle, ever since you go to this school. You cause a lot of trouble and your grades in all of your subjects? Aren’t good either! The only thing you are good at is P.E. See, look what you did to their faces!”

While I, who doesn't care is whistling and passing to the glass door near me the worthless words that the principals says. He is mad that’s why he asks me, “Are you even listening to me?”

I who ignore everything he said answer, “What? Sir, what did you just say?”

The principal shouts while holding his head like a monkey. I bet he is having a headache because of me. I laugh quietly because he looks like a complete idiot.

“You know Ms. Madison, your’e really getting on my nerves. Your’e a liar, I shoud've known since then you are always lying to me!” He tells me like as if he knew everything about me. This time I'm listening to the principal's words and it provokes me to say,

“Sir, you are the one who is getting on my nerves, and why would I tell a lie to you? I never lie. All I say to you is true…nothing but the truth. Infact, I never say a single lie!” I strongly punch the principal’s glass table. Now, he thinks he got the right to be angry at me which should be the opposite. Am I right?

“You Ms. Madison, you really got a nerve, don't you?” He pauses for a moment, and gives me that scrutinizing look on his eyes which makes me control my laughter. As for my answer, I pretend that I am hurt because of his irritating look, that I wince and make my voice sound as if I am helpless, “Oh my God, that hurts!”

In the looks of his face, I know he is annoyed.

“You are tough like what they say, and you are even tough to talk to me in that unrespectable manner! Well, let's see if you are even tougher…” He continues saying with a serious tone in his voice, “As for your punishment, you will be attending make-up classes for the entire second semester, whether you like it or not!”

After he says those disturbing words, it gives me sudden shockness that I stand up. I still can't believe what horrible thing is happening to me.

Now, I finally realize that my life is OVER! “What?”


Well, after that annoying talk with the principal, I tell my friends about that disturbing thing that happened. We are standing next to the door of our classroom. This is usually the place where we chill out and talk about some random stuff, usually things any normal student would talk about. We just love this area because we are able to watch people passing by, that’s what we always do when boredom strikes. Sometimes Jayson the “funny guy” in our group dances like a hip hopper to make us laugh. He sucks that’s why it’s funny. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I am slightly better than him at dancing that means…I also suck at dancing. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Looks like Jayson is disturb because of what happened with the make-up classes thingy as well, “What make-up classes for the whole second semester?”

I suddenly punch Jayson lightly at his stomach, and tell him to, “Shut up!”

 “Okay...okay...I will shut up!”

“I feel sorry for you, Kayle.”  Felix embraces my shoulder, as a way of comforting me, which makes me blush a little bit.

He has jet black hair, emerald green eyes and fine lips. That’s making him the second most popular, pretty boy here at school.

He is such a pretty boy that he could be a model in a magazine cover. 

“We’re here for you, Kayle!” He speaks, and it ends with a bright smile on his face.

 “Yeah me too, I am also here for you!” Jayson says with thumbs up.

After that, he also embraces my shoulder, which makes me blush even more.

This cute guy, he has ash brown hair that is slightly curly and messy. He has these cool emo bangs, twinkling, blue, indigo eyes, and a charming smile that can win a thousand of girl's hearts.

That’s making him the third most popular, pretty boy here at school.

Two pretty boys are embracing my shoulder…that is kind of adorable, isn’t it?

 “Wherever you go, whenever the obstacles, we will always be there for you!” Felix speaks in a poetic way.

“Because Kayle…” Jayson carry on Felix’ words.

“We love you!” they both say in unison.

“What an amazing speech! That's really expected from you Felix, the great!” Jayson says while clapping his hands.

 “No, you are greater than me!” Felix answers humbly, and bows like he is in front of a King.

 “No, you are!”

“Hi, guys!” Melinda greets.

All the attention of Jayson and Felix suddenly goes to Melinda, my pretty bestfriend.

Melinda is the most pretty, and popular girl here at school. She has long silky, pale blonde hair that hung loosely at her shoulders. Crystal blue eyes, cherry red lips and pinkish white skin which glows smoothly, as the ray of light hits her extremely beautiful face. If I am a guy, I will surely fall in love at Melinda's outstanding beauty!

Then, I suddenly feel that I'm out of place. In the back of my mind, “Hello people, can’t you see that I am now being left out by you guys?”

“Mel, how’s your day?” Jayson asks her with a cute and charming smile.

“It’s fine.” She replies while innocently touching her beautiful hair.

“Mel, I've called you before but you are not at home. Can I call you again today?” Felix wondering asks.

 “Sure!” She fastly responds.

Is it because Melinda is so girly and pretty? That's why even in guy friends they are still more attracted to her than me?

My hair is long too like Melinda's, but mine has a different color than hers. I have honey brown hair.

Melinda's hair is always hung loosely while mine? I prefer that it will be tied-up so that it would look short.

Truth is I love short hairs. I simply admire them, but my mom won't let me cut my hair.

She said, “I would look like a boy.” Even my dad said so, "Girls should have long hairs in tradition! If a girl has short hair, she would be one of the guys!" He lectured me every single hour on that day everytime I told him I want to cut my hair.

