Love's Broken Road

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Shay, a 17 year old girl who lives in the gheto and has a rough home life falls in love with her best friend, Conner. Conner also has a tough life, and when his mom dies, he moves in with Shay and her dad, and they get into all sorts of trouble. They fall madly in love and do anything to stay together. How far will they go and will they be able to hold up through all the troubles of their crazy lives?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love's Broken Road

Submitted: July 18, 2010

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Submitted: July 18, 2010



''Riiing....Riiing....Riiing.\" The sound of my phone woke me up. Who the hell would be calling this late? I grabbed the phone from my dresser. It was Conner. A smile flashed onto my face as I saw the picture ID i took of us when we went to the Pearl Jam concert. We were the best of friends. We were all we had since our parents weren't involved much in our lives.  Our families were alot alike. They were always on drugs, partying every night, gambling and throwing away the familie's money. It was sad, really. We were always loners at school until we met. But we had eachother and that's all that mattered. But I held a secret...a big secret.  I was in love with Conner, madly. I never was exactly sure how he felt though. I think he sees us as good friends, and that's all. I wouldn't dare mess that up, so I kept silent about my secret for the past three years. ''Hey! What's crackin' Conner?\" \"Shay...\" I could hear it in his voice; something was wrong.  \"What's wrong? Are you ok?\" I was worried. Conner often had mental breakdowns and contimplated suicide. He always called me and I would talk him through it, and everything was alright, but this time sounded different. \"...My mom died.\" I heard the sadness in his voice. Even though he practically hated her for all the pain he put her through, he still loved her deep inside.\" \"Oh my god... Shit, I'm so sorry. What happened?\" I heard him cry a little bit. \"...Jay came home drunk...and got violent. He...he beat her up and then stabbed her 6 times. I wittnesed it all. I tried to stop it, I did. But he came after me and I had to get out of there. I called the cops...but it was too late.'' \"Conner, I'm so sorry. Are you ok? Where are you?\" Hearing him tell me that made me sick. That couldve been Conner that was killed. I was still horribly sad though. His pain was mine.  \"I'm fine. Jay punched me a couple times, nothing out of the ordinary. I'm at the hospital. They're making me stay here because I might have a concussion.\" \"Im comming down there, ok? I'll be there in 10 minutes.\" \"Alright, thanks. I really need you right now. See you in 10.\"

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