The Choosen One

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Sad Truth

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013



i knew i wouldn't marry Micheal. It didn't seem right. I'm already going to marry Daniel. Daniel told me to come with my parents. Maybe he had a plan. i hope so anyway. i heard Father leave the house from my room. I heard Mother put the kids to bed. Then i heard someone come through the door.

"Hi beautiful." I heard a man say. (i couldn't make out his voice)

"hello." Mother siad.

"Where is your husband?" The man said.

"He went to get something special. He siad we can get started without him, he will join us soon."

i was confused. i tip toed out of my room and down the hall. i peeked around the corner to the livingroom. They couldn't see me. I saw Jacob and my Mother kissing, hands all over eachother. i covered my mouth. This is not okay. i ran back to my room and crawled out the window.

I had to tell Daniel and Katheran! This is not right! I ran all the way to Daniel's house.


Two Day's later

I knocked on the the door to Katheran's house.

Katheran opened the door. She looked sad. "Holly? What are you doing here?"

"" isaid out of breath.

"come in come in." Katheran said letting me into the kitchen.

she got me a drink of water I sat down at the table. i drank until I could speak.

"when i got back to where my parents live. we ate dinner and i then i went back to my room. i have amazing hearing so I was quite and i just listened to everything around me. I heard a conversation between my miother and Jacob. I was cnfused so I went into the living room to see what was going on. i saw Jacob and my Mother kissing hands all over eachother." I said.

"Oh no. We need to tell you Father."

"i don't think that will be necessary. i heard my mother say he will join them when he got home."

"Oh no!!!" This is terrible. Katheran put her face in her hands. "Jacob left me so he can be with a man and woman who were once our friends." She sobbed.

"i'm sorry."

"No i'm sorry. i even fought for him to stay with me, with his family."

Daniel then walked through the door. "Holly?" He said. "i thought i told you to stay with your parents. What's wrong?"

Katheran couldn't say anything she got up and left the kitchen, crying as she went.

Daniel sat next to me. "whats going on?"

"You Father, my Father and my Mother are sleeping together. I saw my Mother and your Father kissing and they said My Father will joint hem soon."

"I'll kill him." Daniel said standing up angrly.

"daniel no." I said grabbing his arm.

"then what am i suppose to do?"

"Help you rmother. thats all you can do. let them live in their sin. don't get involved. help your mother. help me." I said crying

Daniel sat back down. he grabbed my hand. "is there anything else going on?"


"who's Micheal?"

"the man my father wants me to marry."

"You can marry whoever you want."

"He said i'm betrothed to Micheal." i cried more.

"No. you can't be. your engaged to me."

"No one knows that."

"i do and so do you thats all we need. We can run away."

"daniel. as much as i want to just run. i can't leave my brother and sisters knowing whats going on."

"you already left them. to come here."

"they were sleeping and I paniked. i have to go back. they will wonder where i am."

"I'll go with you."

"i don't know if that's a good idea." i said.

"holly. i love you and i want to help you in anyway i can."

Just then the door knocked. "it's your Mother." Daniel said.

"oh no." i said. "answer it."

"Hi." Daniel said opening the door.

"Hi Daniel. is Holly here. she's been gone for 2 days." Mother said.

"hi Mother." I said stepping from behind Daniel.

"ther eyou are. we've been worried sick."

"Are you sure you wern't to busy."

"to busy with what?"

"to busy..."

Daniel cut me off and hugged me. "don't do something you will regret." He whispered.

I was quite.

"We are never to busy for you."

I looked at Daniel.

Katheran came in the kitchen.

"Victoria? What are you doing here?"

"i was looking for Holly. how are you? you look sad."

"You look happy. I am sad because you are sleeping with my husband!" KAtheran said.

"I am not." then she looked at me. "Where did you hear that?"

"I know every well you are sleeping withmy husband!"

"I can assure you i am not. Holly we are leaving now?"

"No." I said grabbing Daniel's hand.

"i can't be around someone who sleeps where their friends husband. and i will not marry Micheal. I'm going to marry who I choose. not who you and Father choose."

She looked down at my and Daniel's hand. "you will not marry Daniel as long as I live."

"i'm 17 Mother. I think i have the right to chose who I want."

"thats right your only 17. you are to young."

"you were married at 13. Thats normal now adays."

"I agree with Daniel and Holly getting married." Katheran said.

"You have no say." Mother said.

"I think i do. Daniel's my son."

"I don't care if Daniel's your son. i will not have my daughter marry someone whe's Mother lies. Let's go holly."

I looked at Daniel.

He gave me a reassuring look. Then he hugged me. "We will be together again." He whispered.

With tears in  my eyes I followed my Mother out of the house and into the wagon which took us back to the house my parents bought.

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