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Chapter 1 (v.1) - My newest noVEl

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



Chapter One
A cold breeze fluttered the thin pale red curtain of the opened window. A foot caught in the cold air sank back into the covers of a large red blanket. A moan of sleepyness disturbered the silence. Curly red hair moved around as a head popped up. A pale face yawned and pale blue eyes opened. Knocking sounded throughout the room and a voice spoke,
"Snow, you up yet?" A women spoke through the door.
I stiffled another yawn and moved to get out of the large king size bed. Pulled my feet to the ground and slowly walked to the door. Opening it my mother stood. A scowl on her face said it all.
"What now?" I paused to look over her shoulder to see my younger brother fighting for the bathroom with my older sister. I sighed, "Will you two knock it off. Its to damn early for you guys to be fighting."
My mother coughed and entered my room pulling me with her. She closed the door behind us and strolled to my huge walk-in closet. I watched her dig through my clothes till she found a dress I never even wore. She held up the long dark red dress in front of me. It was a pretty dress one that i never worn. It was strapless and went to the floor in a short train. Ruffles only covered the bust area.
"Can you wear this today? I want to take you out for lunch if thats ok?" She glanced up at me with her soft blue eyes. Sadness filled me as I stared at her and I nodded.
"Sure, I'll wear it for you mom." I took it out of her hands and layed it on my messy bed. My cat Nayla opened her eyes and purred up at me. I laughed softly then looked back to mom. She was already walking towards the door.
"Mom wait!" I dashed to grabb her wrist and she turned to look at me.
"Whats wrong sweetie?" She reached up and pushed a pieace of my hair out of my face.
I played with my fingernails as I spoke, "Are you sure your ok, I know its hard with your job and everything and then grandma being gone and grandpa in the hositpal. But are you sure you can do all this yourself?"
Mom crossed her arms across her chest and leaned against the door frame. My brother and sister could be heard argueing downstairs in the kitchen. Mom choked up and tears rolled down her face ruining her makeup. I reach for her and slide into her open arms. We hugged in silence letting her cry.
"I will never be ok. My mom is in a better place though and my father is doing ok. He is holding on but the doctors say that he might die here in a few weeks or less." Mom hugged me tighter then released me. I kissed her cheek then let her walk away from me. I stole the bathroom while my brother and sister still argued in the kitchen. I faced the walk-in shower. I hated how the shower looked, clear glass was a stupid idea for the walls. I took off my tank top and booty shorts that I only wear to bed and steped into the shower. Hot water poured out of three nozzles and began to steam up the room.
I washed my hair then lathered up soap a washcloth and began washing my legs when soemone knocked on the bathroom door. My sister poped her head in and spoke,
"Your boyfriend just called and said he was on his way." I peaked up at her and frowned. My handsome twenty-two year old boyfriend was coming over. I havnt seen him in a week, only talked with him on the phone. I was to busy getting ready for a funeral and My sister's wedding to her long time fiance of five years. I was going to give a speak at my grandma's funeral and then be my sister's maid of honer in a month. I just havnt had time for a date with him. I wonder why he is coming over?
"Thanks Shyanne, I'll be out in five minutes just let him in and give him a drink if he wants one." I smiled as I watched her leave the room. I stood there for a few more mintutes letting the hot water turn cold on me then reached out with a long pale hand to turn it off. Wraping a towel around me I steped in front of the long bathroom mirror, my eyes staring back at me in silence seemed to say, "Your beuatiful as always Snow."
I was always the pretty one in the family. I had the long curved body and the gorgous face that boys loved and the big booty to match. My hair was short but not to short and my legs went on for miles. My eyes were blue like my mothers and my lips a soft red. I was tall and everyone was jealous of me. I opened the bathroom door and crossed the hall to my room. I looked down to the living room and saw James sitting on the couch drinking Rootbeer. He looked up at me and smiled.
"Come on up babe." I waved my hand and then disappeared into my room. James walked in a minute later as I was standing in my closet putting on a bra and underwear. I strolled over to the bed and picked up the dress mom wanted me to wear and took it off its hanger. James watched me slip it on and smiled.
