a fanged end

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if Alex leaves at sixteen, a fit body and bi while not believing in mystical creatures and a little sister who cares what will happen???
A fight happens with Alex and her mum with Tanya the little sister on the fence so she leaves to go to the party she was able to go to and then leaves home with her new boyfriend and her fangs. A lot of things happen to Alex but which is worth???
the boyfriend wanting some action or her body wanting some blood???

Chapter 1 (v.1) - a fanged end

Submitted: April 08, 2011

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Submitted: April 08, 2011




"Thinking of you, thinking of you-" as I sang along to my all-time favourite song I heard a little tap at my door

.'Hmmm, it’s only Tanya’, I thought to myself. I could hear her dancing about trying to open the door. Two years old and she still can’t open a door, she can sing, dance, talk and run, but she can’t open a door. "I'm coming Tanya don't worry big sis is here." as soon as I opened the door she shot into MY bed.

"Tanya, get out of my bed and go on yours, which is in a different room", I ordered her, forgetting about the consequence. "Don't you dare Tanya I'm warning you!!!" But it was too late she had already started to pucker her lip, get watery eyed and snotty. Then the noises came.

"ALEX WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!" Mum raged. So not fair. When I ask, or tell, Tanya to do something I get in trouble but when other people do its ok.

"I simply told her to get to her own bed because I'm busy getting ready" I answered calmly "because yes mum, I do have a social life and I think I deserve this party because all my Friday nights, Saturday nights and Monday nights are all took up because I have to babysit for madam for a fiver a week. "And now you haven't paid me in three weeks or let me go out with my friends and this is the first party in three MONTHS that I'm able to go to.”

but I had to make several point and get dads side before you let me go and I got half your friends side!!!" I was shouting by the end of my speech and I was getting upset because she was about to slap me for nothing. Tanya came to my side because I was so upset. I looked down at Tanya and picked her up so she was balancing on my hip.

"Well I don't want you to go any more to Shannon's party" mum ordered. "To bad mum"-snivel-"because I'm going to that party whether I have to pack some stuff and run for it because I deserve to go and I want to go to that party. Plus you're just pissed off that it’s a Friday night and I'm not here to babysit". This time the slap came and so did the tears as I let go of poor Tanya.

"Tanya, dear. Are you OK??? Did bad Alex hurt you???" Mum asked. I looked at Tanya then to the blond, stupid, skinny thing that was supposedly my mother. I was so outraged that I slapped her back and when she screamed dad came to the scene. Then there was trouble. By then poor Tanya was crying her little blue eyes out.

"What have you done to your mother, Alex!?!?!? Just because we're letting you go to this party doesn't mean you’re off the hook, anyway we shouldn't let you go and I don't think we will, will we Martha???" said my loved up father.

"I'm going dad whether I pack up and leave or I come back, I'm sixteen now, so I can move out. Legally." I threatened. I know, I know it doesn't sound like a threat but then they would have to pay about forty odd pounds for a babysitter and Tanya wouldn't stop crying.

I was almost ready, I was wearing my favourite, purple, mini, ruffled dress and black killer heels with my hair curled and mascara and lipstick on my face. All I had to do was grab my purple ruffled bag to match the dress. It had my phone, make up bag and purse inside so I needed it. I ran over too my bed and grabbed it in my hand then ran down stairs after giving Tanya the biggest hug of her life and shouting bye.

"I’ll be there in ten minutes" I said over the phone to Shannon. I was on my way to an amazing party.

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