No Escape from your Fate

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Life is never normal forever, something always happens but to Victoria and Gomez the worst possible happens. Victoria gets a new neighbor and no one would've guessed he was her worst nightmare. You can't run from him. You can't hide from him. He will find you no matter where you go. There is no escape from your fate.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - No Escape from your Fate

Submitted: May 23, 2012

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Submitted: May 23, 2012




I stare out my window, gazing out into the distance. A bird fly’s by, disrupting my train of thought and then I hear a noise. A large moving truck is pulling up to the house neighboring my own. Watching quietly from my bedroom window, I watch the moving men carry luggage into the house. I wonder who is moving in? I watch the scene till I have to leave for school; I can’t help but wonder who is moving in. A creeping thought slivers its way into my head, maybe it will be a young attractive man. WOAH! Cool off Vic, I think to myself. That’s not me.


“Did you finish the science homework we have due today?” I ask Gomez quietly.

Disappointing me though she answers with “Sure did! I finished last weekend!”

“Damn.” I mutter to myself. Gomez gives me a sympathetic look, a look that she gives me quite often but I love her anyway. Gomez and I have been friends since grade 2 and now that we are in grade 12 our friendship has never been stronger.

I hide my disappointment with a smile quickly, trying to save myself, “Hey! Guess what happened this morning?” I ask her enthusiastically.

“You forgot to do your homework?”

“No! Well I did but something else happened.”

“What then?” She said while leaning in.

“There was a moving truck at my neighbor’s house, the one that has been empty for a year. Anyways I couldn’t see who was moving in and I just found that a little weird.”

“The new owner could be driving up you know? You don’t have to assume anything.”

“Yeah, your right.”

“So about that homework of yours...” Gomez starts going on and I stop listening. I can’t get what happened this morning out of my head.

My thought was interrupted by Gomez waving her long elegant fingers in front of my face, “Earth to Victoria!”

“What?” I say startled.

“I was saying I could come over for a sleepover tonight. We could work on your homework together.”

“That sounds great! Well it appears to be nearing calculus, I should be off. I’ll meet you at the entrance after school Vic!” She says while running off. I smile and wave goodbye. Having this sleepover was a good idea; it may get my mind off on the new neighbor.


“I just love ice-cream! It leaves me feeling bubbly and happy.” Gomez babbling on about her ice-cream cone while I drive us home. I can’t help but stifle a smile, she is so innocent. As we pull into my neighbor hood I look at the clock and see the time. Fourteen minutes past 7 o clock, we may have taken too long at the ice-cream parlor.

At seventeen minutes past we are pulling into my drive way but I hear speaking towards my backyard. Confused I leave Gomez in the car and walk around to the back, I then see my mum. A sign of relieve flows through me but then I see another figure. He is much bigger than my mother; you can see his muscles rippling from 10 meters away. I’m about to call out to my mum till I see that the man is just fixing the power line under the grass. I decide to hold my tongue and slowly but surely I start walking over.

“I am really grateful for this you know. I have been asking the Electricity Company to come fix it but apparently they have other things to do.” I hear my mother say.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” He says quietly. His voice is dark and husky; it’s as if you need to come closer to him so you can hear him. I would bet he is in his mid thirties.  I hear a slam and his hands clapping dust off.

“All done!” He declares.

“Thank you so much Brad!” My mother says happily. While she says this is sees’ me and calls me over.

“Victoria come here! I want you to meet our new neighbor, his name is Brad.” She says excitedly.

He extends his hand out and I meet it with a shake, “Hello Victoria, it’s a pleasure to meet you” as he says this he grins at me and tightens his grip. Feeling this, my automatic reaction is to pull away and I try to but he doesn’t let, not even close. My mother was turned around.

“Uh mom…” I start and thankfully as soon as I gesture to my mother he pulls his hand away. Creeper I whisper in my head.

“I was very nice meeting you Caroline. I hope we can chat again soon.” He says to my mother as he walks out of my backyard.

As soon as he is gone my mother says to me “What do you think?”

“I don’t like him mom, not one bit.”

“Oh come on sweety. Mommy may have a shot here!”I gape at her. YOU KIDDING ME!

“He just seems… off.”

“Well it’s not your decision anyways.” She says as she walks into the house.

I see Gomez poke her head out of the deck door “I saw it all! He is sooooooooo hot! SMOLDERING!” She exclaimed.

I walk up to Gomez and I say straight to her face “We need to talk, now!”


I know this is a tad boring but good books have to start out that way before they get good. Soon the fun will begin. This is my first book so give me tips if you have any.


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