I turned on my hair curler and turned back to my man. I ran into his arms and he held me tightly. I reached up with my lips to touch his. My eyes locked with his as we kissed. A spark fluttered in my body and my hands went up into his neck.
"MMMMmmmmm," He moaned and we fell onto the bed. His hand ran down my hips and around the hem of the dress and up inside. He trailed around my thong, his kisses and movements getting softer. His hands pulled my dress off my body and bent over me. My underwear and bra came off and I was nakied. I pulled his shirt off and threw it at the floor. His chest left exposed. I trailed my fingers down his body to the bottons of his light blue jeans and unbottoned them. He stood and let them drop to the floor along with his boxers. He layed next to me in bed and I got ontop of him. His hands gentle around my hips. I felt him thrust inside me and I moaned. My head tilted back letting him have my soul, my body. my everything.
I rolled over letting him get ontop of me and arched my back as I felt him go inside me again. A soft moan ecaped my lips and my eyes closed. He pulled out and layed next to me breathless. We layed there for a few minutes letting ourselves enjoy each others body.
"Well?" He asked, "How was it?"
"Amazing," I smiled at him letting his fingers trail down my body. I looked at the time and cried.
"Shit, Mom is taking me to lunch and I'm not ready." I dashed to get my clothes on. He got dressed silently behind me. Picking up my hair curler I started to just curl my bangs. After I finshed that I turned the curler off and began my make-up. I framed my eyes with soft black eyeliner trying not to overdo it. Alot of people look like raccons with all that eyeliner on. Then brushed brown eyeshadow to the top of my eyelids. Light pink blush and dark red lipstick finshed my look.
James hugged me before he left the room.. I watched him leave in his truck from my window. Sighing I went downstairs to the kitchen. My brother and sister sat at the table argueing agian. My mother was drinking her morning coffee while texting on her cell.
Walking over to the fridge I opened it and looked around. Spoting a bottle of water I pulled it out. Taking a drink I looked at my family. Shyanne was arguing with Bryan and mom was texting.. Lol... some family I have huh?
"Your dad will be joining us to." her voice was soft and upset. Bryan and Shy glanced up at her.
"I thought dad was going to spend time with me today?" Bryan pouted. His crossed his arms and huffed.
"Oh sweetie, he will. Its just we are going to go have a nice lunch with Snow then maybe go shopping for something nice and then we will be back for you and your father to spend time. Don't worry about it your father promised you that you guys were going to go out and do some stuff." Mom ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek before walking towards the foyar to get the front door. The large brown door opened and dad walked in. He smiled at mom and motioned for me to follow them out. I ruffled Bryan's hair as I passed and he swatted at my hand. Shy followed us out and watched me get in Dad's Lamborghini. Mom got in her Convertable and dashed off in front of us. I listened to the purr of engine as Dad started the car and we followed mom.
We just reached the high way when my phone rang.
"Hello," I spoke into the phone
"Hello Snow,"
"Oh, hello Dr. Wolf." I saw my dad glance at me with a worried look.
"We looked over your blood samples you sent us and it was all clear for cancer and your charts came out better then what i was expecting."
"Thats great news!" I sighed with relieve.
"But if you get anymore pain in your stomach give me a call, ok?" He spoke quickly.
"I will Dr. Wolf thanks so much. Your a dear." I laughed and hung up the phone. Dad gave me a puzzled look and I turned to him.
"Did mom tell you that I went to the doctor for stomach pains?" His hands tightened around the stearing wheel and he shook his head no.
"I went in they took blood and all that stuff. Mom thought I had cancer so they did tests on me and everything. They came out clear though so that solves that question."
"Stomach pains? You been having those since last month. They havnt gone away yet?" He asked. I looked away from him as tears welled up.
"No, they havnt. Im worried but im not to worried. If I am ment to die young thats the way Ill go." My phone rang again and this time I looked at the number.
"Its Dr. Wolf again?" I answered and held the phone up to my ear. "Hello again Dr."
The man sighed before speaking into the phone. "Are you sitting Down Snow?"
"Yes, whats this about?"
"We just got the final test back...." There was a long pause. "Your pregnant Snow.
"I'm wha?" I gasped softly.

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