“Dad, I'm already one of the guys. So, I don't really care!”


It's weird, isn't it? Those guys…even dads prefer long-haired girls instead of short-haired girls.


 “Hey Kayle, you seem so distant all of a sudden. What’s wrong?” I can tell in the tone of her voice that she is worrying about me.

 “Well, you say it’s bad. I say its worse.” Jayson smirks, “Scarier than a horror movie!”

 “Kayle is going to have make-up classes for the whole second semester!” Felix finally reveals the annoying truth.

“Woah, that is scarier than a horror movie!” Melinda agrees while nodding.

 “Yeah, it’s scary!” I second demotion.

“The monkey king makes her do such a stupid thing.” Felix smiles in a funny way.

“Who is the monkey king?” Melinda asks without having a clue who we are talking about.

“Principal Grewforth!” My friends and I answer her together.

All of us imagine the face of Principal Grewforth that he is angry.

His face turns red, and his eyes swollens up beause of extreme madness. His nostrils begin too enlarge. So large that a lots of smoke comes in and out of it! In that way, he really looks like a monkey.

All of us laugh hilariously. I seriously think everyone who passes by looks at us because of our loud laughter that echoes in the school’s building.

Jayson calls me, “Hey Kayle,”


“Since you have make-up classes...”


“You will be going home late pretty much. Am I right?” He says unsure.


“So, who's gonna fetch you home?”

“Well? I forgot no one!” I suddenly get panick. My teeth begin to clench.

“Can my mom and I drive you home?”

“Really, are you serious?”

“Of course, we are friends, so it’s my pleasure to do such a thing!” Jayson winks as a sign of saying yes.

“Thanks!” I lightly punch him gently in his arm. I just do that as a sign of gratitude towards his actions.

Suddenly, a guy who I can't see his face walks his way towards our direction.

 “Hey Kayle, isn't that the new guy Dylan?” Jayson whispers.

“The new guy…?” I said in an undertone.

Why can't I see his face? Am I blind or he is just too far away from us? Whatever!

Felix tells me what he observed from the pass days about this new guy. “Hey Kayle, he is your classmate, right? I always see that guy whenever I pass by on your classroom.”

“What?” I answer him in a really surprise way.

Oh, right! Dylan is my classmate. I wonder why I don't remember him. He seems so invisible to me.

I just ride on with Felix. I can’t actually tell him that I forget Dylan is my classmate, and the fact that I am the only one person in the planet who cannot see his face!  I will look like a complete weirdo.

 “Oh yeah we are classmates!”

In a blink of an eye, the light pink notebook that Melinda is embracing falls to the floor.

Dylan who is gentleman enough picks Melinda's notebook, and gives it to her.

 “T-thank you…!” Melinda stutters while blushing. I could tell she can’t even look directly at Dylan’s eyes.

All of us notice that Melinda's face turns red. Is it because of Dylan?

 “You know Dylan, the truth is ever since Mel saw you she’s been infatuated to you!” Felix says teasingly, while making a heart sign on his hands.

Jayson and Felix chuckle, as Melinda's face blushes even more than before. She really likes Dylan? No way!

Melinda who looks like she is about to faint in front of us because of the unremovable redness of her cheeks is stuttering once more.

 “T-that's not true!” Melinda keeps denying what my pretty boy best friends are saying.

“As always Mel, the words that comes out from your mouth, is the opposite of your face's reaction!” Felix grins, and what he did made Melinda embarrassed. It makes her blush even more. “Dylan, why won’t you wink at her?”

Melinda slaps Felix and Jayson lightly who is still laughing and teasing her.

Poor Melinda...

I look at Dylan. I don't know why I look at him, eventhough I'm not interested in looking at his invinsible face.

It's funny. I can only see his cheeks which are painted in pink because he is being tease to Melinda.

Melinda is such a pretty girl. It’s pretty normal for her that a guy blush because of her.

 “I have to go. Nice talking with everyone of you. See you!” Dylan waves his hand to us before walking away.

All of us reply him, “See you!”

I wonder why was Melinda was so shy and blushing to Dylan, the new guy?

What does he have that makes Melinda's face turns so red?


The next day usually school is the same, boring as always. Looks like I have to handle it until I graduate from college. To be honest I still don’t know what course I should take. I am bad at math so I couldn’t take engineering. I am also not good at Science so I couldn’t be a doctor. I suck at drawing. So I couldn’t take Fine Arts. I am only good at karate and skate boarding. I actually told my dad if I can apply as a karate teacher, so that I won’t need to handle college as well. But what the heck! He said, “No!”

Then I told him, maybe I can apply to be a skateboarding teacher. Even though I already got a pretty smile on my face he still said, “No!” Urrrgh! Every plan I made to escape school doesn’t work. Looks like I have to suffer all this pain and hardship and wait for it to be over…finish for good!

  While Melinda and I are together fixing and arranging our lockers, we talk a lot.

Our lockers are close to our classroom which is just a few steps away. It is very convenient actually. It’s very nice that Melinda’s locker is next to my locker. In this way, we always have the chance to talk.

Oh God! My eyes are irritated by the people I am seeing right now.

It’s the two perverts who made me take these stupid make-up classes!

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